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July 21, 2016 issue

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Public hearing scheduled for school district budget

DAR sets record for number of letters sent to service members

Commissioners discuss budget request from Solomon Valley Transportation

Playground equipment on its way to Lake Emerson

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Public hearing scheduled for school district budget

The Rock Hills Board of Education met Monday. Present were Brenden Wirth, Lori Yelken, Janelle Greene, Ervin Underwood, Todd Mauerhan, Lori Slate, Bobi Fogo, Nadine Smith, Sam Meyers, Bob Roush and Lynette Bartley.
Superintendent Smith asked for nominations for president of the board.
Brenden Wirth and Lori Yelken were nominated. Wirth was elected by a vote of 4-3 and then presided over the balance of the meeting. Wirth asked for nominations for vice president and Lori Yelken was the lone nominee. She was elected unanimously. Both are one-year terms
Lynette Bartley was appointed clerk of the board for the 2016-17 school year; Delores Angleton was appointed deputy clerk; Rick Diamond will be treasurer and Sondra Decker was appointed deputy treasurer.
It was reported that classroom units are in place in the old addition and basement new addition for the HVAC project at the emementary school. Start-up of the chiller is planned for Aug 1.
Formica for the countertops should be here this week.
Bob Roush, facilities and transportation director, reported on various projects. He said the elementary playground project began this week. Gym floors will be refinished on Aug 5. With no word received regarding the ponding on the JRSR track, it was the consensus of the board to have their attorney send a letter regarding this matter.
Because this was the annual reorganizational meeting, the following appointments were approved: State Exchange Bank, official depository; federal impact aid representative, Lynette Bartley; elementary truancy officer, Nadine Smith; junior-senior high school truancy officer, Sam Meyers; district KPERS representative, Lynette Bartley; school attorney, Darrell Miller; Title I director, Title VI director, PL 874 program director, Title IX coordinator, 504 coordinator, hearing official for suspension and expulsion appeals, purchasing agent, compliance officer to receive and act on discrimination complaints, freedom of information officer, Nadine Smith; official newspaper, Jewell County Record.
Superintendent Smith reviewed the Farm to Table program with the board members. Participation in the program was approved unanimously. Class schedules for both the elementary and junior-senior high school were approved as presented. Newly hired special education teachers for the district are Shelby Callaway, grades K-5, and Sheila Bogart, grades 6-12. Smith shared the FY 2017 budget publication page with the board. Dale Dennis at the state department of education will review the budget document prior to publication, public hearing and adoption.
It was reported the Jewell County Health Department has received grant funding to purchase a soundproof hearing testing booth to be placed at the elementary school for hearing screenings.
The board met in executive session to discuss matters affecting a student.
There was no action as a result of the private session.
The board also met in executive session to discuss employer-employee negotiations. After returning to open session, several changes to the 2016-17 negotiated agreement as outlined in a meeting held on July 11, including an addendum regarding supplementary pay for KSHSAA events, were approved.
The board met again in executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. After the closed session, the following action was taken: Alternate days
(one half day and one full day) were approved for Bethany Remus, 6-12 guidance counselor, and Sara Grout, licensed social worker, for enrollment assistance. Jody Hadachek was approved as a teacher mentor for Cody Miller for the 2016-2017 year, with a $1,000 stipend. Signing bonuses of $3,000 were approved for the hard to fill positions of vocational education for Matthew Railsback and physical science. A supplemental assignment recommendation of Suzette Gile as play director for the 2016-2017 school year was approved.
It was decided the public hearing for the FY17 school district budget will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 8, immediately prior to the regular august board meeting.
The next regular meeting of the Rock Hills School Board will be at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 8, at the district office in Mankato.

