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Midway Co-op requests permission to install silos


April 23, 2020

The April 7, Mankato Council Meeting was held remotely via online Zoom


The first guest speaker was Rex Oliver with Midway Co-op. He discussed installing two concrete grain silos near the sale barn and submitted a building permit to the city. The council thought that was a good idea. Oliver asked about the alley next to the fairgrounds and said it is not being used. He requested the city allow his company to use it for access to future silos. Darrell Miller, attorney,was not sure if the alley was vacated. Miller said Oliver needs an easement from the city and possibly a survey.

Oliver submitted to the city a recent survey by Midway and drawings of the purposed silos. The council asked Oliver how soon he needed a response from the city. He said the sooner the better. Council said since May 5 is a few weeks out, they would hold a special meeting if necessary to get this moving faster.

The council asked Oliver about the current surface of the alley and he said it was in good shape. The council asked the city administrator to ensure the applications are moving as scheduled and hand over to the zoning board as soon as possible.

The second guest speaker, Daniel Higer, was present to discuss a Frisbee golf course at the City Park. The council suggested a rubber mat instead of concrete and posts which would be pulled from the ground when necessary. The price for the golf baskets is about $2,000 and the remaining work about $3,000. The total cost for the Frisbee golf course is about $5,000. The council proposed going through the city for a grant. The city administrator said he would help with the grant for the golf course. The council approved applying for the grant.

The third guest speaker, Jenny Russell, updated the council on the need for an assisted living facility in Mankato. The council asked what happened several years ago and she explained that the Hanson Foundation did not approve of the developer at the time. Since then the developer has made some significant improvements and built some good facilities. The council will follow future updates on the assisted living facility.

The fourth guest speaker was Brian Shulda. Shulda asked the council to set up a disaster relief fund for the COVID-19 victims. He strongly suggested the city get involved. Lyle Dauner, councilman, asked, “What if the business already has a loan in place?” Shulda was not sure how to answer that question. Councilwoman Susan Abel informed everyone that the revolving funds are not under state regulation. Jenny Russell said that if the city is to receive federal funds for businesses it is imperative, to have a business meeting to discuss.

A business such as Kier’s would be a good candidate for federal funding. The parameters are much stricter than state or local. Councilman Becker asked if Shulda’s bank is assisting in the loans. Shulda said yes, they are now registered. Chris Klos, councilman, said, “We are $100,000 delinquent on our RLF loans,” and asked,“how do we practically monitor these loans?” Dauner asked who administers these loans.

According to Shulda it will be he and the city administrator who administers the loans. Miller said the council needs a form for applying for a loan and a way to keep track of the loan. Klos and Abel wanted to know how much is currently in the RLA account? The city administrator will get that number for the council. The council said that any loan must be approved by the council and it would be on a case by case basis.

The council discussed the new Cereal Malt Beverage (CMB) application from George Hennion (Bob’s). The council asked Hennion why he cannot get his car registered in Kansas. He said it had to do with his job and main headquarters being in California. Abel asked why there are two applications with two separate requests for the same place? Hennion said he keeps getting denied, and if he gets denied again then the second application is his backup. Sonya Garner is his manager for Bob’s Diner. Miller said the manager needs to meet the same qualifications as the owner. Miller said it is solely the council’s decision to approve or disapprove.

Klos asked Hennion when did he first apply? Hennion applied in August of 2019 and moved to Burr Oak in 2018. Hennion also said he paid taxes to Kansas in 2018. The council looked at Hennion’s utility bills for 2018 and 2019. Miller said if Gardner meets all qualifications in good faith and the council approves, then it is okay. Hennion asked why it cannot be in his name. Miller and council said if Mr. Hennion provides the city with his 2019 and 2020 tax forms, he should be fine. Hennion needs to provide these forms prior to the May 5 council meeting for final approval.

There was a discussion about Nobi’s building and possibly using the Landbank to take it down. Miller said that he needed to ensure his back taxes are paid and deed it over to the city. Jenny Russell said that the Hanson foundation may help with funding to take the building down if Nobi agrees.

The city is scheduled to trim trees at the City Park sometime in April and erect the Trail Head sign for the walking trail.

The city zoning and planning board was appointed and approved by the council. The zoning board members approved are Don Koester, Nadine Smith and Sharon Brinkworth.

The mayor appointed the city administrator to sit on the library board

and report to the mayor and council of any changes or needs of the library. Klos said the board meets at 5 p.m., the third Monday of each month.

Steven Porter updated the council regarding the Community Center lighting and suggested to go with batteries and LEDS. The council approved.

Dauner asked about the insurance for the Ute Theatre and the fire department. The city administrator informed the council the agent was still working on it and would have an answer soon.

The city administrator asked the council if the swimming pool could stay closed for the summer because of much needed maintenance and safety issues that need attending to. The administrator said this would ensure children are safe. The administrator asked council for authorization to pursue grant money for the repairs. A motion was made and approved.

The administrator asked council for approval to replace the City Park sign. Council approved.

The administrator requested approval to hire Chris Ellis as a street worker. It was approved. It was also approved to hire a seasonal worker for the city to help with mowing and other tasks.

The council asked if the Murray’s are still mowing the Community Center and the park. The administrator said yes and the contract does not expire until 2021.

The administrator updated the council on the City Park drainage issue suggesting a drop inlet and a headwall with a French drain be installed. The cost to the city would only be about $2,000.

It was approved.

Abel updated the mayor and council on the Landbank. The top ones on the list are the bowling alley and Nobi’s building. The council asked the administrator to get quotes for Nobi’s building. Abel said the next Landbank meeting will be April 15.

Miller suggested the city hold a special meeting to ratify the current work schedules the city administrator has implemented. Dauner agreed there needs to be something in writing. Becker said the city employees are not to have second jobs while furloughed. Miller was asked to have a plan drafted as soon as possible.


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