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Nuckolls County champion, reserve champion and state fair 4-H - FFA youth exhibits


August 6, 2020

Ideal Market Winners at the Nuckolls County Fair are (back row, from left) Cody Buescher, Kylie Beard, Riley Funk, Sadie Rempel, Emily Watts, (middle row) Chase Ostdiek, Cody Funk, Lauren Kohmetscher, Hadley Ostdiek, Trevon Watts, (front row) Chasity Ostdiek, Bayleigh Bohlen, (not pictured) Wyatt Brockman, Cody Brockman, Maya Estropia, Collins Porter, Grayhm Beck, Alanna Albrecht, Avery Ostdiek, Preslea Adams, Jaelyn Himmelberg, Karigan Drudik, Keaton Mazour and Maddy Laughlin.

*Designates the entry is eligible for the state fair.


Madelyn Laughlin - Public Adventure Scrapbook champion* trophy

Photography Level 1

Emily Watts - Bird's or Bug's Eye View Display or print reserve champion and Black and White Display or print champion

Photography Level 2

Madelyn Laughlin - Creative Techniques and Lighting Display reserve champion*

Avery Ostdiek - Creative Composition Display or Print *

Cody Brockman - Abstract Photography Display or Print champion*

Avery Ostdiek - Candid Photography Display or Print *

Avery Ostdiek - Expression Through Color Display or Print *

Human Development

Jaelyn Himmelberg -Activity With a Younger Child reserve, champion*

Madelyn Laughlin - Activity With a Younger Child *

Steam 1 - Clothing level 1

Addie Kohmetscher - Simple Bottom, champion

Addie Kohmetscher - Upcycled Accessory, reserve champion

Beyond The Needle

Josie Hajny - Embellished Garment With Original Design, reserve champion

Emily Watts - Embellished Garment With Original Design *

Trevon Watts - Embellished Garment With Original Design *

Rowan Statz - Embellished Garment With Original Design champion* trophy

Annie McCartney - Textile Arts Garment or Accessory, reserve champion

Madelyn Laughlin - Textile Arts Garment or Accessory *

Sadie Rempel - Beginning Fashion Accessory *, Advanced Fashion Accessory * and Advanced Fashion Accessory champion* trophy

Steam 2 - Simply Sewing

Preslea Adams -Upcycled Garment champion* trophy, Upcycled Clothing Accessory * and Textile Clothing Accessory *

Jaelyn Himmelberg -Top, reserve champion* trophy

Jaelyn Himmelberg - Bottom (Pants or Shorts) *

Preslea Adams - *Romper or Jumpsuit


Rowan Statz - Loom Knitted Item- Level 2, reserve champion

Quinlyn Statz - Loom Knitted Item- Level 1, champion

Quilt Quest

Preslea Adams - Inter-Generational Quilt. reserve champion*

(Service Project Quilts)

Peslea Adams, champion*

Jessica Himmelberg, champion*

Madelyn Laughlin, champion*

Adriyanna Mazour, champion*

Avery Ostdiek, champion*

Kara Peters, champion*

Shopping in Style

Jaelyn Himmelberg - Best Buy for Your Buck, senior champion

Design My Place

Emily Watts - Needlework Item, reserve champion

Quinlyn Statz - Original Batik or Tie Dye Accessory, champion* trophy

Design Decision

Josie Hajny - Floor Covering *

Wyatt Brockman - Accessory-Original Needlework or Stitchery *

Karigan Drudik - Accessory-2D *

Madelyn Laughlin - *Accessory-3D

Cody Buescher - Accessory-Orig made from Glass *

Emily Watts - Accessory- Recycled/Upcycled Item for the Home *

Avery Mazour- Furniture-Wood Opaque reserve champion*

Madelyn Laughlin - Accessory- Outdoor Living *

Sketchbook Crossroads

Annie McCartney- Original Pencil or Chalk Drawing. reserve champion

Cody Brockman - Home Accessory made by Weaving *

Cody Buescher - Original Sculpted or Thrown Home Clay Accessory *

Portfolio Pathways

Annie McCartney - Original Acrylic Painting, champion*

Fashion Show

Addie Kohmetscher - Steam One Simple Bottom, champion

Jaelyn Himmelberg - Steam Two , Two-Piece Outfit, champion

Jaelyn Himmelberg- Shopping In Style - Age 14-18 Best Buy for Your Buck, champion

Range Management

Barrett Bruns - Junior Rancher Board *

Shooting Sports

(Cub Bow Hunter age 8-11)

Nathan Pofahl - champion

Nathan Stokes - champion

Samuel Watts - reserve champion

(Youth Bare Bow)

Natalie Jacobitz- champion

Alex Watts - champion

Madelyn Laughlin - reserve champion

(Young Adult Bare Bow, Age 15-18)

