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April 23, 2020

It’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve heard from me. Not much has changed, I’m still running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This coronavirus has made life a bit more challenging for all of us. I am attempting to work from home. Most of my information now comes from live newscasts or Facebook. There isn’t a whole lot going on locally.

I still go down and check-in on Patty every day while her daughter is working. Patty has some health issues that keep her from living on her own. She is independent, but it gives her family peace of mind knowing someone is checking in on her. I am now restricted to sticking my head in the door and letting the dogs out. I used to sit with her while the critters did their thing, and on Thursday, we would go to Tai-chi at the community center. She seems to be in good spirits even though our schedule has been all messed up.

Since school is out, I am babysitting full time again. The girls I care for happen to be Patty’s great-granddaughters. They are five and seven. I started watching them last summer when their mom was unable to find a new provider. It was intended to be a temporary thing, but here I am a year later, the “best babysitter in the world!” The girls’ words, not mine, and I’m pretty sure they tell all their sitters that. When their mom asked if I would help out with the girls, I told her, “I am a horrible sitter.” The only promise I made was they would be alive when she came to pick them up.

Speaking of school being closed, we are now doing this e-learning thing. It looks a lot more complicated than it is. At first, I thought no way can we do this. Now that I am seeing it at work and getting used to it, it’s not so bad. I still have to help them when they need it or don’t understand something, but kindergarten and second grade are not so tough. Their mom handles the majority of it anyway. My 15-year-old son, however, let’s just say we are now doing things a little differently when the class time rolls around. I thought he was doing alright on his own. It turns out he wasn’t managing his time properly, so I had to be the mean mama and change up his schedule a bit. He now has to sit out in the dining room with me and the girls (when they are here) to do his homework. He doesn’t like it, but guess what, he doesn’t have to. I’m sure we will get this all figured out.

My dryer finally gave out on me. For weeks we have had to run a cycle two or three to get a load of laundry dry. Thank goodness a friend gave us her old one. It was sitting on the front porch until yesterday. We had so much fun getting the old one out of the house and the new one into the house. Old houses and modern appliances don’t get along well. We had to move furniture and remove doors, and it wasn’t the best experience. I was so happy when we were done. I am also thankful we now have a dryer that lives up to its name.

Well, that’s all for this week. I hope that this finds you all happy and healthy. One thing about rural Nebraska is that the majority of us are essential to keep America moving. So to all those out there going to work to keep us healthy, fed, safe, and working to keep the utilities on. Thank you! X’s & O’s


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