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It's slick out there so "Walk like a Penguin"


January 28, 2021

The home of Janice Culberson, located on the corner of North Wheeler and West Gourlay streets in Nelson, makes for a pretty backdrop against the falling snow on Monday afternoon. The home once served as a hospital. Snow accumulation was between four and six inches at the time this photo taken around noon on Monday. Nelson residents who were unable to stay in during the storm reported white out conditions and snow covered roadways. One resident stated that during the commute home, they were unable to determine what lane they were driving in and that a normally 15 minute drive took more than an hour.

Winter has finally arrived, and in true fashion – slick surfaces are covered by plenty of snow. And whether you are walking in your driveway, on the sidewalk or on the farm doing chores, it's slick out there!

People of all ages fall on slick surfaces and are injured – some fatally - during winter weather.

Nelson Rescue Squad would like to remind you to be careful in these weather conditions. First of all, dress properly. Wear non-slip footwear – preferably with rubber soles. Do not wear leather, plastic or similar footwear that would only make things worse.

Beware of black ice. It's just as slick, but difficult to see.

Walk like a penguin. Take short, shuffling steps and walk flatfooted – not on your toes. Use a wide stance and bend slightly at the knees to lower your center of gravity.

Carry as little as necessary and keep your hands out of your pockets to help with balance. Even consider carrying a cane or walking stick to even better help balance yourself as you walk.

If you fall, bend your knees and back, and try to land on your side or back while keeping your head and arms from breaking your fall.

And even if it's not slick, dress properly. Wear layers of loose-fitting clothing, cover as much exposed skin as possible, and don't stay out in cold temperatures for extended periods of time. If you are shoveling snow or doing other strenuous work, take frequent breaks.

We needed moisture and sure enough, it came as snow, so let's be careful out there! But if you do fall, experience chest pain while shoveling

snow, or have any medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1! We are just a phone call away!


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