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Lady Cats win St. Cecilia tournament 4th year in a row


October 8, 2020

Shayla Meyer (12), Superior, sends the ball back across the net as Emma Henderson (11) looks on. The Superior Wildcats won the Bluehawks volleyball tournament, Thursday, at Hastings Saint Cecilia.

SHS vs. Wood River

The Lady Cats came out strong against Wood River and beat them in the first set 25-4. The second set was a tougher match. The Cats hit a few key balls out of bounds and made some defensive mistakes. Wood River also had some very aggressive cross court shots that the Wildcats could not stop. In the third set, right side hitters moved their block in toward the middle of the court and along with their middle blockers , Alexa Cox and Cailyn Barry, they were able to shut down the outside attack. Sadie Rempel had two aces and Ella Gardner, five aces and got Wood River out of system with their low-to-the tape aggressive serves. Cailyn Barry led the team with 26 total jump serves and tallied four aces, also for the Wildcats.

Game statistics and scoring: 14 -25; 26-24 and 19-25.

Cailyn Barry: seven kills of 12 attacks, four aces of 26 serves, two blocks, one dig, two sets.

Alexa Cox: two kills of two attacks, two blocks.

Laci Kirchhoff: two attacks, four serves, two digs, two sets, four serve receives.

Sierra Blackburn: three kills of 11 attacks; 11 serves, seven digs, 20 assists of 36 sets, six serve receives.

Ella Gardner: four kills of six attacks, five aces of 18 serves, two block, five digs, 14 assists of 34 sets.

Emma Henderson: nine attacks, one assist of two sets, one serve receive.

Shayla Meyer: 19 kills of 37 attacks, three aces of 14 serves, two blocks, 10 digs, one assist of five sets, 14 serve receives.

Atlee Kobza: two serves, 12 digs, 16 serve receives.

Madison Heusinkvelt: one kill of two attacks, one block, 12 digs.

Teegan Duncan: one kill of two attacks, one assist of one set.

Sadie Rempel: one kill of one attack, two aces of two serves, four digs, one assist of one set, six serve receives.

SHS vs. Heartland

The Lady Cats served aggressively against Heartland and got them out of system many times in the match. Alexa Cox had two blocks back-to- back that sparked some excitement from the Lady Cats right before a Heartland time out. Sierra Blackburn tallied several kills from the outside hitter position, an adjustment the Wildcats have been trying with their rotations. For the second and final set, Teegan Duncan, Ella Gardner and Shayla Meyer all attacked and scored in the first eight points. Cailyn Barry then went on a serving streak and the team played well together. Brooklyn Grabast had an assist and a pair of good serves to score points 23 and 24. The Wildcats finished game two with the score 25 to 10 and the Wildcats continue to improve each week.

Statistics and scoring: 21-10; 25-25.

Cailyn Barry: two kills of six attacks, seven serves, three digs, two sets.

Alexa Cox: six attacks, three blocks, two digs.

Sierra Blackburn: two kills of six attacks, six serves, three digs, 15 assists of 28 sets, two serve receives.

Brooklynn Grabast: three serves, one assist of one set.

Ella Gardner: three kills of six attacks, five serves, six digs, eight assists of 20 sets.

Emma Henderson: one kill of three attacks.

Shayla Meyer: 16 kills of 24 attacks, two aces of 10 serves, two blocks, 11 digs, one set, 11 serve receives.

Atlee Kobza: one attack, three serves, 11 digs, six serve receives.

Teegan Duncan: one kill, five attacks, two sets.

Sadie Rempel: one ace of 11 serves, six digs, one set, two serve receives.

SHS vs. Cross County

Cross County (12-5) gave the Wildcats quite the challenge on Thursday night in the second round of the St. Cecilia tournament. The Cats came out firing away with aggressive attacks and aggressive serves. Their energy was electric in the first set. Sierra Blackburn and Sadie Rempel led the Cats from the serving line with 20 and 17 serves in the match. Both tallied two aces. Cailyn Barry added 14 serves and three aces. Shayla Meyer led the team with 22 kills and Atlee Kobza led the defense, with 12 digs. Neah McMeen subbed in to serve and did a great job. The Wildcats didn't play as strong in the second set, but fought their way back to a 28 - 26 victory in the third set. All of the above comments came from Coach Blevins.

Statistics and scoring: 25-15; 18-25 and 28-26.

Cailyn Barry: six kills of 10 attacks, three aces of 14 serves, four blocks, five digs.

Alexa Cox: two attacks.

Sierra Blackburn: four kills of eight attacks, two aces of 20 serves, seven digs, 22 assists of 41 sets, two serve receives.

Neah McMeen: two serves.

Ella Gardner: two kills of six attacks, eight serves, three blocks, five digs, 14 assists of 27 sets.

Emma Henderson: three kills of eight attacks, one block, one dig, two sets.

Shayla Meyer: 23 kills of 51 attacks, six serves, three blocks, nine digs, six sets of seventeen serve receives.

Atlee Kobza: three attacks, three serves, 12 digs, two assists of three sets, 21 serve receives.

Sadie Rempel: two aces of 17 serves, four digs, four sets, 10 serve receives.

Championship Match

Superior Lady Cats won the championship at the St. Cecila Tournament for the fourth consecutive year. Coach Blevins observed, "St. Cecilia had two very tall hitters that could really pound the ball. They ran a quick offense and really challenged the communication of the front row blockers. St. Cecilia scored on few points off the 'zone four up,' but the team made a few blocking adjustments and started to single block middle, which allowed the left side blocker to sneak off the met an pick up the tip. That happened in a key moment at the end of the third set. Ella Gardner had a perfectly timed setter attack from the front row and Madison Heusinkvelt subbed in and did a great job helping out at middle blocker against a quick offense."

Statistic and scoring: 26-24; 17-25 and 25-20.

Cailyn Barry: three kills of 13 attacks, one ace of 11 serves, one block, two digs, one assist of one set.

Alexa Cox: one kill of one attack, one block, one dig.

Sierra Blackburn: three kills of seven attacks, 14 serves, one block, 11 digs, 12 assists of 27 sets, four serve receives.

Superior Wildcat, Atlee Kobza (15) digs out the volleyball during the Bluehawks volleyball tournament, Thursday, at Hastings Saint Cecilia.

Ella Gardner: two kills of nine attacks, two aces of eight serves, 12 assists of 36 sets.

Emma Henderson: one kill of five attacks one block, three digs, five sets.

Shayla Meyer: 13 kills of 43 attacks, one ace of 12 serves, two blocks, 10 digs, two sets, 17 serve receives.

Atlee Kobza: one spike, four serves, eight digs, one set, 17 serve receives.

Madison Heusinkvelt: one set.

Sadie Rempel: two kills of two attacks, one ace of 15 serves, four digs, one set, three serve receives.

The Lady Cats Reserve Triangular was at home on Monday.

SHS hosted Minden on Tuesday.

They travel to Heartland at Henderson today (Thursday) at 5 p.m.,

SHS hosts Sandy Creek on Tuesday, at 5 p.m., and Thayer Central at 5 p.m., on Thursday, Oct. 15, Parents' Night.


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