Joanie Schultz, champion

Todd Keifer Young Adult Free style, champion

Cooking 101

Lauren Kohmetscher - No Bake Cookies, reserve champion

Emily Watts - Prepare Now or Make Later, champion

Food Preservation

Rowan Statz - 1 Jar Fruit Exhibit, reserve champion

Annie McCartney - 1 Jar Fruit Exhibit *

Quinlyn Statz- 3 Jar Jelled Exhibit champion*,

Cooking 201

Preslea Adams - Loaf Quick Bread *, Creative Mixes *, Healthy Baked Product *, Coffee Cake champion*

Natalia Wehrman - Biscuits or Scones *

Wyatt Brockman Coffee Cake *and Nontraditional Baked Product, reserve champion*

Cooking 301

Emily Watts - White Bread * and Specialty Rolls, champion*

Cody Brockman - Dinner Rolls * and Specialty Bread reserve champion*

Cooking 401

Emily Watts - Double Crust Fruit Pie, reserve champion*

Cody Brockman - Foam Cake *

Wyatt Brockman -Specialty Pastry, champion*

Decorated Foods

Emily Watts- Decorated Cupcakes, champion

Wyatt Brockman - Decorated Cupcakes, reserve champion

Trevon Watts - Decorated Cupcakes. champion* trophy


Madelyn Laughlin - First Aid Kit, reserve champion

Avery Ostdiek - First Aid Kit, champion* trophy

Judging Contests

(Company's Coming)

Emily Watts, senior champion

Avery Ostdiek, junior champion

Cody Brockman, junior reserve champion

Lauren Kohmetscher, junior reserve champion

(Family and Consumer Science Contest)

Emily Watts - senior champion

Wyatt Brockman, senior reserve champion

Companion Animal Show

Todd Keifer - Cat, reserve champion

Alanna Albrecht - Pet Rabbit, champion

Avery Ostdiek - Fish, champion

Hadley Ostdiek Other Pet reserve champion

Beef Showmanship

Kylie Beard- senior champion

Atlee Kobza - senior reserve champion

Riley Funk - intermediate champion

Cody Funk - intermediate reserve champion

Collins Porter - junior champion

Adriyanna Mazour - junior reserve champion

Beef Bucket - Feeder Calf

Hoyt Cassell - champion

Chasity Ostdiek - reserve champion

Kylie Beard - feeder calf heifer champion

Hadley Schoneberg - feeder calf- heifer, reserve champion

Chase Ostdiek - feeder Calf- steer reserve champion

Kaliahna Cassell - second year bucket calf, market champion

Beef Breeding

Collins Porter - Jr. Yearling Heifers. champion

Beef Market

Cody Funk - Market Steers, reserve champion

Chase Ostdiek- Market Steers, champion

Beef Percentage Lean and Rate of Gain

(Beef Ultra Sound Percentage Lean)

Kaliahna Cassell - champion

Chasity Ostdiek - reserve champion

(Rate of Gain)

Chase Ostdiek - champion

Chasity Ostdiek - reserve champion

Sheep Showmanship

Riley Funk - senior champion

Ella Gardner - reserve senior champion

Cody Funk - junior group one champion

Kade Peters - junior group two, reserve champion

Sheep Commercial - Crossbread

Chasity Ostdiek - Ewe Lamb, champion

Chase Ostdiek - Ewe Lamb, reserve champion

Sheep Purebred

Mia Gardner - Ewe Lamb, reserve champion

Ella Gardner - Home Bred and Raised Ewe Lamb, champion

Sheep Market

Cody Funk - Market Wether group three, champion

Lauren Kohmetscher - Market Wether group four, reserve champion

Lauren Kohmetscher - Pen of Three Market Lambs, champion

Kara Peters - Pen of Three Market Lambs, reserve champion

Sheep Percentage Lean and Rate of Gain

Tripp Ostdiek - champion

Chase Ostdiek - reserve champion

Sheep Club Group of Five

Lucky Buckaroos - champion

Rough Riders - reserve champion

Hog Showmanship

Kylie Beard - senior champion

Isaac Meyer - senior reserve champion

Nathan Elledge third place senior

Lauren Kohmetscher junior group two, champion

Addie Kohmetscher junior group three, reserve champion

Hogs Breeding

Isaac Meyer Breeding Gilt champion

Kylie Beard - Breeding Gilt, reserve champion

Hogs Market

Lauren Kohmetscher - Market Gilt group two, champion

Kylie Beard - Market Gilt group three, reserve champion

Lauren Kohmetscher - Market Barrow group two, champion

Jasper Elledge - Market Barrow group five, reserve champion

Madelyn Laughlin, Pen of 3 Hogs, champion

Collins Porter, Pen of 3 Hogs, reserve champion

Hogs Ultrasound

Addie Kohmetscher - champion

Lauren Kohmetscher - reserve champion

Meat Goat Showmanship

Sydney Biltoft - senior, champion

Todd Keifer - senior, reserve champion

Mia Gardner junior, champion

Maya Estropia- junior, reserve champion

Breeding Meat Goats

Maya Estropia - breeding doe kid, reserve champion

Maya Estropia - yearling doe, champion

Market Meat Goat

Chasity Ostdiek - market meat wether, champion

Nathan Elledge - market meat wether, reserve champion

Goats- Rate of Gain and Percentage Lean

Nathan Elledge - champion and reserve champion

Horse Showmanship

Cody Buescher - senior champion

Sadie Rempel - senior reserve champion

Josie Hajny - intermediate champion

Hadley Ostdiek - intermediate reserve champion

Natalia Wehrman - junior champion

Maya Estropia - junior reserve champion

Horse Halter Classes

Cody Buescher- 6 -10 Year Old Mares, champion

Hadley Schoneberg - 11 Year Old or Over Mares, reserve champion

Chasity Ostdiek - 6 -10 Year Old Geldings, reserve champion

Bayleigh Bohlen -11 Year Old and Over Geldings, champion

Horse Performance Classes

(Western Pleasure)

