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July 10, 2014

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Superior Joggers host Firekracker Run, more than 400 entrants
The Superior Joggers held the annual Firekracker Run Friday and the weather was cooperative with mostly cloudy and cool conditions prevailing. An enthusiastic crowd of runners and supporters gathered at City Park for the beginning of the races. A timing system recorded the runners times. An electronic chip was on the back of each participants bib number. When the runner crossed the start line, their number and starting time was recorded by a computer and when they finished their elapsed time was computed. Entrants walked to the start line and then began to run, jog or walk the course.
More than 400 entrants entered this year's event. The youngest entrant was Charlotte Coffey, three and a half weeks of age. At the other end of the age spectrum was Orin Dillon, Edgar, 94, and Arma Jean Whitney, Superior, 85.
The youngest female 10K entrant was Megan Fish, 12. The youngest male 10K entrant was Cale Frahm, 15.
Race Results
One Mile Predict in order of placing with time difference of what they predicted: Sharon Biltoft time difference :00.01, Cheri Biltoft: 01.22, Melissa Meyer :01.77, Nick Theis :08, Andrew Vanderwoude :10, Jonah Schmidt :11.
Youth one mile run
Girls overall winner was Bailey Virus with a time of 6:43.
The top three winners in the girls youth division were as follows:
Six year of age and under girls - Ava Kirchhoff 9:31, Carrigan Rempe 10:22, Brinleigh Blecha 11:26
Seven and eight year old girls: Faith Butler 8:10, Lauren Tietjen 9:57, Mason Kermoade 9:58
Nine and ten year old girls: Shayla Meyer 7:29, Caitlin Rempe 8:44, Haley Blackstone 8:55
Eleven and twelve year old girls: Sierra Blackburn 6:53, Kalynn Meyer 7:43, Emma Schnakenberg 7:44
The boys overall winner was Brayton Jarosik with a time of 6:46. The top three age division winners in youth boys were as follows:
Six year and young boys: Colten Butler 8:24, Spencer Lindberg 9:29, Declan Miller 9:31.
Seven and eight year old boys: Rowan Jarosik 7:29, Connor Rempe 7:37, Brock Wilcox 8:04
Nine and 10 year old boys: Owen Sullivan 7:23, Aaron Allgood 7:25, Jacob Meyer 7:57
Eleven and 12 year old boys: Kale Heitman 6:49, Conner Blackstone 7:20, Taran Zoltenko 7:20.
The Superior Express hopes to publish complete race results in next week's edition.
The FireKracker Run was the first of several events held in Superior to mark the anniversary of the founding of this nation.
It was followed at noon by a patriotic concert and cookout at the City Park Bandshell sponsored by members of the Nazarene Church.
In the afternoon there was swimming in the city pool, one of the largest municipal pools in the state.
That evening members of the Superior Volunteer Fire Department presented a spectacular fireworks show at Brodstone Memorial Field.
The fire department show is sponsored with donations and money being collected now will help to assure another show next year.
And the entire town was lit up with private fireworks shows.
The Nelson community sponsored a fun day which started with foot races in the morning and concluded with a fireworks show.
