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October 1, 2020

It’s busy on the farm right now. Just like a squirrel preparing for winter, the farmers are trying to wrap up most of their farm work before winter sets in. It’s fall harvest time. The first day of fall arrived as the calendar presented that warning. However, last week’s temperatures were telling another story as they reached well into the 90s. This week’s temperatures showed the predicted cool fronts have arrived. The sun now sets earlier and the nights are showing temperatures down into the 40s. Weather reports say a frost is possible before week’s end. I’m not ready for that yet as I am enjoying my flowers. Some gardeners are saying their tomatoes are now beginning to produce.

The country road past our farmstead is well traveled and with the lack of rains, the dust if flying. Combines are moving from field to field as soybean and corn harvests have come. Tractors pulling balers are whizzing by on their way to put up the last alfalfa crop or cane to feed the livestock during the winter months. Semi trucks travel the roadways filled with the harvested crops moving towards the farmer’s grain bins or to the local elevators. Some of the truckers have long waits at the elevators then it’s a hurry to get back to the fields as another load may be ready to transport. Combines are heard in the fields starting mid day and going late. Tractors pulling drills are moving down the country roads as wheat planting begins. Pickups rush by pulling stock trailers as farmers are starting to move cattle back to home lots and pastures nearer to the farmsteads. Corn harvest is starting, and later it will be time to harvest milo and the sunflowers. These are times to be alert while driving on the country roads.

In the distance, around the West Limestone Creek, the leaves on some of the trees are beginning to yield fall colors. The local pumpkin patches are supplied with plenty of offerings to begin decorating for the fall season. Many have made a trip to their favorite pumpkin patches.

It’s time to prepare for winter, but I hope for an Indian Summer where the fall warmth holds out a while longer. As I search my recipes, I decide to bake something timely for fall and end up making pumpkin cup cakes. The fall wreath is hung near the front door, and pumpkins are placed on the patio tables and porch steps. It’s a wonderful time to be outdoors enjoying the fall sunshine and the views of the blooming colorful mums and country landscape. As I sit out on the porch drinking my second cup of coffee, I hear rustling coming from the tall cane field across the road from our farm house. What a surprise, as I notice some calves peeping out of the cane stalks. Our neighbor must have decided to put some of his livestock out into that field and for the next month or so I will be able to enjoy seeing the cattle as they wander through eating in their tasty cane maze.


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