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February 13, 2020

The Formoso skating rink was open Saturday night welcoming a crowd of 35 to40 skaters.

The Formoso Community Church held their monthly community breakfast on Sunday serving pancakes, eggs, and fruit. Regular services followed.

Pastor Daniel's message came from Genesis 21:8-21. Pastor began with the question "How can a believer use faith and obedience to resolve seemingly impossible problems?" He then gave three answers to this question. To be aware of unworkable situations, to be open to an unlikely solution, and to await an unbelievable outcome. Pastor explained that sin and people's wrong choices make complicated situations. However God's way and His wisdom still apply and work into these situations. Abraham had a tangled mess between the slave woman his wife had chosen to be a surrogate mother and his wife who had now had her own son. There was rising tension amongst them and Sarah no longer wanted that same slave woman and her son. Abraham is caught between the two and truly loves his son Ishmael and desires the best for him – yet what to do about this situation of two mothers, two sons, and the fact that God had chosen the youngest one to be the chosen heir. God tells Abraham to listen to his wife's words – who had said to cast the slave and her son out. Really? Can this be the answer of a loving God? Abraham trusts and obeys and sends the woman with his oldest son away. He gives them bread and water and sends them out into the desert. God had said that he would bless Abraham as the father of Isaac and would make him a great nation. He also promises to bless Ishmael, to be his father and also make him into a breath right out of a person. Clouds come at will shadowing the earth making it seem colder than it really is.

Your sun may shine in the sky. Yet so far away that no heat reaches the earth. Fits the old saying, “Pretty is as Pretty does!” The bright light is deceiving until you are outside and realize that you need heavier coats or mittens or both.

A bit over two weeks to go this month. Maybe we can survive. great nation.

While out in the desert Hagar becomes hopeless and walks away from her son so that she does not have to watch him die of thirst. And there God speaks to her saying that he had heard the cries of Ishmael and tells her of His promise to make Ishmael a great nation. He then opens her eyes to see a well near to them and she brings her son a drink. Their lives are saved and God leads Ishmael on to a great and prosperous life as an archer and the head of another great nation.

Pastor closed his message by asking the congregation to write down one or two areas in their life where they needed to depend on God and then to ask Him to meet those needs.


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