Place,Name,Division 1,Bailey Virus,1 Mile 2,Brayton Jarosik,1 Mile 3,Kale Heitman,1 Mile 4,Sierra Blackstone,1 Mile 5,Conner Blackstone,1 Mile 6,Taran Zolentko,1 Mile 7,Owen Sullivan,1 Mile 8,Caleb Shea,1 Mile 9,Aaron Allgood,1 Mile 10,Shayla Meyer,1 Mile 11,Rowan Jarosik,1 Mile 12,AJ Leibel,1 Mile 13,Connor Rempe,1 Mile 14,Kaylnn Meyer,1 Mile 15,Emma Schnakenberg,1 Mile 16,Adin Leibel,1 Mile 17,Isaac Meyer,1 Mile 18,Jacob Meyer,1 Mile 19,Nick Theis,1 Mile Predict 20,Tanner Theis,1 Mile 21,Brock Wilcox,1 Mile 22,Faith Butler,1 Mile 23,Joseph Shea,1 Mile 24,Ryan Beavers,1 Mile 25,Colten Butler,1 Mile 26,Clayton Morris,1 Mile 27,Caitlin Rempe,1 Mile 28,Haley Blackstone,1 Mile 29,Seth Schnakenberg,1 Mile Predict 30,Michael Willey,1 Mile 31,Mallory Kleen,1 Mile 32,Tony Shea,1 Mile 33,Hailey Blecha,1 Mile 34,Spencer Lindberg,1 Mile 35,Declan Miller,1 Mile 36,Ava Kirchhoff,1 Mile 37,James Forman,1 Mile 38,Lauren Tietjen,1 Mile 39,Neah McMeen,1 Mile 40,Mason Kermoade,1 Mile 41,Jack Knigge,1 Mile Predict 42,Collin Dahl,1 Mile 43,Morgan Theis,1 Mile 44,Kaylee Flaata,1 Mile 45,Travis Rempe,1 Mile Predict 46,Jennifer Rempe,1 Mile Predict 47,Carrigan Rempe,1 Mile 48,Bladen Blecha,1 Mile 49,Tayle Rogers,1 Mile 50,Donnie Willett,1 Mile 51,Marti Blecha,1 Mile Predict 52,Payton Christiary,1 Mile Predict 53,Emma Henderson,1 Mile 54,Tatum Sullivan,1 Mile 55,Parker Littrell,1 Mile 56,Kaylee Mohler,1 Mile 57,Ashaya Steele,1 Mile 58,Bishop Blecha,1 Mile 59,Jeremy Foreman,1 Mile 60,Darcie Christensen,1 Mile Predict 61,Carson Beavers,1 Mile 62,Brinleigh Blecha,1 Mile 63,Reagan Meyers,1 Mile 64,Tim Meyers,1 Mile Predict 65,Luke Meyers,1 Mile Predict 66,Morgan Miller,1 Mile 67,Lacey Langer,1 Mile 68,Cora Schnakenberg,1 Mile 69,Truett McCord,1 Mile 70,Chad Schnakenberg,1 Mile Predict 71,Ged Leibel,1 Mile Predict 72,Lonnie Kay Fuerniss,1 Mile Predict 73,Alivia Lindberg,1 Mile 74,Michelle Lindberg,1 Mile Predict 75,Blakely Chadwell,1 Mile 76,Luke Chadwell,1 Mile Predict 77,Susie Headrick,1 Mile Predict 78,Korbin Kirchhoff,1 Mile 79,Ryan Shea,1 Mile Predict 80,Katie Shea,1 Mile 81,Liam VanderWoude,1 Mile 82,Sara Shea,1 Mile Predict 83,Gavin Fangmeyer,1 Mile 84,Kilean Steele,1 Mile 85,Jeff Steele,1 Mile Predict 86,Kelli Rust,1 Mile Predict 87,Norma Rust,1 Mile Predict 88,Amy Schnakenberg,1 Mile Predict 89,Brayton Meyer,1 Mile 90,Cheryl Mohhler,1 Mile Predict 91,Pat Gunn,1 Mile Predict 92,Jim Fenimore,1 Mile Predict 93,Cambree Renz,1 Mile Predict 94,Noelle McMeen,1 Mile 95,Nadia McMeen,1 Mile 96,Carl Mohler,1 Mile Predict 97,Diana Kranau,1 Mile Predict 98,Victor Kranau,1 Mile Predict 99,Lori Clyde,1 Mile Predict 100,Jax Meyers,1 Mile Predict 101,Krista Tatro,1 Mile Predict 102,Natalie Meyers,1 Mile Predict 103,Rex Miller,1 Mile Predict 104,Brian Flaata,1 Mile Predict 105,Sophie Flaata,1 Mile 106,Chloe Fangmeyer,1 Mile 107,Renae Loontjer,1 Mile Predict 108,Marlene Schnakenberg,1 Mile Predict 109,Ashley Hayes,1 Mile Predict 110,Berniece Montgomery,1 Mile Predict 