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September 10, 2020

Mary Foley stayed last Monday and Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mindy, and Mike Kilgore, Bennington. Kan.

Visitors at the home of Nick and Kelley Bunting since Nick returned home from the hospital were Cheryl Hillman, Greg and Brynlee Manning, Mike Harris, Jessica Barnes and Peggy Wilson.

The Burr Oak Fire Department held its September meeting last Wednesday. A supper of ham sandwiches, spaghetti salad and a relish tray was served. Attending were David Belden, Walt Wilson, Tom Harris, Cody Volker, Tim Warner, Eric Williams, Tammy Cosand, John Tucker, Anthony Kennedy, Mitch Cosand, Kurt Warrelmann, Scott Yelken and Steve Cosand.

Cliff and Glenny Barnes were in Kearney on Thursday where Glenny had an appointment with her ENT doctor. Later they did some shopping and then visited briefly with their grandson, Steffen Barnes, who works at Menards in Kearney.

Early Saturday morning, several people gathered at the Burr Oak city workshop to start the long process of putting together the street name signs bought with the Dane Hansen Foundation grant money. John Garman, Tammy Cosand, Josh Babson, Burgandy Babson, Claire Babson, Andrew Babson, Sara Hinds, Amy Reed and Kurt Warrelmann helped get signs unpacked, paired and fastened. The next step is getting them in the ground. Amy Reed, city clerk, is grateful to everyone for helping. She said it went quickly with such a fun, good-humored group to work with.

On Saturday late afternoon, Cliff and Glenny Barnes accompanied Jeff, Diana, Kooper and Olivia Ord to Washington, Kan., for the first night of the Micro Madness in the Midwest racing event at the Washington County Speedway. Kyle Ord, Red Cloud, was participating in the Sportsman Class of the event. Kyle started in the first row, outside position for his heat race. He finished in first place. In the feature race for the Sportsman Class, Kyle started in the seventh position; however, after a couple of restarts due to caution flags, Kyle was unable to avoid hitting another racecar that had spun out in front of him. Kyle’s racecar did a couple of flips and landed on its side. Neither the car nor Kyle were damaged, but because of the car having overturned, according to Jayhusker rules, Kyle was unable to finish the race. It was a disappointing evening for Kyle and his race fans. One bright spot was that Kyle was called to the announcer’s booth for an interview because of him holding the number one spot in points for the Sportsman Class. Also racing on Saturday evening was Haidyn Hansen, North Platte, granddaughter of Tom Harris. Haidyn started in the fourth position in her heat race and finished in second place. Bob Hines also attended the races on Saturday night.

Pastor Les Ellis opened the Sunday morning worship service at the Burr Oak United Methodist Church with the welcome and announcements. The Apostles Creed was followed by the Call to Worship. “A Hope for Us” was the title of Pastor Ellis’ message with Jeremiah 31:31-34 chosen as scripture for the message. Communion was prepared by Pat Anderson and served social distancing. Concerns for Mike Ellis were shared and prayers again for the unrest of the country. Judy Ost shared a special reading. Just Stopping By” was the moral of the story. Fellowship time was hosted by Pat Anderson.

Following the opening portions of the Sunday morning service at the Burr Oak Christian Church, Penny Turner took Brynlee Manning and Savannah Warrelmann to the basement for a Sunday School lesson. Pastor Richard Cox’s message for the morning was entitled “Labor Day 2020.” His selected scripture reading was Colossians 3:23-24. Labor Day is supposed to be a day of rest from our labors; however, many people still have to report to work that day, just like any other day. Labor is a necessary thing even though many people go to work not being really happy about it. This scripture says that whatever we do, we are to work at work. And whatever work we do, we are to throw ourselves into it with our whole heart. The work we do is meant to glorify the Lord. Ultimately, we have to answer to the Lord for the work we do and if we have pleased him, we have nothing to worry about. With the joy of Christ within us, whatever we work at will be a joy as well.

The yearly Garman Reunion was held on Sunday, Sept. 6. Hosts were Oren and Carla Underwood at their country home. Representing the Lee Garman family were Oren and Carla, Alma Garman, Quentin and Waude Underwood, Sam, Brenda and Noah Eakins; from the Lynn Garman family, Alyce and Darrel Colfelt and Gloria and Richard Schlaefil; from the Lloyd Garman family were Dan and Vycke Garman; and from the Earl Garman family were Gary and Carol Garman, John Garman, Mary Foley, Colin Foley and Mike and Mindy Kilgore, Bennington. A pot luck meal was enjoyed followed by an afternoon of visiting and games.

Sunday afternoon found Cliff and Glenny Barnes once again accompanying Jeff, Diana, Kasy, Alexis, and Kooper Ord to Washington, Kan., for the second night of Micro Madness in the Midwest racing at the Washington County Speedway. Kyle Ord was once again racing and with much better results than on Saturday night. In his heat race, Kyle started in the second row, outside position, and finished in second place which qualified him to compete in the pole dash race later. In the pole dash which was made up of the top three finishers in the two heat races, Kyle again started on the second row, outside position. In the six-lap pole dash, Kyle moved up to the third place, then the second place and going into turn three on the sixth and final lap of the race, he took over first place for the win. This qualified him for the pole position for the feature race. In the feature race, starting from the pole position, Kyle took the lead as the green flag signaled the start of the race and never gave it up for all 20 laps of the race. With his win on Sunday evening, Kyle should retain his number one position according to the overall points standings.

On Monday, Amy Reed, Cody and Renita Volker welded some metal sunflowers together. Amy is planning on a painting day soon.

Bella Volker attended the lake festivities with Jada Beach and friends.

Government commodities will be delivered in Burr Oak at the Christian Church on Wednesday. Recipients will be notified by phone the day before. Pick up time will be around 9 a.m. and recipients are asked to please stop by to pick up the commodities as promptly as possible, or to make arrangements for their commodities to be picked up by someone, so volunteer workers don’t have to sit and wait for a lengthy amount of time.


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