The folks who bring you your local newspapers in Nuckolls and Jewell counties have teamed with Your News to also bring you state and local news and offer an opportunity for you to distribute your advertisements to a specific zip code or nationwide.

For example if you want to make your advertisement available to the people in only one zip code, that can be done and you will be charged for only the people in that zip code who have an opportunity to read your advertisement.

Classified advertisements are distributed nationally and without charge. That's right you may post non-commercial advertisements on the classified page without charge. A charge, however, is made for commercial advertisements.

Within the many features associated with Your News is an opportunity for the exchange of opinions and comments on events of local, state and national interest. We must request that the posts be in good tastes and of a non-libelous nature.

We encourage you to explore the many features of Your News by clicking on the link below. You will be asked to enter your ZIP code and the service will display items believed to be of interest to you. To see different areas, enter the ZIP code for that area. The quality of the results will depend upon the affiliate serving that area.

Like with all of our offerings, we welcome your feed back. Your email will reach us at Feel free to contact us with both questions and comments.

Click on the link below to begin exploring Your News