111,Elaine Miller,1 Mile Predict 112,Beverly Beavers,1 Mile Predict 113,Heather Dahl,1 Mile Predict 114,Carolyn Meyer,1 Mile Predict 115,Sharon Biltoft,1 Mile Predict 116,Rayne Biltoft,1 Mile Predict 117,Bryce Blecha,1 Mile Predict 118,Brandon Blecha,1 Mile Predict 119,Nicki Vogler,1 Mile Predict 120,Dorcus Judy,1 Mile Predict 121,Jordan Duncan,1 Mile 122,Barb Murman,1 Mile Predict 123,Hillary Broadwell,1 Mile Predict 124,Stephanie Thayer,1 Mile Predict 125,Melissa Meyer,1 Mile Predict 126,Kylie Meyers,1 Mile 127,Nancy Meyers,1 Mile Predict 128,Jamy Sullivan,1 Mile Predict 129,Harper Tatro,1 Mile Predict 130,Jeremy Tatro,1 Mile Predict 131,Jim Sullivan,1 Mile Predict 132,Jerry McMeen,1 Mile Predict 133,Kris Heitman,1 Mile Predict 134,Shelley Alcorn,1 Mile Predict 135,Scotty Reyelts,1 Mile Predict 136,Ryan Butler,1 Mile Predict 137,Tim Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 138,Cynthia Clark,1 Mile Predict 139,Sonia Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 140,Jonah Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 141,Emily Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 142,Bentley Duncan,1 Mile 143,Ken Heitman,1 Mile Predict 144,Tracy Duncan,1 Mile Predict 145,Suzanne Duncan,1 Mile Predict 146,Wade Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 147,Pam Heitman,1 Mile Predict 148,Ann Hobson,1 Mile Predict 149,Adam Heitman,1 Mile Predict 150,Megan Ehlers,1 Mile Predict 151,Abby Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 152,Amy Meyers,1 Mile Predict 153,Melanie Heggemeier,1 Mile Predict 154,Anthony Schmidt,1 Mile Predict 155,Emersyn McAlister,1 Mile Predict 156,Mindy Tuma,1 Mile Predict 157,Shae Tuma,1 Mile Predict 158,Andrew VanderWoude,1 Mile Predict 159,Mel Menke,1 Mile Predict 160,Marie Menke,1 Mile Predict 161,Jane Headrick,1 Mile Predict 162,Dianne Blevins,1 Mile Predict 163,Ray Biltoft,1 Mile Predict 164,Cohen Flaata,1 Mile 165,Maxine Rempe,1 Mile Predict 166,Barb Thompson,1 Mile Predict 167,Cheri Biltoft,1 Mile Predict 168,Arma Jean Whitney,1 Mile Predict 169,Kelly Knigge,1 Mile Predict 170,Jody Langer,1 Mile Predict 171,Norma Blackburn,1 Mile Predict 172,Tom Blackburn,1 Mile Predict 173,Barbara Blackburn,1 Mile Predict 174,Dorothy Rust,1 Mile Predict 175,Orin Dillon,1 Mile Predict 176,Laveta Blecha,1 Mile Predict 177,Teresa Christensen,1 Mile Predict 178,Kaelyn Meyer,1 Mile 179,Becky Behrends,1 Mile Predict
Firekracker Run 1mile Predict (Place,Name) 19,Nick, Theis, 29,Seth, Schnakenberg, 41,Jack, Knigge, 45,Travis, Rempe, 46,Jennifer, Rempe, 51,Marti, Blecha, 52,Payton, Christiary, 60,Darcie, Christensen, 64,Tim, Meyers, 65,Luke, Meyers, 70,Chad, Schnakenberg, 71,Ged, Leibel, 72,Lonnie, Kay, Fuerniss, 74,Michelle, Lindberg, 76,Luke, Chadwell, 77,Susie, Headrick, 79,Ryan, Shea, 82,Sara, Shea, 85,Jeff, Steele, 86,Kelli, Rust, 87,Norma, Rust, 88,Amy, Schnakenberg, 90,Cheryl, Mohhler, 91,Pat, Gunn, 92,Jim, Fenimore, 93,Cambree, Renz, 96,Carl, Mohler, 97,Diana, Kranau, 