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DAR sets record for number of letters sent to service members
To celebrate the national society's 125th anniversary and the culmination of the Celebrate America! volunteer service initiative, the DAR channeled its fervor for patriotism and dedicated support of our nation's military service members toward an ambitious goal. During the week of the 125th Continental Congress, held in June at DAR's Washington, D.C., headquarters, the organization set an official Guinness world record title in patriotism for "most letters to military personnel collected in one month."  
DAR members possess an unwavering patriotic devotion that spans the organization's 125-year history. During the past three years alone, daughters have devoted more than 2.2 million hours of service to veterans, honored more than 288,000 Vietnam War veterans and donated more than $250,000 in support of service members and their families. The world record attempt served as a test: Could the membership exceed its already high standards of support for our military?
Achieving this ambitious goal required the national society to collect and then mail at least 10,000 letters to active-duty service members. Daughters across the country rallied in support of the effort, which was governed by strict rules. Many daughters wrote personal messages, but because individuals could write only one letter each, they also enlisted help from their communities. Girl Scouts, schoolchildren, even the governor of Georgia and many more caring citizens contributed cards and letters to the project.
As dictated by the Guinness guidelines, all letters had to be handwritten, addressed to an active duty service member, placed inside a stamped, unsealed envelope, and delivered in person to one of the designated stations set up at DAR headquarters. Hand-delivered letters of appreciation filled more and more boxes as the week progressed, and an official Guinness world record adjudicator arrived to conduct the verification process.  
The carefully tallied total was revealed at the National Defense Night ceremony on June 18. As thousands in attendance waited to learn the outcome of the attempt, members surprised them by carrying in box after box to give a visual representation of how many letters were submitted. The adjudicator took the stage to announce the results using a number tally on the big screen. Cheers increased as soon as the number topped 10,000, but then the audience, including the night's special guests, Robert McDonald, secretary of veterans affairs, and J. D. Crouch, USO president and CEO, all went wild when the tally surpassed 100,000.  The DAR had collected 100,904 letters, more than 10 times the minimum threshold needed to set the record for most letters to military personnel collected in one month!
"Congratulations, you are officially amazing!" the adjudicator proclaimed. This record-setting achievement provides the latest measure of the collective force of the DAR's appreciation for the United States military, while simultaneously fostering human connection between the American people and those who defend our freedom. As devoted stewards of the legacy of the Revolutionary War generation, daughters feel equally compelled to express appreciation for the valor, sacrifice and commitment of today's active-duty service members. Each letter represents the support of a grateful nation, and the national society is humbled by the opportunity to deliver these missives to the defenders of our country.
Member volunteers are now working to seal all of the 100,904 letters and by the end of the month, all will be on the way to active-duty military personnel serving both at home and abroad. May their handwritten messages of gratitude and encouragement cheer the spirits of those who have raised their right hand and sworn to defend and protect the United States of America.

Commissioners discuss budget request from Solomon Valley Transportation

The Jewell County Board met Monday with commissioners Steve Greene, Dwight Frost and Mark Fleming present. Carla Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
Minutes of the July 11 county commissioners meeting were approved.
Angela Murray, health nurse, reported on repairs for the copier and had quotes to lease a different copier for $135 per month plus usage. She also provided a financial update for the department. The commissioners approved the lease for a new copier.
Dwight Frost was appointed as the voting delegate for the KAC annual conference. Mark Fleming will be the first alternate and Steve Greene will be second alternate.
Tammy Kimminau, Solomon Valley Transportation, thanked the County for their past support. She reported that 37,942 miles were provided and 1,381 rides were provided last year in Jewell County. Rick Diamond discussed changes made to their budget. They had a budget request for the commissioners' consideration. Nancy Spiegel was also present for the discussion.
Doug McKinney, NCRPC, provided an update on the WIFI hot spots in the parks in Jewell and Mankato. He reported on potential projects for some of the communities in the county and provided updates on other projects throughout the county. The commissioners discussed grants available.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported on road and bridge maintenance. The commissioners reported road concerns. Joel had a water line agreement for Jerry Birdsell. The commissioners approved the agreement. The water line will be located approximately one-quarter mile south of the F Road and 120 Road intersection.
The commissioners also met last Monday.
Angela Murray, health nurse, presented the contract from Mitchell County Health Department for the WIC program. The board approved that the contract for the period of Oct. 1, 2016 through Sept. 20, 2017.
Gail Bartley, noxious weed director, emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator, reported that AT&T will install the Next Gen 911 system and then provide training. Bartley also said he plans to attend the local emergency planning conference.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, discussed hospital board appointments. The commissioners reappointed the following to the Jewell County Hospital Board: Cynthia Clark and Trevor Elkins, through July 15, 2017; Shannon Meier, through July 15, 2018; and Lila Frost, through July 15, 2019.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, discussed operations of the department.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported on road and bridge maintenance. The commissioners reported road concerns.
Brenda Eakins, treasurer, discussed operations of the department.

Playground equipment on its way to Lake Emerson

The Jewell City Council met July 5 at city hall. Attending the meeting were Darrell Bohnert, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Wade Wilson, council members; Bruce Barrett, mayor; Amy Arasmith, city clerk.
Minutes of the June 6 meeting were approved. The council reviewed the maintenance report. The playground equipment for Lake Emerson has been shipped. Four solar lights have been placed in the park; more will be ordered. Knappert is flushing water lines.
The city has been awarded a Dane Hansen grant for the second "welcome" sign.
Bohnert reported the fire department has been awarded a cost share grant for fire equipment from the Kansas Forest Service.
The mayor asked for input from the council members for the 2017 budget.
Roof damage on the Palmer Museum building was discussed.
Spraying for mosquitos and placement of a Lake Emerson sign near the Pearl Street intersection were tabled.
Barrett reported on the community development meeting he attended in Beloit.
The council approved the purchase of a cleaning cart for the Jewell Inn and two soaker hoses for the flower garden south of the community center.
Plans for the anual Corn Show the weekend of Oct. 8 are underway.
The Jewell Apartment board of directors met following the council meeting. Minutes of the June meeting were approved. Cindy Barrett reported the air conditioner in Apt. 202 has been replaced. She also reported she will be out of the office next week. Bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

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