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Sept. 22, 2016 issue

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Jewell Chamber discusses Corn Show, blood drive

County Board discusses SVT changes

Mankato youth recognized by sheriff for quick thinking

Jewell Council will seek to replace retiring city clerk

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Jewell Chamber discusses blood drive, Corn Show

The Jewell Chamber met last Monday with 46 members present. Jewell Grocery prepared the meal with Dan Daniels offering the blessing.
Deb Bohnert introduced local talents, Katrine Larsen, who sang and played the guitar, and Jada Eilert who played several numbers on the piano, accompanied by Susan Greene.
Business meeting was opened with reading of the minutes from last meeting. Financial report was given by Frank Shelton. Following discussion on funds, budget and fundraisers, a motion was made by Becky Loomis to table until next meeting when ideas can be brought back to table.
In new business, several items were addressed. Committee reports: · Marsha Slate reported 33 people donated blood at the Red Cross Bloodmobile and the goal was 28. She encouraged everyone to participate in the next blood drive and noted encouragement in getting our students interested in donating.
· Thelma Shelton reported on July 4 fireworks and picnic. More than 600 people attended the festivities. Thelma thanked those who helped and reported July 3, 2017, is the date for next year. · Ken Garst reported there were more children attending the Youth Fishing Day this year at Emerson Lake. · No report for the gospel singers and dinner at this time.
· Deb Bohnert reported on the upcoming Jewell Corn Show with kick off beginning Friday, Oct. 7. Fliers will be distributed throughout the county outlining the numerous events during the Corn Show weekend.
· Jewell Fire Department will have a hot dog and hamburger supper Saturday night of Corn Show and will also sponsor a beer garden. Those proceeds will go to the Jewell Fire Department for additional gear and equipment. · Dale Willmeth made motion to include fire department advertisement with Chamber advertisement. Second by Jamie Underwood. Motion carried. · Deb reported the Christmas Sampler will be held Dec. 17, and Santa will be in town that day also.
· Christmas lighting contest was discussed with approval given to have the contest again this year.
During old business:
· Bruce said the final round for Dane Hansen grant is in November and encouraged ideas for the use of funds. Bruce reported "Welcome to Jewell" signs were being constructed and will be a nice addition to the community. The museum is needing repairs and suggested grant be used for those repairs.
· Josh Burks and crew started erecting new playground equipment at Emerson Lake.
· The city purchased three buildings downtown that are falling in; they are making plans for disposal
· A brief discussion was held on Halloween with no action taken at this time.
The next meeting will be Oct. 10, 7 p.m., with Trinity United Methodist Church preparing the meal.

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County Board discusses SVT changes
The Jewell County Board met Monday with commissioners Steve Greene, Dwight S. Frost and Mark Fleming present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
Minutes of the Sept. 12 commissioners meeting were approved.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, discussed operations and personnel.
Tammy Kimminau and Leanne Eilert, Solomon Valley Transportation, reviewed the operating budget and services provided. The commissioners asked questions about changes made to the service.
The commissioners appointed Rick Diamond as the non-lawyer member to the 12th Judicial Nominating Commission.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported on road and bridge maintenance and discussed personnel. The commissioners reported road and bridge concerns.
Chris Petet, custodian, said he is getting the lawn sprayed for grubs. He also discussed the floor in the basement.
The commissioners appointed Dwight S. Frost as the voting delegate for the KWORCC annual meeting and Mark Fleming as the alternate voting delegate.
The commissioners accepted Arnold Ross's resignation from the Superior Fire District No. 2 Board and appointed Matthew Kile to fill the vacancy.
Darrell E. Miller, county attorney, discussed the FLSA overtime changes effective Dec. 1. Miller also presented Resolution 16-07, placing a stop sign at the intersection of P Avenue and 150 Road. The commissioners approved.

Mankato youth recognized by sheriff for quick thinking

Saturday evening, between 7 and 7:30 p.m., Cody Dean, Mankato, rode his bicycle to one of the Hwy 36 garage sales to purchase an item. Having acquired what he was looking for, he was on his way back to his foster home, Kathy and Dennis Beckman's, on South Center. Riding along the street south of the Mankato Community Center, Cody heard a popping noise. He stopped close to the alley behind the center and saw sparks coming from the top of a pole. He watched it for a little bit, and the sparking increased and was accompanied by smoke.
Cody knew he needed to get help.
"I knew I couldn't go to Kier's for help because I saw some of the people leaving the store from work, so they were closed," he said. "So I rode my bike as fast as I could to Bob's Inn and there were some people coming out. I told them I needed help and about the sparks and I think they called the fire department."
Cody does not know the names of the people he told he needed help. He waited a few minutes and watched the fire truck go to the alley where the sparks and smoke were. At this point, he headed for the Beckmans" as fast as he could go.
"I was going so fast on my bike that I wrecked," said Cody.
"When he arrived at the house and came in and told us what happened there was no doubt that it had happened," Kathy said.
The sparks and smoke were coming from an electrical canister located on the power pole. Mankato City employee Jim Zadina arrived and electricity was shut off at the source.
The power pole furnished electricity to the Ute Theatre, which at the time was open. Volunteers at the Ute had all in attendance leave the building and take safety across the street.
Through fundraisers and diligent work by lots of volunteers, the Ute Theater has basically been completely renovated.
No one wants to think about the "what ifs," but they are there. What if Cody had not noticed the sparks? What if Cody had just continued to go on down the street? What if those people hadn't been coming out of Bob's Inn? What if the fire department and city had not responded so quickly? What if the people hadn't been moved out of the theatre? Instead of a happy ending, the community could be looking at a tragedy.
Monday afternoon, Cody was presented a certificate of appreciation by Don Jacobs, Jewell County Sheriff, recognizing his responsible actions taken Saturday evening.

Jewell Council will seek to replace retiring city clerk

The Jewell City Council met in regular session Sept. 6. In attendance were Bruce Barrett, mayor; Amy Arasmith, city clerk; Darrell Bohnert, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Wade Wilson and Kris Williams, council members.
Minutes of the Aug. 1 meeting were approved.
David Knappert gave a maintenance report and informed the council of work that needs to be done on the sewer pond.
Randie Slate, owner of Slate's Wasteco, LLC, advised the council of his interest in contracting with the city for trash hauling.
Josh Burks reported that he and a group of individuals were scheduled to begin assembling the new playground equipment at Lake Emerson on Saturday.
Kris Williams reported the welcome signs will be completed by the first week in October.
Billing Ordinance No. 1047 was reviewed and approved for payment.
Building permits were approved for a shed at 410 Pearl and a cabin at 810 Tchoupitoulas.
A contract with Maguir Iron for cleaning and inspecting the water tower was approved by the council.
The council discussed ideas for the Dane Hansen "clean up" grant the county is promoting.
The employee benefits policy was reviewed and updated.
An ad will be placed in the newspaper regarding the city clerk position. Amy Arasmith will be retiring next year and a replacement needs to be trained.
The fire marshal inspected the motel rooms and reported there were no violations.
Amy Rice has handed in her resignation as librarian. The library board will be making a decision soon on her replacement.
The Jewell Apartment board of directors met Sept. 6. Attending were Darrell Bohnert, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Kris Williams, Wade Wilson, Bruce Barrett, Cindy Barrett and Amy Arasmith.
Minutes of the Aug. 8 meeting were approved.
Bills were reviewed and approved for payment.
Jim Moss has been contacted to repair the siding where an old heating and cooling unit was taken out.
The apartment financial records have been audited.
There are six empty apartments.
Cindy Barrett attended the KHRC conference in Kansas City. She will be out of the office Oct. 3.

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