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Sept. 11, 2014 issue

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School board not satisfied with concrete work

Mankato Council considers selling water to rural district

Couple shares adoption story with congregation

County board approves bid for tower lighting repair

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School board not satisfied with concrete work

The Rock Hills Board of Education met in regular session on Monday. Those in attendance were Lori Yelken, Brenden Wirth, Ervin Underwood, Steve Spiegel, Todd Mauerhan, Janelle Greene, Nadine Smith, Sam Meyers, Bob Roush, Barbara Railsback, Allison Railsback, Tyler Shadduck, Bobi Fogo, Lynette Bartley and Lori Slate.
The board approved withholding nearly $15,000 in payment to Stripe and Seal until the board is satisfied with the work performed by the company. The original bid was $80,864 for concrete and asphalt work. The board will issue a check for $65,864 for the work already done and pay the rest when they are satisfied with the removal and re-pouring of the concrete slough to the correct specifications.
Bobi Fogo, president of the summer youth board, requested permission to plant trees behind the bleachers on the west side of the north ball diamond, replace the fence on the west side of the north ball diamond using the existing posts and to install chain link on the batting cage on the south side of the south ball diamond, with all
expenses and care to be the responsibility of the youth program. The board approved the request.
Tyler Shadduck and Allison Railsback requested district transportation for six FBLA officers and one sponsor to attend the national fall leadership conference in Minneapolis, Minn., on Nov. 14 and 15. The request was approved.
It was noted that report cards will have a different look this year as assignments for all components of language arts (spelling, writing, reading, speaking, listening and handwriting) will be part of one overall language arts grade rather than listed as separate subjects.
The following insufficient fund check protocol was unanimously approved: "Checks written to any Rock Hills USD 107 school building that are returned by the bank for any reason are sent back through the bank when the building secretary is able to determine that the necessary funds are available. The account holder will be responsible for any fees charged to Rock Hills USD 107 by the bank. After the district
is in receipt of the second insufficient funds check this will result in Rock Hills USD 107 requiring the parent or guardian to pay on a cash or money order only basis."
An executive session was held to discuss matters affecting a student. Present during the executive session were Lori Yelken, Ervin Underwood, Steve Spiegel, Janelle Greene, Lori Slate, Todd Mauerhan, Brenden Wirth, Sam Meyers and Nadine Smith. No action was taken as a result of the private session.
The next regular meeting of the sachool board will be at 10 a.m. on Oct. 13 at the district office in Mankato.

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Mankato Council considers selling water to rural district
The Mankato City Council met last Tuesday with Don Koester, mayor, presiding. Council members present were Jim Ross, Dave Warne, Lyle Dauner and Mac McCammon. Also present was Darrell Miller, city attorney. Council member Sam Becker was absent.
Carrie Meyers and Janet Higer presented a proposal to host a fun run and walk fundraiser benefiting the Rock Hills Youth Football Program. The fundraiser is to be held Oct. 25 at and around the Mankato City Park. Discussion was held. Council members agreed to supply necessary road blocks at key intersections around the park and close portions of streets to accommodate the activity.
Scott Ross, representing Jewell County Rural Water District No. 1, gave a presentation concerning the possible sale of water from the City of Mankato to the Water District. Discussion was held. The consensus of the council was to ask the rural water district to continue pursuing the feasibility of the transaction.
Stephanie Simmons, representing Solomon Valley Transportation, gave a presentation concerning expansion of public transportation services to Mankato and Jewell County. She asked the city to consider becoming a stake holder in the expansion by contributing to matching funds required by the KDOT grant. A discussion was held and it was the consensus of the Council to encourage Simmons to pursue the expansion of public transportation into Mankato. It was requested that the subject be placed on the October council agenda for discussion of possible city funding.
Cheyenne Erichsen of the Jewell County Community Development Association, presented a proposal requesting the city to act as the administrative sponsor for a Kansas Department of Commerce commercial rehabilitation grant. Discussion was held and it was the consensus of the council to encourage Erichsen to pursue application of the grant.
The council was asked to consider approving a sole source bid for rehabilitation for property at 605 N. High Street. Discussion was held and the council accepted the sole source bid of $24,800 contingent on state approval.
Discussion was held concerning the library board resolution expanding boundaries for recruiting library trustees. No action was taken.
Discussion was held concerning openings on the Pine Haven board of directors. No action was taken.
Discussion was held concerning the possible annexation of the property located at 715 East South Street. City Attorney Miller was asked to prepare an ordinance to be presented at the next council meeting.
Discussion was held concerning appointing a voting delegate and alternative voting delegate for the League of Kansas Municipalities annual conference to be held Oct. 10-13. The council appointed Mayor Koester as the voting member and Terry Ortman as the alternate.
Discussion was held concerning lease arrangements with the city property at 205 N. Commercial. The city administrator was instructed to advertise for possible tenants.
The council held an executive session to discuss non salaried personnel. No action was taken following the executive session.

