New faces, rules at school


August 13, 2020

Heath Finke

The 2020-2021 school year will begin Tuesday for all K-12 Lawrence- Nelson students. Preschool will follow with their start on Thursday. There will be a couple of new faces in the halls this year at both sites.

Ramsey Hunt is the new middle and high school science teacher as well as assistant high school football coach and assistant boys' basketball coach. Mr. Hunt received his degree at UNK. He enjoys small-town life, sports and the outdoors. He is excited to meet his new students.

Lacey Livgren and Pamela Safago were hired through Head Start. They will be working with preschoolers this year. Lacey is part-time while Pamela is full-time.

Heath Finke is completing his student teaching in the social studies department under Mr. Brown at the middle-high school this year.

While many of the things we have come to know about school will remain the same, there will be a few changes in regulations because of COVID-19.

No unnecessary visitors will be allowed inside the school without first having a temperature check. Students riding school transportation will be required to wear a mask. Social distancing will be required. When students are unable to social distance from one another, they will be encouraged to wear a mask. All students were given a reusable mask during orientation, but parents are encouraged to purchase additional masks for their child in case one is misplaced. There will be no back to school dance or fall scrimmages.

Visiting teams will also have a new set of guidelines to follow. Volleyball games will be held in the Nelson gym this year since only 50 percent capacity is allowed because of health department guidelines. This allows for more patrons to attend. Masks will be encouraged, but not required. Hand sanitizer will be available at all games. Visiting fans will enter through the northeast doors and Lawrence-Nelson fans will enter through the southeast doors on the front of the school. Fans are encouraged to sit in family groups with no more than eight per group. Assigned seating will be posted in the gym to limit exposure between schools and fans. An every other row format will be implemented to ensure gym capacity restrictions. Visiting junior high teams will not be using the locker room facilities. They should arrive dressed and ready for competition.

Kansas Public Notices

Football games will continue to be held in Lawrence. Masks are again encouraged but not required. Visitors will continue to utilize the west side of the field and home fans the east. Spectators are encouraged to sit in family groups of no more than eight. If people are viewing from the fence line, they are encouraged to adhere to the social distancing guidelines of six feet. Again an every other row format will be implemented to ensure bleacher capacity restrictions of 75 percent capacity are adhered to. Direct parking in the north and south end zones will be reserved for the elderly and other high-risk individuals. It is advised to park in the north parking lot if you don't fall into these guidelines. Junior high football teams who are visiting will not be using the locker room facilities. They should arrive dressed and ready for competition.

Concessions will be divided to promote social distancing and all concession personnel will be required to wear a mask. A limited selection of concessions will be available. Restrooms will be shared, but patrons are asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines while using the facilities and to practice good hand washing and sanitization.

No spectators will be allowed on the court or field prior to or post-game. Athletes will not be permitted to congregate and talk with family once the competition is over, but should proceed to the locker rooms-bus or meet parents outside of the school facility.

Lacey Livgren

These are just a few of the changes that have been made for the school year. For more information, please visit the school website at Keep in mind things may change without notice, and it is important to stay informed. The staff at Lawrence Nelson are working to stay on top of things to keep students, staff and communities safe during these uncertain times.


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