Cody Buescher - senior champion

Sadie Rempel - senior reserve champion

Hadley Ostdiek- intermediate champion

Josie Hajny - intermediate reserve champion

Hadley Schoneberg- junior champion

Bayleigh Bohlen - junior reserve champion

(Western Horsemanship)

Sadie Rempel - senior champion

Cody Buescher -senior reserve champion

Mia Gardner - intermediate reserve champion

Hadley Ostdiek -intermediate champion

Natalia Wehrman - junior champion

Maya Estropia- junior reserve champion


Ella Gardner - senior reserve champion

Sadie Rempel - senior champion*- trail buckle

Hadley Ostdiek - intermediate champion

Mia Gardner - intermediate reserve champion

Natalia Wehrman - junior champion

Bayleigh Bohlen - junior reserve champion


Wyatt Hajny - senior champion

Ella Gardner - senior reserve champion

Mia Gardner - intermediate champion

Jace Hoelting - intermediate reserve champion

Bayleigh Bohlen - junior champion

Natalia Wehrman - junior reserve champion

Horse Timed Events

(Pole Bending)

Sadie Rempel - senior champion

Ella Gardner - senior reserve champion

Hadley Ostdiek - intermediate champion

Mia Gardner - intermediate reserve champion

Hadley Schoneberg - junior champion

(Clover Leaf Barrels)

Cody Buescher - senior champion

Sadie Rempel - senior reserve champion

Josie Hajny - intermediate champion

Mia Gardner - intermediate reserve champion

Hadley Schoneberg - junior champion

Poultry Showmanship

Wyatt Brockman - senior champion

Cody Brockman - senior reserve champion

Caitlyn Biltoft - junior champion

Wesley Biltoft - junior reserve champion

Poultry Standard Size

Grayhm Beck -Standard Cockerel spring hatch, reserve champion

Wyatt Brockman - Standard Hen - Over 6 Months, champion

Poultry Bantam

Grayhm Beck - Bantam Cockerel Less than six months, reserve champion and Bantam Pullet less than six months champion


Caitlyn Biltoft - Young Drake spring hatch, champion

Wesley Biltoft Young Hen Turkey spring hatch, reserve champion

Rabbit Showmanship

Alanna Albrecht - senior champion

Zak Corman- senior reserve champion

Laka McReynolds - junior champion

Avery Ostdiek - junior reserve champion

Rabbit Fancy Breed

Alanna Albrecht - Senior Doe over six months old, champion

Rabbit Commercial Bred

Grayhm Beck - Senior Buck over six -months old, reserve champion

Dog Showmanship

Todd Keifer - senior reserve champion

Sadie Rempel - senior champion

Josie Hajny - junior champion

Dog Obedience

Sadie Rempel - Beginning Novice Division C

Field Crops

Wyatt Brockman - corn, champion*


Trevon Watts - Dianthus, champion*

Emily Watts - Petunia, reserve champion

Emily Watts - Snapdragon *

Trevon Watts - Snapdragon *

Cody Brockman - Rudbeckia or Black-Eyed Susan *

Wyatt Brockman - Rudbeckia or Black-Eyed Susan *

Cody Brockman - foliage potted house plant *

Vegetables Herbs and Educational

Trevon Watts - snap beans *

Cody Brockman - beets, champion*

Adriyanna Mazour - *Green Cabbage

Cody Brockman - *slicing cucumbers

Wyatt Brockman - eggplant *

Cody Brockman - yellow onions *

Adriyanna Mazour - white onions reserve champion*

Adriyanna Mazour - green summer squash *

Trevon Watts - Roma or sauce type Tomatoes *

Wyatt Brockman - parsley *

Cody Brockman - thyme *

Veterinary Science

Cody Brockman - large animal display *

Wyatt Brockman - large animal display *


The Nuckolls County Fair Bucket Calf award is given to the individuals who rank highest overall with an interview, record book and live placing. This year's winners were for first year bucket calf - Jasper Elledge and second year bucket calf - Kaliahna Cassell.

(Kit Labeled Robot)

Wyatt Brockman - reserve champion*

Cody Brockman - *

Jasper Elledge - *

Wood Science

Wyatt Brockman Unit 3 - Woodworking Article, champion*

Cody Brockman Unit 3 - Woodworking Article *

Trevon Watts - Article as shown in woodworking manual two, reserve champion


Keaton Mazour - medium welded article, champion


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