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Oct. 16, 2014 issue

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Jewell Corn Show offered plenty to do

School board approves energy audit for elementary school

Junior high students giving back to Jewell County communities

Former senator Bob Dole visits Mankato

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Jewell Corn Show offered plenty to do

By Fawna Barrett
Activities lasted all week for the Jewell Corn Show as floats were designed and built, last minute projects were finished, flowers and crops were clipped for exhibits.
Last Wednesday evening, the Jewell Community Center was abuzz with chamber members building the booth spaces and setting up display areas. A number of organizations decorated their booth during this time and conversation flowed freely.
Adding displays and entries continued Thursday until 11 a.m., when the center was closed for the judging. The J-Janes and Rock Hills FFA were in charge of entering the crops, quilts, woodworking, other entries and booths. The Community Center was opened later Thursday, Friday afternoon and Saturday until 3 p.m. when all was dismantled, cleaned and set up for the Sunday soup dinner.
Friday evening, the Country Jewells entertained at the Delaware St. Pub while people enjoyed the evening specials. Members of the band are Arlan and Elva Folsom, Butch and Annette Burks, Linda Woerner, all of Jewell, and Lyle McHenry, Beloit. Quite a number danced to the familiar tunes of yesteryear. When the band took a break, Julie (Kibbe) Hughes, California, sang accompanying herself on the guitar. A favorite number was one she wrote about the Kansas farm calling one home.
Saturday brought sunshine after Friday's rain for a gorgeous day for the parade. There were at least 68 entries. Jewell American Legion No. 72's color guard led the parade, followed by Rock Hills High School band, which played "The Star Spangled Banner" after which Carlton Wright led The Pledge of Allegiance. Next were the parade marshals, Twila Means and Sharon Tullar, riding in a carriage belonging to Don Simmelink and driven by Micheala Simmelink. Floats, old cars, tractors, old and new, unusual vehicles, semis, an ambulance and more followed. A highlight was the Solomon Valley Transportation bus bringing former Jewell residents from Mitchell County Residential Care to be participants in the parade, have lunch at the former school house and tour the exhibits at the Jewell Community Center.
The lunch line moved along for more than an hour and most of the food was gone. Two serving stations helped feed the crowd.
A huge crowd hung around throughout the afternoon as games were available in the park. There were food stands and other vendors. J-Janes, Rock Hills FFA, Jewell Youth Group, KFC and the gun club members provided the games. Old cars and tractors were on display. Carriage rides were available. Closing the afternoon was the Road Rally with an extended search lasting almost until time for the evening program.
The return of a home talent program was planned by Linda Woerner, Elva and Arlan Folsom with a setting of the Johnny Carson show. Johnny (Bruce Barrett), Ed McMahan (Scott Lienberger) and Doc Severnson (Mac McAtee) shared the stage with guests Tim Conway's Dr. Flash (Bob Engel), little dancers from Jewell under the direction of Lori Bohnert, the Sister Pact from Las Vegas (Christian Church women's choir) and when they shed their robes to reveal tie-dyed shirts labeled Sister Pact, their music became lively and entertaining. Deb Bohnert was their wild director and Susan Greene, the accompanist. Jim Hanna (Terry Moyer) brought a couple of animals including a talking cat to entertain Johnny. Commercial break participants were Arleta Carlton, Darlene Thompson, Fawna Barrett, Stan Colson, Kevin and Donna Thompson.
Johnny's character, Carnac the Magnificient, even appeared to give answers to questions sealed in envelopes. Some were actual "answers" from the original Carson shows and some were from other sources.
Ice cream, soft drinks and bottled water were available at intermission served by volunteers from Jewell and Salina.
Sunday was the traditional soup and pie dinner at the Community Center served by volunteers. The afternoon was reserved for the Jewell Gun Club Trap Shoot, which closed the 72nd chapter of the Jewell Corn Show.

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School board approves energy audit for elementary school
The Rock Hills Board of Education met in regular session Monday with Lori Yelken, Brenden Wirth, Steve Spiegel, Todd Mauerhan, Janelle Greene, Lori Slate, Nadine Smith, Sam Meyers, Bob Roush, Billie Cox, Sara Grout and Lynette Bartley present.
Superintendent Nadine Smith discussed with the board members the Solomon Valley Transportation pledge form, which states the purpose of Solomon Valley Transportation is to enhance transportation for the general public of the region. No board action resulted from the discussion.
Superintendent Smith also reported that a committee of herself, Bob Roush, Brenden Wirth, Todd Mauerhan, Lori Slate and Lynette Bartley met with two energy consulting firms to form a recommendation on whether or not the district should authorize an investment grade audit on any district buildings. Based on a recommendation from the committee, 360 Energy Engineers will be hired to perform an audit for the elementary school for a total of $1,500, with the scope of engineering to include, but not be limited to, a water source heat pump, a hybrid water source heat pump, direct exchange air conditioners and evaluation of air quality and humidity.
A partnership has begun with the Mankato City Library to provide story hour experiences at the elementary school and for the youth in the community. The National Honor Society students are spearheading the project in its initial phases of development.
The board entered into executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. Those preent for the closed session were Lori Yelken, Steve Spiegel, Janelle Greene, Lori Slate, Todd Mauerhan, Brenden Wirth, Sam Meyers and Nadine Smith. No action resulted from the executive session.
The next regular meeting of the board will Nov. 10 a.m. at the district office in Mankato.

Junior high students giving back to Jewell County communities

The junor high student council sponsored a community action event last Wednesday. They worked in groups of six and seven and walked a five or six block grid up and down streets and sidewalks in Mankato. It came to approximately a 10 by 10 block grid around Main Street. They picked up trash for about 75 minutes and then went to Esbon.
In Esbon, one group painted the pump house and another group cleaned up sand that had accumulatd in gutters and cleaned up branches that had been cut down in an empty lot. They stopped for a 20 minute lunch in the Esbon park. Following the break, one group continued shoveling sand while another group cleaned and washed cabinets and a third group replaced non working bulbs in the city Christmas lights.
The group is trying to build pride and respect for their home communities in Jewell County and look forward to working in other communities in the county to give back a little support and show their thanks to the communities that have provided a lot of support to them as students at Rock Hills.

Former senator Bob Dole visits Mankato

Former Sen. Bob Dole was in Mankato Sunday as part of a year long tour of Kansas. He was accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth. Thirty people attended and visited with the former senator. Sen. Dole was also joined by Mankato twins, Richelle and Danielle Russell.
Sen. Dole reminisced about his first election to Congress in 1960, representing the Sixth District. He replaced Brig. Gen. Wint Smith, Mankato, in Congress who retired after seven terms. Sen. Dole spoke emotionally about his gratitude for the support of retiring Congressman Wint Smith in the hotly contested 1960 primary election.

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