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JCCI discusses further theatre renovations

Commissioners told Webber blacktop getting some holes


JCCI discusses further theatre renovations
The Oct. 29 meeting of the Jewell County Cinema, Inc., (JCCI) board of directors was held at the Mankato Christian Church, called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Thadd Hinkle.
Members present were Thadd Hinkle, Lisa Goodheart, Phyllis Christie, Sarah Ortman, Jill and Chris Klos, Kristin Underwood, Janis McDill, Deb Harris and Janelle Greene.
The minutes of the September meeting were approved as corrected. Janis McDill presented the treasurer's report, and it was accepted as presented.
Old business: Lisa Goodheart contacted Huffman Flooring in Smith Center to consult on the repairs needed on the tile floor. She asked Chris Klos and Thadd Hinkle to send pictures of the tile to Richard Huffman. Lisa also contacted Cunningham Cable to price minimum internet service for the theatre, three to four days a week. Cunningham only offers monthly service. Thadd said Sonic can do diagnostics on the projection system remotely if there is internet service. Discussion was held on the possibility of signing up the theatre for internet service and what speed would be best.  Lisa will contact Cunningham again for quotes. Chris Klos will get another concessions drawer key made as there is still one missing. Phyllis asked for help on uploading a report on the restroom renovation. Chris suggested an application be submitted for the spring grant round for the brick wall repairs. Kristin Underwood said PEO is still interested in a social at the theatre, and they're waiting for a movie they all want to see.
New business: Thadd said there are still problems when a certain group volunteers at the theatre and suggested people aren't reading the instructions. Kristin volunteered to be at the theatre the next time this group works, and Jill Klos suggested setting up a training for the group and their adult sponsor.  Janis will make adjustments as needed. Thadd said there are behavior problems with certain youths who attend the movies. The rule is to give them one warning, then remove them from the theatre without refunding their money. The staff has permission to call the sheriff's office for assistance, if needed. 
Thadd said the bat machines are to be plugged in at all times to keep the bats out of the theatre. Jill said she purchased a portable heater for the concessions area and a battery for the leaf blower. She spoke with the school about a student to clean the theater. Jill asked if the motion light in the ticket booth could be removed. Thadd said he will change it to a regular light. Janis asked if the projectionists were supposed to be in the main part of the theater during the movie (not in the concession stand). Thadd said they should be in the theater to watch for any problems with the movie. A reminder was given about not talking in the concessions area as voices carry. Sarah Ortman said the elementary school would like to bring children to a movie for the last day of school before Christmas break. The new "Grinch" movie was suggested, and Janis will rent the movie for an extended time frame. Discussion was held on upcoming movies.
Jill moved the meeting be adjourned. Janelle Greene seconded the motion, motion carried. The next meeting will be Nov. 26.

Commissioners told Webber blacktop getting some holes
The Jewell County Board met Monday at 8:30 a.m., with commissioners, Steve Greene and Mark Fleming, present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was also present for the meeting.
The minutes of the Oct. 29 meeting were approved.
Travis Garst, solid waste director, provided the monthly activity report for October.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, discussed operations.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed operations. The commissioners reported road concerns.
Bonnie Langer discussed the 4-H achievement banquet. Frank Langer said they are getting holes on the Webber blacktop.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.