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December 24, 2020

This past week has been a bust. Thursday morning, as I climbed from my bed, I immediately fell back onto it. Vertigo is a horrible thing. I thought the sensation would pass, but by afternoon it was evident that it would not. I’ve had this before, but I don’t remember it being so persistent and lasting for so long. Typically the dizziness is a side effect from a sinus infection I ignored for too long and remedied with anti-inflammatories and decongestants.

After taking an unexpected seat on the living room floor, attempting to pull the chain on the light, I called the doctor’s office. They told me to do what I was already doing and said if it didn’t go away in a few days to call back. I assumed it would settle out on its own, so I took my meds, flushed my sinuses, steamed my head and used my Vic’s and the vaporizer. Over the weekend, it became apparent this was not my normal crud, so today, I called up the doc and am now scheduled to see him tomorrow afternoon.

In an attempt to get some immediate relief from the constant spinning, I went to visit the chiropractor. Everything went normal until he got to my neck. He said it was tight and couldn’t believe I didn’t have a headache. The sound my neck made when he popped it into place was terrifying but felt relieving. It sounded like my neck broke. Long story short, my back feels great, my neck feels longer and my world is still spinning.

George is enjoying his new job, and if it wasn’t for the spinning in my head and the fact that it’s Christmas break for the kids, I would be enjoying having the house to myself. Robert came home early. That boy changes his mind more than the Nebraska weather! He has made himself right at home, leaving a disaster in his path. The boy eats like he’s been starved, and his coats and shoes are everywhere! If I wasn’t tripping over my own feet, I wouldn’t mind as much. Jacob is enjoying being grounded once again. All I can say is when you play dumb games, you win dumb prizes.

George will go to pick up our Omaha boys, Jack and Nicholas, on Saturday, and my daughter, Alisha, and her “hubby” should be arriving sometime that day as well. We’re going to have them stacked like cordwood again this holiday. I just hope that my world stops spinning before I have a houseful. X’s & O’s.


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