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Nov. 16, 2017 issue

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Bohnerts host old-fashioned corn-picking

Mankato Council views drawings of proposed assisted living facility

Jewell Council OKs space for Palmer Museum

Local women make dresses for Operation Christmas boxes

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Bohnerts host old-fashioned corn-picking

By Kerma Crouse
Corn Picking Days are events for enthusiasts to pick corn with machinery from by-gone days. Joan Vinsenhaler, Smith Center, looked around and wondered, "Where are the horses and wagons?" She remembers as a five-year old standing between the seat and the front of a wagon holding on to the horse's reins as her father hand-picked corn.
The Corn Picking Days held Saturday and Sunday were old-fashioned, but not that old-fashioned. The event was hosted by Calvin and Peg Bohnert on their farm just west of Jewell on I Road.
The group that gathered was from Jewell, Smith Center, Denmark, Agra, Beloit, Glen Elder and other communities. Saturday was misty and cool and brought out a smaller group. But, Sunday's sunshine saw a larger number of machines as well as spectators.
One of the first there on Saturday was Dennis Ratliff from Agra. He had a two-row Case Model 90 corn picker sheller. It was the only two-row corn picker and the only picker sheller.
The machine was only manufactured from 1955 to 1957, making them rare. It took Ratliff four years to get the pieces put back together, new parts made and be ready to pick and shell corn. Because it is a picker sheller, it was too damp Saturday to be in the field. Sunday was a new day and the Model 90 was making round after round in the field.
On Sunday, Gary Sorensen from Denmark came with his International corn sheller, manufactured from 1920 to 1934. There were no serial numbers so owners don't know what year their particular machine was made. Sorensen had his grandson, Kale, with him. When asked if he likes old machinery too, Kale was quick to nod his head, yes!
There was enough corn picked on Saturday to leave a pile of cobs by the International sheller. Some of the younger spectators were seen jumping on the pile.
Spectators of all ages seemed to like the wagon rides by Dan Emmott, Beloit. Emmott took passengers into the field on a ride alongside the machines as they picked corn.
After the corn was picked, the corn wagons backed up to an elevator that took the corn up, then dropped it into a 21-foot tall wire corn crib. The corn crib was a "new" addition to Corn Picking Days. Bohnert found the crib in Nebraska, bought it and got it set up on his Jewell farm for this event.
Bohnert was busy everywhere ­­ finding oil cans, getting gasoline for engines and climbing to the top of the elevator to make repairs. He also made sure to find time to pick corn with his Woods Brothers one-row corn picker.
Corn was picked, shelled, cribbed and played in. Machines broke down, were repaired and ran again. People laughed, told stories and planned to meet again at the next event. The 2017 Corn Picking Days were deemed a success.

Mankato Council views drawings of proposed assisted living facility
The Mankato City council met last Tuesday. Present were Don Koester, mayor; council members Lyle Dauner, Marvin Loomis Chris Klos, John Tyler and Jim Ross. Darrell Miller, city attorney, was also present.
Minutes of the Oct. 3 council meeting were read and approved.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, was present to address any concerns of the council. Discussion as held regarding impoundment of dogs, issues with the new crosswalk sign on the north side of Hwy 36 between S. Lincoln St. and S. Center St. obstructing the 30 mph speed limit sign. City administrator will work with Rex Flinn, KDOT area superintendent, to identify possible alternatives.
John Grace, Kansas Senior Living Inc., presented updated drawings of the proposes assisted living facility in the Johnson addition. Funding will be sought through USDA Rural Development and discussion was held regarding potential sources of matching funds. Council approved to offer a one year option to Kansas Senior Living on Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in Johnson addition. City administrator will seek an appraisal on the optioned lots.
Leland Orr, ATC accounting, presented the 2016 audit. Discussion was held. Orr indicated that it is good practice to maintain three months worth of operating capital and that municipalities should work towards implementing a five year capital improvement plan.
Discussion was held regarding a mowing contract for the city park, pool, and community center. The city administrator will draft a bid letting document to procure mowing services from April through October with bids representing a "per service" price for the park and pool area and for the community center.
Council considered the solid waste disposal contract with Chief Disposal for 2018 and approved the contract for $342 and $17.50 per month for the community center.
Council reviewed the most recent utility rate survey regarding water and sewer rates. More information will be provided at the December meeting.
An update on the applications for job openings with the city were discussed. City administrator will begin interviewing existing applicants.
Council was updated on the city's social media efforts.
An update was given on the security camera system installed at the community center and library. Discussion was held regarding access to the security camera footage.
Discussion was held on the property Rolling Hills returned to the city on West Case St. Further discussion will be held at the December meeting.

