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March 15, 2018 issue

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Jewell Council considers request for American Legion building

Mankato Council addresses maintenance issues at community center, library

Public land auction held in Esbon

Rock Hills-Mankato alumni plan reunion

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Jewell Council considers request for American Legion building

The Jewell City Council met last Monday at City Hall. Those present were Darrell Bohnert, mayor; council members, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Wade Wilson, Gaye Daniels and Derek Birdsell; and Amber Loomis, city clerk.
Bohnert called the meeting to order. Minutes of the Feb. 5 meeting were approved.
Leon Boden, representing the American Legion, and Kathy Mallory were present to discuss the possibility of using the current Legion and old day care space for Mallory to open a day care center. The Legion is willing to share the space by only using the southwest room for their meetings and Mallory could use the rest of the space for a day care. The council will further discuss this request.
The council reviewed and discussed a project list submitted by David Knappert.
Loomis updated the council on the progress of current Dane G. Hansen grant projects and future potential grant projects.
The demolition of the downtown buildings has been completed. Council continues to discuss ideas for the next phase of the development plan. At this time the focus will be on repairing the east wall of the city office and the west wall of the grocery store, then plant grass in between the two buildings. Loomis will apply for a Dane G. Hansen grant to help with funding to complete this next phase.
Billing Ordinance No. 1065 was approved. Bills included payment to Smith Construction in the amount of $22,000.
A building permit for a 40x60 metal building at 205 N. Sheridan was approved.
City wide cleanup day is scheduled for April 16.
The sound system at the community center was discussed. Loomis will seek advice on how the system can be updated or improved. Loomis proposed updating the motel room TVs, as they are dated and with the new digital conversion being done by Cunningham Cable, this might be a good time to do this. Council gave Loomis approval to purchase four new 32 inch TVs.
Apartment board of directors met following the council meeting with the following present: Darrell Bohnert, who called the meeting to order, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Wade Wilson, Derek Birdsell, Gaye Daniels, Zachary Gibson and Amber Loomis.
Minutes of the Feb. 5 meeting were approved. Bills were approved.
Gibson informed the board there was a large water leak Feb. 24 which caused flooding in the community room, kitchen and supply room. Service Master, Concordia, was contacted for clean-up. Some of the vinyl kick boards that were in some of the flooded areas will need to be replaced.
Gibson mentioned having the hallway carpets cleaned on both levels by Service Master, while they are already here finishing the cleanup. After some discussion the board agreed this would be a good idea.
Gibson then updated the board on other maintenance projects that NCK Heat and Air has taken care of within the building.

Mankato Council addresses maintenance issues at community center, library

The Mankato City Council met last Tuesday. Don Koester, mayor, presided. Council members present were Susan Abel, Sam Becker, Lyle Dauner, Chris Klos and John Tyler. Darrell Miller, city attorney, was also present.
Minutes of the Feb. 6 council meeting were read and approved.
City administrator, Chris Rhea, opened the sealed bids for the five year city pasture lease. Bids per year were: Rodney Ahlvers 3,509.75; Morgan Harris $5,700; Steve Renz $4,588; Ramsey Quarter Circle LLC $4,900; Jeff Rose $7,000; Roy L. and Linda L. Montgomery $9,075; John Harvey $5,600; Chase J. Warne $5,004; Brenden Wirth $7,725; Ron Krier $5,560; Ed Duskie $4,125; Jamey Fuller $7,714; Dustin McCleary $7,700; Doug Garman $6,350; Michael Martin $2,988.50; and Cole Duensing $6,000.
Following discussion, the council accepted Roy and Linda Montgomery's bid of $9,075 per year, contingent upon bidder's acceptance of updates to the lease contract.
Council member Tyler discussed grant applications for updates to the masonry city park entrance structures on East Jefferson Street, as well as restoration and upgrades to the wooden trains in the park and presented bids for the work. After discussion, the council approved to use the presented bids to make grant applications.
The council considered appointments to the KMEA board of directors and appointed Chris Rhea as the second director and Steven Porter as the alternate.
Council member Abel brought concerns about the maintenance and upkeep of the community center to the council. City administrator will address issues with ceiling tiles, landscaping rocks, ventilation ducts and soil settling. The city administrator will work with the library regarding issues with the library entrance area and the outside sign. An estimate for stripping and waxing the floors in the community center was presented. The council approved to have the floors treated at a cost not to exceed the bid of $1,400.
The council considered and approved Ordinance No. 718 vacating the alley 20 feet in width lying east of Lots 25 through 48, Block 17, Case Addition to the City of Mankato.
City administrator discussed concerns about handicapped accessibility at the community center and the city office. More information will be provided.
The city administrator proposed that after the purchase of a bucket truck last year the old bucket truck be auctioned. Council agreed and that the auction service to be used will be determined by the administrator.
City administrator proposed and council agreed that because of the grant funding purchase of new tables and chairs at the city building, 10 old tables and 19 old chairs in poor condition should be disposed of.
Following discussion held regarding the lawn service for the community center, the council approved Performance Lawn's Tier Three package and aeration contract.
Discussion was held regarding blighted structures in the commercial area of town. The city administrator will continue to work with property owners.
Council considered and approved a contract with ATC Accounting for the 2017 audit of the city and library finances.
Also considered were the bids for a skid steer lease. Council approved for the skid steer lease at the city administrator's discretion after testing the models, not to exceed $5,600.
Lease and purchase bids for copiers were considered. Council approved to lease or purchase the most suitable copier at the city administrator's discretion.
The March for Meals Month Proclamation, recognizing the efforts of the Area Agency on Aging Senior Nutrition Programs in Jewell County were considered by the council and approved.
Jewell County Community Development sought the council's approval to use the $3,140 funding the city provides them toward matching funds for the assisted living facility. The council supported that use of funds.
Bills were approved.

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Public land auction held in Esbon
The Esbon Community Center was the location of the public land auction last Monday, when 830 acres of Jewell County farm land sold to the highest bidder.
The land is located 8.5 miles west of Mankato and 2 miles east of Esbon along Highway 36 and was owned by the Doris Matousek Estate, with Eldon Doud serving as administrator of the estate. The Darrell Miller Law Office was the escrow and closing agent.
Tract I. Improved 380 acres more or less on the north side of Highway 36 which included a 1 1/2 story three bedroom home with central heat and air, detached 24x40 double garage, open end livestock shed, wrap around shelter belt, a good well with rural water, and seven grain bins. Legal description was 380 acres in the W1/2 of Section 18-3-9. Lots 5 through 15 inclusive in Section 18-3-9. 113.85 cultivated acres; 138.75 grassland acres; 126.79 CRP acres.
Tract II. 450 acres, more or less in Section 19-3-9, Lots 2 through 6, 11 through 14 in Section 19 and Lot 4 in Section 30, less 1 acre, Jewell County. There were 94.23 acres cultivated; 226.16 grassland acres; 118.83 CRP.
A combination of Tracts I and II, 830 total acres was Tract III.
Tract III sold to Everett Benoit, Esbon, at a price of $1,397 per acre. Gerald Zimmer Auction and Real Estate, Beloit, handled the auction.

Mankato-Rock Hills alumni plan reunion

The Mankato-Rock Hills Alumni Committee is preparing invitations and events for the annual alumni banquet which will be held May 26 at the Mankato Community Center. A catered meal is planned. The Class of 1968 will hold an open house at the old high school, 301 N. West.
Current addresses are needed for invitations being sent in early April. Notify Karen Ross or Verla Roe, both of Mankato, with address changes.

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