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June 22, 2017 issue

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Board discusses funding options for high school HVAC project

Post Rock hires new horticulture extension agent

Mankato Chamber again sponsoring community garden

Cardboard boat race may become tradition at Lovewell

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Board discusses funding options for high school HVAC project

The Rock Hills Board of Education met last Monday. Present were Brenden Wirth, Ervin Underwood, Todd Mauerhan, Janelle Greene, Lori Slate, Nadine Smith, Sam Meyers, Bob Roush, Billie Cox, Travis Cox, Jody Hadachek, Katie Whelchel, Amy McDill, Kevin Ost, Nikki Ost, Megan Badger, Matt Hesting, Paul Wilson, Janice McMillan, Cathy Dauner and Jennifer Urbaniak.
Nadine Smith presented the board with information on three types of financing options available, if the board were to consider pursuing the HVAC project at the junior-senior high school.
The board approved renewal of the annual contract with the Jewell County Health Department for health nurse services for 2017-2018 as presented.
The board met in three separate executive sessions to discuss non-elected personnel. After the last one, the following action was taken:
Classified pay rates for 2017-2018 work agreements were approved as presented. The district will advertise for a SPED transportation aide and a RHES at-risk para for 2017-2018.Supplemental resignations were accepted from Daphne Manning, forensics sponsor; Brock McMillan, high school track; Barbara Railsback , yearbook; Dennis Beckmann, high school volleyball and junior high boys basketball; Kathy Beckmann, high school volleyball.
The board opened the bids received by the requested deadline for workers compensation insurance for 2017-2018. Citizens State Agency's submitted a bid for $17,489 and KASB Risk Management submitted a bid for $23,651. The board approved the low bid from Citizens State Agency.
The board opened the bids received by the requested deadline for the milk contract for 2017-2018. Hiland Dairy and F&A Food Sales were the two bidders. The board approved the bid from Hiland Dairy.
Todd Mauerhan gave an update on the Jewell County Community Development Association meeting he attended.
The next regular meeting of the Rock Hills School Board will be at 7 p.m. on July 10 at the district office in Mankato.

Post Rock hires new extension horticulture agent
The Post Rock Extension District has hired Cassie Homan as a new horticulture extension agent. The Post Rock District serves Mitchell, Lincoln, Smith, Osborne and Jewell counties.
Homan was born and raised in Winfield and discovered a love for plants and gardening in her mother's flower shop, where she spent most of her free time playing with the flowers. In high school, she joined FFA and found a deeper passion for agriculture and leadership. She eventually became president of the Winfield chapter, participating in events such as floriculture, nursery and landscape plant identification and Parliamentary procedure. "My love of agriculture made Kansas State University the perfect educational choice," she said.
During her time at K-State, she was involved as an officer of the Horticulture Club. She also served as a horticulture ambassador and a member of the landscape contracting team. She graduated from K-State last month with a bachelor's degree in horticulture, specializing in greenhouse and nursery management.
After graduation, she went to Italy for two weeks. "I traveled through central and northern Italy, including Rome, Orvieto, Perugia, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre and Venice," she said. "My favorite part was in Florence visiting the Chanti Region, where so many grapes are grown for wine production. I fell in love with the Boboli Gardens in Florence and would love to implement some of the colorful bulbs I saw into my own landscape."
She said she is excited to now live in Beloit. In her free time, she enjoys wildflower gardening, playing the violin and time with friends and family.

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Mankato Chamber again sponsoring community garden
Once again the Mankato Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring Mankato Community Gardens. This year a Dane Hansen grant was applied for and the chamber received a $3,066 grant to build a 10x12 garden shed, purchase a tiller and other gardening supplies. The grant paid for the pre packaged building materials and then the 10x12 building was constructed by volunteers.
The gardens are planted on ground the use of which has been donated by Jewell County Hospital. Not only is the hospital donating the use of the ground for the gardens, they are absorbing the cost of the use of the water unless it should get out of hand. The water is also on a timer so forgetting to turn off the water should never be a problem.
The first year, 2013, there were six plots made available. Chamber members tilled and worked the ground to have it ready for individuals to raise their gardens. Other community members donated tools that could be used if growers didn't have them. This year no water was on site so members purchased hoses to run water from the Hospital to the sprinklers that had been donated.
By the second year one water hydrant had been added on the plot site and by the third year a second water hydrant was added, with Mankato Plumbing donating all the labor to get the hydrants operational.
In 2016 the garden space was doubled in size to its now present 12 plots that are being used by seven different individuals.
Two of this years plots will be used to raise produce that will be given to the community. Jewell County Health Department and Boy Scouts have taken over the care and the production upkeep in the donation plots. Seed/plants for the two plots were donated by Golden Prairie Greenhouse, Smith Center. Planted this year in these two plots are: lettuce, spinach, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans. June 13 the first cutting of lettuce was made.

Cardboard boat race may become tradition at Lovewell

When it comes to the Float Your Boat competition at Lovewell State Park, the third year was the charm. Six boats were entered in the race, two from Republic County and four from Jewell County.
The first two years the event was planned for July but drew no entries. There were several reasons for the lack of response including a blue green algae outbreak that kept people out of the lake and weather concerns. This year was different. The water was as clear as it ever gets at Lovewell. The temperature was moderate, neither to hot for the spectators or too cool for the contestants. With the light breeze the boats did not have to contend with high waves.
All but one of the boats completed the course and several were taken out for second and third trips before they began to take on water. There were three capsizing incidents.
The Long John boat apparently suffered from a design flaw and capsized twice soon after launch. Crew members were seated on boxes which allowed them to take bigger bites with their paddles. With big bites the boat had the potential to be the fastest on the water, but it was very unstable. Crew members had a hard time keeping it upright. Though they launched twice both attempts ended in failure when the boat rolled dumping the occupants into the water.
After rolling the boat and nearly losing their Go Pro camera on the first attempt, J.C. and Naomi Crawford jumped at a second chance. This time they left the camera J.C. recovered from the deep on shore, and several inches of water covered the bottom of the boat but the result was the same. A few yards out from the launch point, the boat began to rock. J.C. and Naomi valiantly tried to compensate but couldn't overcome the sloshing water and the boat soon spilled them into the lake.
The first place prize for the best design and decorated boat was shared by the Pirates and Rubber Ducky teams of Mike Liggett and Braden Burks and Phyllis Liggett and Hannah Burks. The Liggett and Burks are from Mankato and Jewell.
The fastest boat was Team Pocahontas with a time of 1:16. Team members were Blaine and Haley Burks of Jewell.
Prizes to the water park at Kansas City were provided by KRFS Radio.
Other teams include Paradise Drifter, Brando, Hudson and Hattie Brzon, Belleville; and Jaws. Kylier and Eric Burks, Jewell.
Current plans to make the Float Your Boat contest and annual Father's Day feature at Lovewell State Park.


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