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Lady Raiders win two of three games last week


January 28, 2021

Emily Miller scores two of her game and season high 27 points against Parkview Christian last week in the game played on the York College gym in York. Here, she beat the opponents to the rim under the watchful eye of the official. (Photo courtesy of Denise Mazour.)

The L-N Lady Raiders won two games last week and provided a range of emotions for themselves, coaches and fans. Excitement was high in a thrilling win over Deshler; excitement was missing when they lost to Diller-Odell and then a satisfying victory came at the end of the week with a win over Lincoln's Parkview Christian.

The girl's record stands at 7-9 as the conference tournament comes up next week and the state playoffs are just not that far in the future. The game summaries:

L-N – DESHLER: 41-40: The first game of last week began with a home game against Deshler. As you noticed the score, the game was that exciting . . . right down to the final second of the game.

L-N 6 10 10 15 – 41

Deshler 8 5 12 15 – 40

The Lady Raiders led almost all of the game giving up that advantage for a little while at the end of the first period and then for a while in the 4th quarter. Several things stand out for the game as a whole: Emily Miller scored a season high 23 points for the game; Avery Mazour scored a season high ten points via hitting 3-5, 3-pt. shots; and Elsa Jorgensen scored two points, but what two points they were.

It wasn't a two or three player win either as the girls recorded a near high number of steals and held their own turnovers to a tolerable number.

I'm guessing . . . if it wasn't for the covid fan restrictions, the roof would been rattling at the end of the game.

Quarter 1: Emily, Emma and Aleah all scored on steals. Deshler went ahead on a 3-pt. shot not long before the buzzer sounded.

Quarter 2: L-N tied and then regained the lead early in this period. The Raider's defense held Deshler scoreless for the last half of the period: Score: 16-13.

Quarter 3: For sheer basketball excitement and fun, this quarter would be the one to pick out for the season. The lead only changed hands once, however, the score was tied three times and there were five jump ball tie-ups. L-N went scoreless from the field during the final six minutes, but Emily M. and Emma hit 5-6 free throws to keep the lead at the end of the period. (Emily M. scored two free throws with the clock reading :01.) Score: 26-25.

Quarter 4: Field goals were at a minimum in this period. Emma and Avery both canned 3-pt. shots to start the period and L-N built a five point, 32-27, lead in the first minute and a half. However, Deshler scored a quick seven points and earned a 34-32 lead. From there on, the game revolved around the free throw line and the alternating possession rules. Deshler had a 38-34 lead with 1:21 on the clock. Emily M. made two free throws and Deshler one. So with 11.8 on the clock, Deshler led 39-36. Emily M. made two more free throws with 11.1 on the clock. Deshler made one of two from the charity stripe and with 08.9 on the clock Emily M. made one of two with and L-N trailed 39-40.

The arrow for possession pointed to L-N as a 'jump-ball' was called with 04.9 on the clock and L-N took the ball out under their own basket. In those 4.9 seconds Elsa Jorgensen passed the ball inbounds to Emma Epley who looked for someone to pass to since she was covered by Deshler. Elsa sort of slid under the basket and received the pass and scored as the buzzer went off.

Several players had a very good night against Deshler, but the victory was a 'team' victory and many girls contributed in way we reporters don't always see. Emily M. and Avery M. scored 33 of the 41 points. Avery's 3-5, 3-pt. shots were a high for her; Emma four steals was a high for her and Emily M.'s six steals was a second high. The 11-18 free throws (61 percent) was a season high when shooting over ten free throws in a game.

(Scoring, rebounds, assists): Tori Miller 0, 1, 0; Emily Miller 23, 8, 1; Aleah Heikkinen 0, 4, 1; Avery Mazour 10, 3, 2; Elsa Jorgensen 2, 3, 2: Emma Epley 6, 5, 3; Sydney Biltoft 0, 0, 0.L-N: 41, 25, 9; Deshler: 40, ?, ?.

Three points shots: L-N 4-8: Avery 3-5, Emma 1-3. Deshler: 4-14.

Free throws: L-N 11-18: Emily M. 9-14; Avery 1-2; Emma 1-2; Deshler: 10-19.

Fouls: L-N; 15; Deshler: 12.

L-N – DILLER-ODELL: 29-47: Well, the magic of Tuesday did not roll over to the Thursday encounter with Diller-Odell (DO). It was one of those games where "things" just did not go well.

L-N 5 13 6 5 - 29

D-O 9 11 19 8 - 47

The first half of play was fairly even. L-N's second period saw them shoot almost 50 percent from the field and L-N trailed only two points at the half time break.

The third period seemed to be the deciding period for the game. The Raiders had trouble handling DO full court pressing defense; L-N's shots would go in the hoop, roll around a while and then come back out; DO made a high percentage of their shots . . . all things that spelled defeat for L-N.

For the game, the girls did not have the worst game of the season in shooting percentage, but it was lower than average. DO had a decided advantage in rebounding.

(Scoring, rebounds, assists): Tori Miller 0, 3, 0; Emily Miller 15, 7, 0; Aleah Heikkinen 2, 3, 3; Avery Mazour 3, 1, 0; Emily Troudt 0, 0, 0; McKenzie Ostdiek 0, 0, 0: Elsa Jorgensen 0, 5, 0: Emma Epley 7, 1, 0; Katelyn Mazour 2, 0, 0; Jessica Sole 0, 0, 0; Sydney Biltoft 0, 0, 0; L-N: 29, 20, 3; Diller-Odell (No stats)

Three points shots: L-N: 2-14: Avery 1-5, Emma 1-2.

Free throws: L-N 3-13: Jessica 0-1, Emily M. 3-6, Avery 0-2, Katelyn 0-4.

Fouls: L-N 15.

L/N – PARKVIEW CHRISTIAN: 54-33: Victory No. 2 of last week came about via a trip to York College to play the Parkview Christian School from Lincoln.

L-N 19 6 11 18 – 54

Parkview 9 12 5 7 - 33

The first period of the game set the tone for the game and gave the Lady Raiders a little lea-way to operate. Parkview did make a come-back attempt before L-N shot almost 70 percent from the field in the final quarter to secure the win.

A couple of factors were very helpful in winning the game. First off, as a team, field goal shooting was good, not the best of the season, but good. Secondly, Emily M. hit a season high 27 points and earned her 7th double-double with 10 rebounds. Thirdly, Aleah scored in double figures for the first time this season and had a season high rebounds with 6.

Everyone on the team contributed as well as shown by the season high number of Assists at 17 and with rebounding spread amongst nine players.

(Scoring, rebounds, assists): Tori Miller 4, 3, 2; Emily Miller 27, 10, 0; Aleah Heikkinen 11, 6, 2; Avery Mazour 0, 1, 0; Emily Troudt 0, 0, 0; McKenzie Ostdiek 0, 0, 0: Elsa Jorgensen 0, 3, 3: Emma Epley 9, 7, 8; Katelyn Mazour 3, 2, 2; Alex Miller 0, 1, 0; Sydney Biltoft 0, 1, 0. L/N 54, 34, 17;

Three points shots: L-N 2-12: Emma 1-4, Katelyn 1-2; Parkview: 4-17.

Free throws: L-N 4-10: Emily M. 3-7, Aleah 1-3; Parkview 9-24.

Fouls: L-N; 20; Parkview 9.

There are two games this week. On Tuesday night, the girls played Blue Hill and on Thursday Silver Lake comes to Nelson. The TVC tournament begins on Saturday.


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