April 20, 2017



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Former Nelson nursing home will sell again at sheriff's sale

Kohmetscher sisters vying for Nebraska rodeo queen titles

Several community garage sales this weeknd

Fire strikes Porter house for 2nd time in 8 years


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Former Nelson nursing home will sell again at sheriff's sale

The story of the former Good Samaritan Center in Nelson since the property was sold at public auction in 2010 has not been a particularly happy one for the county or the community. Whatever kind of story it has been, however, is about to receive a new chapter. Or not.
According to a public notice in last week's edition of this newspaper, the property will be sold to the highest bidder by Sheriff Brad Baker at 1 p.m. on May 8 at the courthouse in Nelson. This action was first set in motion in March of 2012, when Adair Asset Management of Omaha purchased the unpaid property taxes on the property for 2010.
The deadline for the plaintiffs ­­ listed in the legal notice as Prayer Center, John Doe and Mary Doe ­­ to purchase the taxes back from Adair (at an interest rate controlled by state statute) was March of 2015. When they failed to do that, Adair began foreclosure proceedings, which gets us to where we are now.
But the road has been bumpy, if not entertaining. Whenever the Prayer Center's applications for tax exemption were denied by the county assessor, representatives seemingly led by a man named Ron Hasley of Beatrice would appear to protest to the county board of equalization. Sometimes he would be accompanied by a silent man with a video camera. When Hasley protested the 2011 taxes unsuccessfully, he took the case to the next level, the Tax Equalization and Reform Commission (TERC) in Lincoln. They sided with the county and determined the Prayer Center had failed to prove they qualified for tax exemption.
The next time Hasley took the case to TERC, however, they sided with him and determined the facility was tax exempt in 2012 and 2013. So, for the roughly seven years the Prayer Center has owned the building, they were determined to be tax exempt for two of those years and have paid absolutely nothing in property taxes. Ever.
In fact, when Good Samaritan sold the building after having not applied for tax exemption for 2010, they wrote a check to Hasley for their share of the taxes. Whatever he did with the money, he did not give it to the treasurer's office, as those are the very taxes that have now forced the sheriff's sale. The Prayer Center may still come in, satisfy the debt and preempt the sale. But if they do, there is still the matter of delinquent taxes for 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
The current interior condition of the building is a mystery, largely because the assessor's office has been continually denied access for the purpose of assigning valuation. Several winters ago, however, during a brutal cold snap, a neighbor reported seeing water pouring out of the building underneath one of the doors.

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Kohmetscher sisters vying for Nebraska rodeo queen titles

Contestants have been announced for the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Pageant, June 11-14 in North Platte.
Among those vying for the title of Miss Rodeo Nebraska is Kristin Kohmetscher, 24, of Lawrence.
She graduated from Blue Hill High School in 2010 and is currently attending the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. "I am blessed to be able to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian," said Kohmetscher. "While in school, I have acquired an interest in acupuncture and chiropractic techniques and plan to become certified. I believe there is a future for acupuncture and chiropractic services for rodeo animals. My goal is to help in the development of that."
Many of her extracurricular activities lend themselves to her field of study. She is an officer for the student chapters of both the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.
Kohmetscher also enjoys playing intramural sports, volunteering for her county fair, riding horses, giving riding lessons, roping, time on her family's ranch, reading, drawing and anything musical. Her parents are Duane Kohmetscher, Lawrence, and the late Laurie Kohmetscher.
The other contestants are Carly Woerman, 21, North Bend; Allyn Leick, 25, Broken Bow; and Riyatta Frye, 22, Harrisburg.
There is also a teen division to the pageant ­­ Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska. Those vying for the teen rodeo queen title include Halee Kohmetscher, 17, also from Lawrence and Kristin's younger sister. She will graduate from Blue Hill Community School next year and has plans to become a veterinary technician.
"Growing up on a farm has created within me a deep passion for agriculture," the younger Kohmetscher said. "My goal is to work in a rural area of Nebraska and interact with the people of the community to provide healthy and long lives for their animals."
Her hobbies include participating in 4-H, FFA and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, cooking, sewing, photography, artwork and music. She competes in volleyball, basketball and track. She is also a band majorette, an FBLA officer, a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America volunteer and captain of her school's dance team. In the summer months, she works on her family ranch and is a lifeguard. She is also the daughter of Duane Kohmetscher, Lawrence, and the late Laurie Kohmetscher.
The other Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska contestants are Danielle Forster, 17, Smithfield; Molly Paxton, 15, Tryon; and Rebel Sjeklocha, 16, Hayes Center.