98,Victor, Kranau, 99,Lori, Clyde, 100,Jax, Meyers, 101,Krista, Tatro, 102,Natalie, Meyers, 103,Rex, Miller, 104,Brian, Flaata, 107,Renae, Loontjer, 108,Marlene, Schnakenberg, 109,Ashley, Hayes, 110,Berniece, Montgomery, 111,Elaine, Miller, 112,Beverly, Beavers, 113,Heather, Dahl, 114,Carolyn, Meyer, 115,Sharon, Biltoft, 116,Rayne, Biltoft, 117,Bryce, Blecha, 118,Brandon, Blecha, 119,Nicki, Vogler, 120,Dorcus, Judy, 122,Barb, Murman, 123,Hillary, Broadwell, 124,Stephanie, Thayer, 125,Melissa, Meyer, 127,Nancy, Meyers, 128,Jamy, Sullivan, 129,Harper, Tatro, 130,Jeremy, Tatro, 131,Jim, Sullivan, 132,Jerry, McMeen, 133,Kris, Heitman, 134,Shelley, Alcorn, 135,Scotty, Reyelts, 136,Ryan, Butler, 137,Tim, Schmidt, 138,Cynthia, Clark, 139,Sonia, Schmidt, 140,Jonah, Schmidt, 141,Emily, Schmidt, 143,Ken, Heitman, 144,Tracy, Duncan, 145,Suzanne, Duncan, 146,Wade, Schmidt, 147,Pam, Heitman, 148,Ann, Hobson, 149,Adam, Heitman, 150,Megan, Ehlers, 151,Abby, Schmidt, 152,Amy, Meyers, 153,Melanie, Heggemeier, 154,Anthony, Schmidt, 155,Emersyn, McAlister, 156,Mindy, Tuma, 157,Shae, Tuma, 158,Andrew, VanderWoude, 159,Mel, Menke, 160,Marie, Menke, 161,Jane, Headrick, 162,Dianne, Blevins, 163,Ray, Biltoft, 165,Maxine, Rempe, 166,Barb, Thompson, 167,Cheri, Biltoft, 168,Arma, Jean, Whitney, 169,Kelly, Knigge, 170,Jody, Langer, 171,Norma, Blackburn, 172,Tom, Blackburn, 173,Barbara, Blackburn, 174,Dorothy, Rust, 175,Orin, Dillon, 176,Laveta, Blecha, 177,Teresa, Christensen, 179,Becky, Behrends
Firekracker Run 1mile (Place,Name) 1,Bailey, Virus, 2,Brayton, Jarosik, 3,Kale, Heitman, 4,Sierra, Blackstone, 5,Conner, Blackstone, 6,Taran, Zolentko, 7,Owen, Sullivan, 8,Caleb, Shea, 9,Aaron, Allgood, 10,Shayla, Meyer, 11,Rowan, Jarosik, 12,AJ, Leibel, 13,Connor, Rempe, 14,Kaylnn, Meyer, 15,Emma, Schnakenberg, 16,Adin, Leibel, 17,Isaac, Meyer, 18,Jacob, Meyer, 20,Tanner, Theis, 21,Brock, Wilcox, 22,Faith, Butler, 23,Joseph, Shea, 24,Ryan, Beavers, 25,Colten, Butler, 26,Clayton, Morris, 27,Caitlin, Rempe, 28,Haley, Blackstone, 30,Michael, Willey, 31,Mallory, Kleen, 32,Tony, Shea, 33,Hailey, Blecha, 34,Spencer, Lindberg, 35,Declan, Miller, 36,Ava, Kirchhoff, 37,James, Forman, 38,Lauren, Tietjen, 39,Neah, McMeen, 40,Mason, Kermoade, 42,Collin, Dahl, 43,Morgan, Theis, 44,Kaylee, Flaata, 47,Carrigan, Rempe, 48,Bladen, Blecha, 49,Tayle, Rogers, 50,Donnie, Willett, 53,Emma, Henderson, 54,Tatum, Sullivan, 55,Parker, Littrell, 56,Kaylee, Mohler, 57,Ashaya, Steele, 58,Bishop, Blecha, 59,Jeremy, Foreman, 61,Carson, Beavers, 62,Brinleigh, Blecha, 63,Reagan, Meyers, 66,Morgan, Miller, 67,Lacey, Langer, 68,Cora, Schnakenberg, 69,Truett, McCord, 73,Alivia, Lindberg, 75,Blakely, Chadwell, 78,Korbin, Kirchhoff, 80,Katie, Shea, 81,Liam, VanderWoude, 83,Gavin, Fangmeyer, 84,Kilean, Steele, 89,Brayton, Meyer, 94,Noelle, McMeen, 95,Nadia, McMeen, 105,Sophie, Flaata, 106,Chloe, Fangmeyer, 121,Jordan, Duncan, 126,Kylie, Meyers, 142,Bentley, Duncan, 164,Cohen, Flaata, 178,Kaelyn, Meyer.




