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Grant will help fund BMH therapy pool

Rural fire districts receive state grants

Superior swimming pool season winding down

Baptistry renovated at Sacred Heart of Lawrence


Grant will help fund BMH therapy pool

The City of Superior utilities department is the recipient of a rural economic development grant of $248,400.
The utilities department will loan the $248,400 to Brodstone Memorial Hospital for the purchase of a hydrotherapy pool. This piece of specialty physical therapy equipment will have a hydraulic floor to lower patients into and raise patients out of the water, and a full treadmill floor with observation ports to monitor gait and progress. With the addition of the hydrotherapy pool, two jobs are expected to be created.
Earlier this year, the Superior utilities department received a $300,000 rural economic development grant to finance the purchase of equipment that will be part of the Brodstone Memorial Hospital specialty clinic expansion project. 
To discuss applicant and project eligibility, or for more information on the rural economic development loan and grant program in Nebraska, contact Kelley Messenger, business programs specialist, by email at
The funding is being provided through USDA's rural economic development loan and grant (REDLG) program, through which USDA provides zero-interest loans and grants to utilities that lend funds to local businesses for projects to create and retain employment. Funding of each award announced is contingent upon the recipient meeting the terms of the loan or grant agreement.

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Rural fire districts receive state grants
The Nebraska Forest Service (NFS) has revealed the recipients of the 2016 Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) grants. The VFA program, formerly known as the Rural Community Fire Protection Program, allows the NFS to award VFA funding for financial, technical,and other assistance to organize, train and equip fire departments in rural areas and rural communities to suppress fires.
A total of 115 VFA grant applications were received in 2016, requesting more than $440,000 in funds. Seventy-four projects will receive $213,000 in funding from the grant, helping support more than $713,000 of projects and acquisitions around the state. Because of the high demand, the maximum award was $5,000 per application. Awards will be utilized for department's priority requests such as personal protective equipment, prevention and communication gear.
Nearly $3.3 million has been awarded to 368 fire departments and partners around the state since the program stated 20 years ago. Recipients include the Clay Center Volunteer Fire Departmet, Edgar Fire and Rescue, Guide Rock Fire & Rescue, Red Cloud Volunteer Fire Department and Nelson Volunteer Fire Department.

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Superior swimming pool season winding down
The Superior Municipal Swimming Pool has been a place of respite for many Superior residents, young and not so young during this summer's blistering heat. Daily attendance has averaged more than 100 patrons per day. The staff has provided swimming lessons for more than 20 Superior youths.
The Superior Youth Athletic Association sponsored a pool party, Thursday, July 16. Summer ball team participants were admitted at no charge provided they returned their uniforms. More than 100 SYAA members attended the pool party, held between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Beverly Czirr, pool manager, said the pool had been forced to close only a few times because of impending thunder storms. Czirr noted that the construction materials for a new patio to be installed outside the northeast gate were on hand and volunteers were being recruited to construct the project.
The poll will close for the season, Sunday, Aug. 14. The lack of lifeguards was cited as the reason for closing. The majority of the pool staff is comprised of students who will be returning to school.

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Baptistry renovated at Sacred Heart of Lawrence
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Lawrence has completed work on the renovation of the baptistry. The project, initiated by former pastor Father Thomas Bush, was seen through to completion by Father Thomas Schutes and a host of volunteers. The baptistry area had been functioning as a cry room and used as a staging area for brides prior to their wedding. The plan was to return the area to its original function as a baptismal site.
Volunteers worked to remove layers of paint which had been applied over the years since the church building was constructed in 1924. John Beyke, a Hastings artist, was commissioned to paint a large mural on the wall. His art work depicts the presentation of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. Eileen Ratigen, a Callaway, Neb., artist applied stencils along a line she painted on the wall.
New carpet and lighting fixtures were installed. The baptismal font was moved back to its original site. A pew and chair were set in place for those who wish to meditate. The project was complete in June, 2016.

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