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Sept. 14, 2017 issue

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Three semis wreck in short time period

Candidate Svaty would seek stability in state

Jewell Council discusses street work

Mankato Council discusses assisted living facility

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Three semis wreck in short time period

With the old adage that things come in threes, Jewell County has had three semis wreck on state highways in the last three weeks.
Last Wednesday, on K128 north approximately 3.75 miles, a semi hauling ammonium sulfate (liquid fertilizer chemical) lost control and dropped the semi off the east side shoulder, corrected and ended up laying it over into the ditch on the east side, and sprung a leak in the tanker. Only a small amount of liquid leaked out.
"We didn't lose that much down the ditch," said Gail Bartley, Jewell County emergency preparedness director. "The Burr Oak Fire Department brought down nurse tanks that would hold 1,000 gallons from Midway Elevator in Burr Oak and handled the situation, recovering around 3,000 gallons from the tanker.
Departments on the scene other than the two mentioned above were: Mankato Rescue, Jewell County Sheriff's Department, Jewell County EMS, KDHE and KDOT. The driver was not injured. The Kansas Highway Patrol investigated the accident..
The second wreck occurred Monday at around 7 a.m., at approximately the same location (K128 and north 3.75 miles) when once again a semi driver traveled to close to the east side of K128 and dropped the semi off the east side shoulder and lost control of the rig with the trailer ending up towards the east side and the cab in the west ditch, blocking the entire highway.
"This semi out of Bolingbron, Ill., was pulling a flat bed trailer hauling pallets with crates of bolts and also metal A-frames to be used on wind turbines," Bartley said. "Once again, Jewell County was lucky as no one was injured."
KHP worked the accident. Also on site were Jewell County EMS, Jewell County Sheriff's Department, KDOT and Mankato Fire and Rescue.
Highway 128 was reopened to the public late Monday afternoon.
The third accident occurred about three weeks ago and involved an asphalt truck which overturned near the intersection of highways 14 and 36 east.


Candidate Svaty would seek stability in state
Joshua Svaty, Democratic candidate for governor, stopped in Mankato Thursday afternoon on his 105 county tour. Svaty was elected state representative from a rural district located in the middle of Kansas, Ellsworth. He is a former state agriculture secretary who now splits his time between Ellsworth and Topeka.
"I recognize Kansas is at its crossroads, actually all of us in Kansas are, and I want to see us on the correct course ahead. My top goal is to improve stability in the state plans, everything from education, KDOT, all agencies," said Svaty.
Svaty says he believes all children in Kansas deserve the finest education, believes we need a diverse vibrancy in our economy to attract and retain people wanting to call Kansas home. Affordable health care and a strong transportation system are key to the Kansas economy, quality of life and safety.
Svaty, his wife, and at the present three children live close to Ellsworth. The family started and sustained a farm and business during the great recession and understands what it feels like when government isn't working for Kansas families and businesses.
"As the Governor, I would commit to fixing the core of what makes us all proud to be Kansans," said Svaty.
As of last Thursday Svaty had 20 counties left to tour and wants to have the 105 counties visited within the next two weeks as the family is expecting their fourth child.

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Jewell Council discusses street work
The Jewell City Council met last Tuesday for their regular monthly meeting at City Hall. Those in attendance were Darrell Bohnert, mayor; council members Josh Burks, Max Burks, Gaye Daniels, Derek Birdsell and Wade Wilson; and Amber Loomis, city clerk.
Minutes of the Aug. 7 meeting were read and approved.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, and Ashley Schinke, deputy, visited with the council about any questions or concerns they have.
Council reviewed a maintenance report by David Knappert. Discussion was held on the progress of patching, oiling and rocking of the streets.
Amber informed the council about some recent updates within the office. Utility bills can now be emailed to customers if they choose and online bill paying is also available.
Smith Construction still hasn't set a date for the downtown building demolition to take place.
A quit-claim deed for the purchase of the former James Clothing building from Kevin Thompson was presented.
Building permits were approved as presented.
Council has set Oct. 23 as the fall city-wide cleanup date.
A request from the library was submitted asking permission to repaint the walls. The sample color that was provided was reviewed and approved.
The heating and cooling system at the community center was discussed.
Jewell Apartment board of directors met following city council meeting with the same individuals present, with the addition of Zach Gibson.
An audit report from Susan Flinn of the Guaranty State Bank was presented and reviewed. Further discussion on a potential contract with KONE for inspection of the elevator took place. It was reported that the residents would like to buy a soft serve ice cream maker using money from the memorial fund. The board okayed the request.

Mankato Council discusses assisted living facility

The Mankato City Council met last Tuesday with Don Koester, mayor, presiding. Council members present were Lyle Dauner, Marvin Loomis, Chris Klos, and Jim Ross. Minutes of the Aug. 8 meeting were read and approved.
Lisa Goodheart was present to discuss the potential use of the Rolling Hills north storage building by the Jewell County Fair Association. Koester informed Goodheart that Rolling Hills Electric still holds that property and the council will look at how the city would use the facility and keep the fair board's request in consideration.
Council considered options for cleaning and mowing at the community center and mowing at City Park. City administrator will advertise for a part time cleaning person and provide more information on the costs of mowing services.
A building permit for Darrell and Gail Miller, Lot 6, Block 1 in Chapman's 3rd Addition, to build a metal storage building was reviewed and approved.
The council considered the annual fixed price propane contract with Midway Co-op and approved the contract with the contracted volume to be determined by the city Aadministrator.
Information was presented to the Council regarding options for a new copier. More information will be provided at a later date.
Council considered continuing membership in the Kansas Rural Water Assoc. The annual dues of $530.30 were approved.
Discussion was held regarding the city administrator's contact with homeowners in the Johnson Addition in reference to the potential construction of an assisted living facility there. Overall there is support for the project. Issues brought tup included a desire to maintain the residential character of the area, concerns the highway fronting Jewell County Community Development properties might be better suited, uncertainties regarding the increased traffic and increase demand on city streets and utilities.
Council agreed to share in the cost of replacing a sink with the Mission Thrift Store in the YMCA building basement.


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