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April 30, 2020

April can be such an enjoyable month. Mother Nature offers such nice days to enjoy after the hardships of winter. I truly enjoy all of them. However, maybe it’s just because we’re all told to stay inside and be happy that I’ve noticed a lot of things about April.

A lot of them, not so good. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few I thought were worth giving a little notice to. For example: The American Revolution started in April with the battles at Concord and Lexington. The long war for independence followed. Secondly, The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 happened in April with its death and destruction. The third happening that stood out for me was the Oklahoma City Terrorist bombing, one of earliest of the large killing episodes that have become so common in our age.

I’m sure other months of the year most likely have just as many incidences that have incurred just as much death and destruction, these just happened to stand out for me.

However, one other thing has happened in April that is cause for joy. The Catholic Church celebrates what is called “Divine Mercy Sunday.” It gives everyone the opportunity to realize just how fortunate we have become to understand the love that our God has for all of us. And, understand the mercy He has for each of us.

In the long run, I guess we really are fortunate to have April on the calendar. The Divine Mercy is a lot stronger than all of the death and destruction history can throw at us.


With all of the coronavirus news on TV and in the newspapers it is easy to forget that 2020 is still an election year. It is and I’m going to bring up a couple of items that the national media seem unwilling to report on.

It seems that Mr. Joe Biden has pretty well wrapped up the Democratic nomination for President. Bernie Sanders has withdrawn from the race, but is still trying to influence the Democratic sphere of politics as best he can.

I’d like to bring up a couple of items concerning Mr. Biden. It may rather be a matter of how the national media has treated Mr. Biden.

It seems that a short time ago, a woman charged Mr. Biden with unacceptable behavior towards her. This was supposed to have happened quite some time ago, but still she has alleged that it did happen.

Most people have not even heard of the accusation, let alone know any of the details because the national media made a point to explain that the event took place a long, long time ago and that there has not been any other person to confirm the accusation.

That may well be true, but if the national media truly believes that line of thought, just why did they make such a big deal out of a very similar situation during the confirmation hearing of candidate, Brett Kavanaugh for a Supreme Court position a year ago. In the Kavanaugh situation the national media fought hard to have the accusation spread over every media form they could find. When the Senate declined to extend the time for more investigation, the media thought the whole confirmation hearing was unfair.

Now, with Mr. Biden, the shoe seems to be on the other foot and they are doing and saying nothing.

My next thought is more about the Democratic Party than about the nominee himself. It concerns the recent primary election in Wisconsin. Some people wanted that election to be a “mail-in” election because of the coronavirus. The Wisconsin Legislature, however, did not agree and let the election take place.

Democrats complained loudly and the media reported their complaints accordingly.

However, just a month or so earlier the State of Illinois did the same thing. The Democratic governor closed bars, restaurants and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but on the next day held the primary election.

It appears that the national media picks sides. If the Democrats do something, it is OK. If the Republican do the same thing, it is not OK and we all hear about it.

Now, I know that both political parties use whatever advantage they can in elections and other times. There is not always “virtue” in what is done. I suspect that is part of the reason the founders of the United States all those years ago, employed the Electoral Election System for a President.


The following was found on the computer, I think someone put it on what is called Facebook. It confirms my urging that all of you get your news from more than one source.


“I wiped my TV screen with anti-virus wipes.

I lost CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN.”

This was followed a short time later by another person:

“Save you TP for Fox News.”

And so it goes . . .


To continue our quotes on a builder of the American government.

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the Government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

—Thomas Jefferson


And here is last week’s edition of Puffs which got crowded out at the last minute. We have less news these days but because of less advertising we have few pages to work with and fitting the layout puzzle together is sometimes more than we can do well.

Puffs for Week 17

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