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Several community garage sales this weekend
This week is community garage sale week in two if not three communities served by this newspaper.
The Superior Express is coordinating and sponsoring the annual spring city-wide garage sale this week in Superior. The semi-annual event which started about 40 years ago is held each year on the fourth Saturday of April and the second Saturday of August. Only as the years pass the event has grown and now includes many multi-family sales and some of sales now run on both Friday and Saturday.
While there is a possibility of rain, many of the sellers have arranged for protected areas, some sellers can display their wares in a garage or on a porch, others have found downtown locations.
While many shoppers are intent on finding garage sale bargains many also take time to shop at other stores or have lunch while in town.
While the event is not yet as big as the Junk Jaunt held in northern Nebraska or the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt held in Northern Kansas, this year's sale will involve at least three communities.
The Jewell Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a community-wide garage sale on Saturday and participants have chosen to advertise their sales in this week's newspaper as well.
There are also sales planned for Saturday at Nelson.
So if you are looking for an irresistible bargain, read the classified section of this week's newspaper and plan on going shopping later in the week.
The ads not only appear in the printed edition but they are also posted on this newspaper's classified web page and are part of the Cyber edition posted each week on the web.
All sellers who support the idea of community garage sales and show their appreciation for the efforts of this newspaper in promoting the sales by registering and paying a small fee, have received a bright yellow sign to identify their location as an official participant.
Study the maps in this issue, read the advertisements, plan your route and go shopping. We expect you will spend little, buy much and have a good time. If, after getting home you find you didn't need what you bought, clean a closet, put a few more things with what you bought this week and have your own sale on Aug. 12.
If you get to town and find you forgot to bring your paper along as a sale guide, extra copies of the paper are available for sale in each town. At Jewell the paper can be purchased at Jewell Grocery. In Nelson the paper is available at the C-Store. In Superior it is available in a vendor in front of the newspaper office, at both convenience stores, Ideal Market, the Velvet Rose, Dave's Place, Dairy Queen and Superior Spirits.

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Fire strikes Porter house for 2nd time in 8 years
Four fire departments were called last Wednesday afternoon to 1936 Diamond Road which is one mile south of the Kansas-Nebraska State line and about two miles west of Highway 14.
There a large log home occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Randy Porter was burning.
As the home is located within the district served by the Superior Volunteer Fire Department, the Superior department was the first on the scene and initially requested mutual aid from the Hardy and Nelson departments to assist with hauling water.
Later a call went out to the Mankato and Nelson department for additional manpower to fight what turned out to be a difficult fire to bring under control. Forty-three fire fighters and five emergency medical services people responded to the call.
Firemen used an estimated 8,500 gallons of water to control the fire.
A rural mail carrier had delivered mail to the residence about 15 minutes earlier but saw nothing amiss. The alarm was turned in by Brandon Woerner who, when about one mile away from the Porter home, saw smoke coming from the chimney. He thought this strange as the day was not cold enough to warrant a fire. When he reached the house, he found smoke was pouring out of the eaves.
Todd Kroeger, Superior fire chief, described the house as a well-built log home with a cathedral style ceiling and metal covered roof.
Firemen had difficulty getting to the fire which was burning in the ceiling underneath the roof.
As no one was home at the time, firemen forced their way into the home and soon had the fire knocked down, but it would take about two hours before it was under control. The firemen were at the fire scene for about five hours.
While a thunderstorm with keen lightning has rolled through the area earlier in the day and some speculated the home may have been struck by lightning, the Kansas fire marshal called to the scene was not able to determine a definite cause.
The fire marshal placed the damage estimate at about 49 percent of the value of the home.
Eight years ago the a chimney fire damaged the house and the family lived elsewhere for six years while negotiating an insurance settlement and getting repairs made. This time, Kroeger said the fire appears to have started about three feet away from the previous fire.

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