Couple shares adoption story with congregation

Sarah (Griffeth) Spencer and her husband, Doug, were guest speakers at Jewell Trinity United Methodist Church of United Methodist Women Sunday. They told of their God called two-year journey to adopt a child in China. They said the "Hand of God" led them on this journey. After completing paperwork and having lots ofcontact with other adoptive parents, they went to Beijing on May 21. Sarah told of meeting their child, whom they have named Grant, at Harmony House International, a Christian foster home. Another American family were there making an adoption at the same time and they traveled together touring some of the sights. Sarah related how God led them all the way.
They visited the area where Grant was born to file the adoption papers. They had a little more time to tour and also stopped at the American Consulate to fill out the citizenship papers. When their plane landed in Chicago, Grant became an American citizen.
Grant was born with a cleft palate. The lip has been surgically corrected and the palate will be corrected in October. Since this prevents Grant from speaking, they communicate with sign language. Doug read the Scriptures that led and comforted them on this journey.
Members of the UMW participated with the children's time, were ushers, led prayer time and assisted with the serving of Holy Communion.
Many people were in attendance to hear Sarah and Doug share their story.

County board approves bid for tower lighting repair

Jewell County Commissioners Dwight Frost, Steve Greene and Mark Fleming met last Tuesday.
Jim Vaughan, solid waste director, reported shipping household hazardous waste and a box of discarded cell phones. He attended the final mitigation plan meeting. The department assisted the Boy Scouts with processing aluminum cans. The activity report for August was reviewed.
Shannon Meier, ambulance director, reviewed the emergency medical services billing report for August.
Rick Diamond and Brian Shulda discussed the ROZ program for Jewell County.
Commissioners approved a letter of support for the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas (DVACK) to continue to receive grant funds.
Brenda Eakins, treasurer, said the check reconciliation is up to date.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported on operations. The commissioners reported on road concerns and a note from Jim Stone about work needed on Birch Road.
Quotes from Pierce Electronics for repairing the lighting system on the county communications tower were discussed. The quote from Pierce Electronics for a total of $10,163.20 was accepted.
Angela Murray, health nurse, discussed covering ambulance calls.
Commissioners approved Jewell County's voting delegate for the Kansas Association of Counties annual meeting with Mark Fleming as the first voting alternate and Steve Greene as second voting alternate.
Greene discussed the notice from the Farm Service Agency on the county land with Darrell Miller, county attorney. Houston Becker discussed the county personnel policy concerning maternity leave. Darrell Miller discussed a letter from Mitchie Woerner concerning Kansas Mineral's dozer on their property. They also discussed the Jewell County Hospital.
The commissioners met again Monday.
At the request of Mel Brown, Pawnee Mental Health board member the commissioners approved a proclamation for Mental Recovery Month.
Elkins discussed the bridge grant program. The Commissioners reported on road concerns and Frost discussed the possibility of closing the road between sections 30 and 31 of Esbon Township.

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