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Jewell Council approves space for Palmer Museum
The Jewell City Council met in regular session last monday at City Hall. Those in attendance were Darrell Bohnert, mayor; council members, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Wade Wilson, Gaye Daniels and Dereck Birdsell; and Amber Loomis, city clerk.
Minutes of the Oct. 2 meeting were approved.
Palmer Museum committee members Steve Bartsch, Annette Burks and Becky Loomis were in attendance to present their vision for the future of the museum. They requested to use the east and part of the west office space within the community center to begin creating a new space for the museum, and possibly use the nursery portion of the old day care for storage purposes. Council gave approval.
Don Jacobs, Jewell County Sheriff, visited with the council about any questions or concerns they may have.
David Knappert presented his monthly maintenance report and presented a vehicle and equipment repair list to the council.
Loomis reported on the First Impressions project that the city is participating in. Deb Bohnert, Gaye Daniels, Shelby Bohnert and Amber Loomis recently visited Miltonvale and recorded their thoughts, opinions and impressions. Citizens from Miltonvale have done the same by visiting Jewell and hopes are to gain ideas on how to better the community. Loomis encouraged the council to attend the town hall meeting which will showcase the results of the First Impressions visit. Loomis also informed the council the city submitted two grant applications through the Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund for Jewell County, for various community enhancements. Another application was submitted for improvements within the library through the city as well.
Ordinance No. 644, which establishes a $50 utility connection fee and repealed the requirement of a water service deposit, was reviewed and approved.
A building permit for installation of a fence at 418 N. Custer was approved.
Loomis requested to begin updating the city maps on the walls in the city office as a lot of them are showing their age and are hard to read. She also requested to install a backup software service to be assured that the computer data is protected. Community suggestions were reviewed from the recent suggestion box that was placed at Corn Show and in the city office this past month.
Discussion was held on placing the ice machine in the community center on its own breaker. It was decided to have Councilman Birdsell do this.
Jewell Apartments board of directors met following city council meeting. Attending were Darrell Bohnert, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Wade Wilson, Derek Birdsell, Gaye Daniels, Zach Gibson and Amber Loomis.
Robert Folsom, new tenant, recently moved into the apartments. Gibson reported he has a cat and according to policy needs the board's approval for it. The board approved the cat.
Gibson presented a renewal contract with Chief Disposal for trash service. The board approved the renewal contract.
A one year contract with KONE for the required yearly elevator inspection was presented and approved.

Local women make dresses for Operation Christmas boxes

Good news and great joy will be shared to the far ends of the globe, thanks to Susan Sharp leading a group of community women sewing girls dresses to glorify God.
The women sewed 52 dresses to be included in Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes from Jewell County. The women worked and contributed fabric to help children in need and to share the story of Jesus through the shoebox ministry. Working together in fellowship, love, and unity, the group shows the local impact of packing shoeboxes and how we can be missionaries through our efforts right here in North Central Kansas.
It's not too late to pack a shoebox. Gift filled shoeboxes may be dropped off at First Baptist Church on Highway 36 in Mankato through Monday. Call or text Shannon Rogers, local coordinator for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, at 951-415-5305 with questions.

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