Registration open for Superior Triathlon
Registration is now open for the seventh annual Superior Triathlon. This year's event will be held on Saturday, Aug. 2, at the Superior Municipal Swimming Pool.
In addition to the athletic challenge associated with triathlon events, the Superior pool is also an attraction. It is probably the largest municipal pool now being used in a Nebraska town with a population of less than 2,000. For many years the pool was advertised as the seventh largest municipal pool in the state.
It was built following World War II without the levels of engineering and agency approval now required. A group of local residents got together and dug what they thought would be an appropriate size hole. Plumbing was installed and cement poured. While not documented, it is thought the original high diving board platform and filter were locally made.
It was a sad day when the high diving board came out but state regulators were concerned visitors to the pool would expect a diving pit that meets modern standards and might be injured before discovering the Superior pit did not meet those standards.
There have been several additions and modifications made over the years including a new bath house and filtration system but the original pool design has survived and become somewhat of an attraction all its own.
Registration forms for the triathlon are now available at the pool office. There will be classes for individuals, teams and the youngsters. The event will include swimming, biking and running competitions.
In past years late comers have had to be turned away when the maximum number of contestants has been reached. That may happen again this year.

Rock Hills hosts junior girls invite
Rock Hills Summer Youth hosted the first junior girls invitational softball tournament. This year's tournament was held June 29 and marked the end of the junior girls 2014 softball season.
The tournament was scheduled to be held June 28, but because of the rain received the night before, the games were postponed until June 29. Several teams had been invited and were intending to play Saturday but because of the delay were unable to participate in the Sunday tournament.
Three teams participated in the tournament: Rock Hills, Mankato; Rolling Hills, Belleville; Pike Valley, Scandia. A double elimination blind draw 3-team bracket was used. Finishing in first place was Rolling Hills, Belleville; second place was Pike Valley, Scandia; and third place went to Rock Hills, Mankato. Medals were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


Tipton Oaks hosts annual tournament
The 29th annual Tipton Oaks His and Her Scramble was held Sunday. The tournament was comprised of 42 golfers from Downs, Lincoln, Mankato, Osborne, Salina, Sylvan Grove and Tipton.
The team of Mitch Kobberman and Kylie Ehrlich, Lincoln, shot a 57 to take first in the championship flight. Gary Frederking, Sylvan Grove, and Vicky Jewell, Lincoln, placed second with a score of 63. The teams of Wayne Wahrman, Osborne, and Jean Converse, Lincoln, Jon Meyer and Denise Ehrlich, both of Lincoln, each shot a 64 to tie for third.
There was a tie for first place in the first flight between the teams of Wyatt and Jennifer Harris, Salina, Bob and Marguerite Becker, Tipton. Both teams shot a score of 66. The second place winners with a score of 67 were Jim Marshall and Angie Ahlvers, Tipton.
In the second flight three teams shot a 70 to tie for first. They were Kerry and Kathy Jo Smith, Lincoln, Nelson and Toni Krier, Tipton, Troy Tonne and Vanessa Arnoldy, Tipton.
Pin prizes for men were awarded as follows: No. 4 - closest to the white stake, Nelson Krier, Tipton; No. 5 - longest putt, Dale Freeman, Mankato; No. 6 - longest drive, Mitch Kobberman, Lincoln; No. 7 - closest to the pin on the tee shot, Kourt Kobberman, Lincoln. Winners of the women's pin prizes were: No. 1 - longest putt, Toni Krier; No. 4 - closest to the white stake, Vicky Jewell, Lincoln; No. 5 - longest drive, K.C. Remus, Downs; No. 9 - closest to the pin on the tee shot, Toni Krier.

Designated pitch softball season ends with tournament
June 30 the Rock Hills designated pitch girls softball team finished their season by participating in their league tournament that was held in Belleville. Rock Hills finished in 5th place.
In the first round of this tournament, No. 4 seed Riteway defeated No. 5 seed Rock Hills by a score of 12-5. No. 3 seed CA Picard defeated No. 6 seed Main Street Vision.
In the second round No. 1 seed Aurora Co-op defeated Riteway and No. 2 seed Pike Valley defeated CA Picard.
In the championship round Aurora Coop defeated Pike Valley in an exciting and closely contested game.

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