Jan. 18, 2018



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Monitoring wells giving mixed reports

Progress continues on Crest renovation

Trip nearly stopped en route

Retail committee meets today (Thursday)



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Monitoring wells giving mixed reports

Land owners in the Superior-Hardy Ground Water Quality Control area received a report this week showing their continues to be nitrate contamination above the maximum safe drinking water standard of 10 parts per million. The Little Blue Natural Resources District in cooperation with the Lower Republican Natural Resources Districts maintains monitoring wells throughout the subdistrict.
Twelve of the 23 wells in the subdistrict are above the maximum safe drinking level. The wells have been monitored for 22 years and some are improving will others are have increasing concentrations.
Farmers operating land within the subdistrict must comply with regulations set forth by the NRDs. Fall and winter application of commercial fertilizer is not permitted prior to March 1. Soil samples are required from all irrigated fields of 5 acres or more and all non-irrigated fields of 10 acres or more prior to the spring application of fertilizer. The amount fertilizer applied to those fields must not exceed recommendations published by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Irrigation scheduling is required on all fields that exceed 5 acres.
The maximum permitted area for a soil sample is 40 acres and preferably no larger than 20 acres. A surface sample composite from 15 to 20 cores collected to a depth of 8 inches shall be analyzed for general fertility and nitrate and a subsurface sample composite from 6 to 8 cores taken at a depth of 36 inches shall be analyzed for nitrates.

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Progress continues on Crest renovation

Progress continues to be made on the renovation of the Crest Theatre.
Saturday morning more than 30 volunteers had reported for work at the theatre. The job of the day was the unloading of the seats which had been hauled to Superior in the Superior Outdoor Power Center semi-truck.
With the truck parked in the alley a human conveyor line formed to move the seat prices from the semi-truck into the north cinema room.
Earlier volunteers had removed the seats from the north cinema and ground off the anchor bolts. The new seats were stacked there on pallets to await installation.
Current plans are to begin seat installation in the south cinema and put it up in good shape first. Organizers think they will be away to work around the current showing schedule so that movie showing in the south cinema will not be interrupted.
The old seats will be removed in sections, anchor bolts ground off and the floor sanded and painted before the new seats are installed.
Earlier volunteers went to Omaha and removed the lightly used seats from a now closed multiplex theatre which is being converted to another use.
The new seats are roomier than the ones they are replacing. In addition they have cup holders and the backs can be adjusted.
This is the first major seating change since the Crest opened more than 65 years ago.
Also planned at this time is the replacement of the acoustic curtains which hang on the cinema's side walls.
Among the volunteers working Saturday were Monte Kirchhoff, Dereck Kirchhoff, Emily Kirchhoff, Bob Leibel, Troy Scott, Steve Fox, Jason Rempe, Shanel Rempe, Kahne Rempe, Brandon Blecha, Joe Sullivan, Brett Miller, Blake Barry, Kaedyn Cook, Frank Sullivan, Braxton Webber, Mike Webber, Donald Tyler, Susan Peterson, Jim Peterson, Barney Freitag, Dane Miller, Lannin Zoltenko, Howard Miller, John Sullivan, Floyd Rothfuss, Janet Eggers, Carla Gebers, Missy Hayes, Randy Rhoads and Owen Sullivan.



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Trip nearly stopped en route
A Superior resident considers herself fortunate that her planned motor home trip to a warmer climate was delayed for a few hours on Saturday. It could have been much worse.
Before departing in her recently purchased motor home, she used the internet to check her bank balance.
She was surprised to find her debit card had been used to make recent purchases she did not recall making.
While trying to sort out account transactions, she watched additional withdrawals occur. It was Saturday and she feared she might have to wait until Monday to notify her bank of the unauthorized transactions.
However, she was able to contact a bank representative and the wheels were set in motion to block the account.
Before the day was over, she was thankful she caught the action early and got it stopped with only about $900 in authorized deductions. It would have been much worse had withdrawals gone unnoticed and she had left on her trip. Had that happened it was likely she would have been stalled along the way in need of supplies and no funds in her bank account with which to pay for the needed items.

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Retail committee meets today (Thursday)
The recently hired, Jason Weigle, is to make his first official visit to Superior this week. He is expected to be here tonight to meet with members of the Superior Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee. That meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the chamber office which is now located in the first building south of Superior Pharmacy.
The meeting is open to all operators of a retail business in Superior and those interested in the viability of the Superior retail community.
Weigle began work earlier this month as a community vitality initiative extension educator. Though UNL Extension has made him responsible for the program in 10 Nebraska counties, his primary focus will be on Thayer and Nuckolls counties. He expects to be in Nuckolls County approximately one day per week.

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