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Mankato pool estimate comes in at $1.25 million

Annual state park fun day will be Aug. 8



Mankato pool estimate comes in at $1.25 million
Since the June, 2015, Mankato Strategic Doing meeting, the Mankato Pool Committee has been working at the request of the Mankato City Council to come up with options and ideas for the aging Mankato Municipal Pool. Out of all of the health and wellness ideas that circulated during that meeting, the pool project was chosen as the most immediate need for the city because, like many area pools, it is starting to outlive it's expected age.   
The committee visited pool facilities in Beloit and Phillipsburg. They also talked with two different pool contractors and received estimates on how to most economically redo the Mankato facility. Through a year of meetings and extensive research, the committee dreamt big based upon survey input from Mankato citizens. Originally quoted were options for a zero-entry pool, wellness center, and indoor pool.  After consultation with the city council and in consideration of possible budget constraints, the committee brought a scaled back recommendation to the June 7 meeting of the city council.
The committee's recommendation was to replace the current pool shell with a zero entry pool. This was the least expensive option, quoted at $1.25 million, which could potentially fit into the city's current sales tax revenue. This option would allow for a new swimming pool without increasing current city sales or property taxes.  It keeps the current bathhouse as it is, but there is the option for it to be reconfigured at a later time by possible volunteer labor and grants. The project may also require some fundraising efforts for pool amenities such as a slide.  No action was taken on these recommendations at this time.  
The Mankato City Council plans for strategic planning work to be done in the near future because of some foreseeable deferred maintenance issues a city more than 100 years old faces.  This includes items such as water line replacement and street reconstruction.
The pool committee has advised Mankato residents who would like to see replacement of the pool considered in these discussions, to have a conversation with a current Mankato City Council member or attend Mankato City Council meetings to stay informed about happenings within the City of Mankato. Members of the council are Donald Koester, James Ross, Lyle Dauner, John Tyler, Chris Klos and Marvin Loomis.

Annual state park fun day will be Aug. 8
The 35th annual Lovewell State Park Fun Day will be held Saturday, Aug. 6. This year the event is being sponsored by the park staff.
The day's events begin with 5K and 10K Predict Walk and Run events. Registration for the walking and running events begins at 7a.m. at the mud volleyball pit located near Walleye Point.
The double elimination Co-ed Mud Volleyball Tournament begins at 10 a.m. Again this year the number of teams will be limited to eight. Pre-registration for the mud volleyball tournament is requested at the Lovewell State Park Office by Thursday, Aug. 4.  As an added event this year, Lovewell Marina will sponsor a Sand Volleyball Tournament at the Pioneer area of the state park. The sand volleyball tournament will also be double elimination with an eight team limit. Pre-registration for the sand volleyball tournament is through Lovewell Marina & Grill and should be entered by Thursday, Aug. 4.
Other scheduled events include a Sandpile Treasure Hunt at the Pioneer Day Use area (playground) beginning at 11 a.m. and a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament for 12 noon at the mud volleyball area.


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