January 21, 2021

One of several tumbleweeds blowing through Lawrence and visiting the Ostdiek home this fall. Iʼve never seen weeds this large.

I'd like to report I got shot Monday . . . but I'm doing just fine. The same happened to Nancy and she is doing just fine as well.

You see, with all the talk about the COVID-19 vaccine and the "who, what, where and why" of getting it out to the people, we call the VA Thursday. They put us on a list and we were called Sunday and told to be in Grand Island at the VA clinic Monday afternoon.

We did and in less than 25 minutes we were in, got our vaccine shot, waited the required 20 minutes to see if we had a reaction, and left for home.

Veterans, may call 866-580-1810. You will have to follow the "menu", but they put us on the list for Grand Island and that was that.

For 'non-veterans' contact the South Heartland Health District in Hastings and they will guide you.

As they say, "I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in."


The subject most talked about locally (across Nebraska at least) has been the wind.

Good ole Mother Nature put the wind in motion last Thursday and Friday and, although most Nebraskans are familiar with Nebraska winds, last week will be remembered for some time. Across Nebraska at least a dozen "wild fires" were spread across the state, one prompting the town of Benkelman to be evacuated for a while before the blaze was under control.

To me this two day wind storm surely qualifies for the record book. However, the wind reminded me of a little quote that Don Pohlmeier was always fond of. It went something like: "One day the wind quit blowing in Nebraska and . . . everyone fell down."

The winds of last Thursday and Friday reminded me of the older generation talking about "Fire Breaks." Farmers would plow a strip of land around their home place to leave a strip of barren earth to stop any prairie fires. One of the largest grass fires, close to home, in current history started west of Highway 78 North West of Guide Rock last Thursday. It traveled at least 11 miles southeast to near Bostwick jumping both Highway 78 and 136, being stopped not far from the Republican River.

We're thankful for all the men and women who were able to work to stop the blaze and grateful that no one was seriously injured and no farms were destroyed.

Talk about winds . . . do you remember "tumbleweeds" ? ? ?

I'm not sure the younger generation has much experience with them. I know for many recent years I have not seen many. However, with all the wind storms this fall and winter, I've been visited by a few.

Those that come to visit have not been your average tumbleweeds either. The ones blown up against our fence are large. Below is shown one of two that blew onto our yard this year in one wind storm. To demonstrate its size, I took the picture after I stood the tumbleweed in the doorway of the garage. More than seven foot tall and four feet wide.

Does anyone remember the 1930s song "Tumbling Tumbleweeds?"



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