Raiders capture wins in conference tourney

Raiders win in Conference Tourney


February 4, 2021

There’s that old saying: “What a difference a day can make . . .”

For the L-N Raider Basketball Team you might note that it’s not a day, but maybe 17 days or so.

The Twin Valley Conference Tournament (TVC) is now in full swing and for the #6 seeded L-N team that meant playing the no. 3 seeded Kenesaw team. The same Kenesaw team that beat L-N by 23 points about 17 days ago and helped push the Raiders into a four game period of losing games.

However, when the two teams met for the first game in the TVC, played at Silver Lake, there was a bit of a difference in the outcome. The game summary:

L-N – KENESAW: 40-38: Yes, the game was as interesting as the final score might indicate. Scoring by quarter shows wide scoring runs:

L-N 7 18 10 5 – 40

Kenesaw 11 14 1 12 – 38

Kenesaw scored off the opening tip-off and made their first four shots in the game, soon leading 8-4. However, Tyson Kotinek came in the game and quickly rippled a 3-pt. shot. The period ended with Kenesaw leading 11-7.

Quarter 2: By now the Raiders were getting familiar with the Kenesaw aggressive play and countered it with some of their own. Kenesaw built an eight point lead with about two minutes left in the period when the Raiders went on an 8-0 scoring run to tie the game at half time. L-N has found that old fashioned “Give-and-Go” play and used it effectively in this period. Krayton scored early in the period on this play on a feed by Keith and Logan did the same off a feed by Tyson. (Both resulted in the old fashioned 3-pt. play as well.)

L-N post players, Miller and Wroughton were also limited in playing time due to fouls. However, “Raider Basketball” was being played and the half time score was 25-25.

Quarter 3: Trevor broke the tie early in this period with a free throw and Logan, Krayton and Tyson added points either on drives to the basket, or 3-pt. shots. Did you notice above that Kenesaw scored only one point in this period? The Raider defense and overall rebounding aided greatly in this cause.

Quarter 4: The 4th period was as interesting as the first three. Logan’s rebound and put-back were the only points L-N scored in the first 7:15 minutes of this period. Kenesaw hit 4 of 7 shots early to close the score to just a two point deficit for them. They tied the score at 37-37 with just over a minute to play. Logan scored on a 3-pt. shot with 45 second on the clock and give L-N a 40-37 lead. Kenesaw made a free throw with 5 seconds on the clock, but missed the second free throw and had to watch as the Raiders ran out the clock.

The obvious observation can be made that the game was determined by free throws. L-N was 3-4 and Kenesaw was 4-13. While that may seem true, a lot of other issues also contributed. The primary improvement of the boys has been a more aggressive offense. Successful drives to the basket, better passing and more open shots were all better than they were 17 days ago. The Raiders are not a “tall” team, but rebounding has been essential to this three game victory streak.

Logan was the game’s high scorer with 25 points and he recorded a double/double with ten rebounds. Krayton had nine points, Tyson 5 and Trevor 1. Keith had three assists and Trevor had nine rebounds.

(Scoring, rebounds, assists): Trevor Biltoft 1, 9, 0; Cole Troudt 0, 0, 2; Peyton Mazour 0, 0, 0; Krayton Kucera 9, 3, 1; Logan Menke 25, 10, 0; Tyson Kotinek 5, 1, 0; Blake Wroughton 0, 4, 1; Keith Miller 0, 2, 3; Keaton Mazour 0, 0, 0; Erik Wheeland 0, 0, 0; L-N 40, 29, 7; Kenesaw 38, 28, 7.

Three points shots: L-N 5-16: Logan 4-6, Tyson 1-1; Kenesaw 4-19.

Free throws: L-N 3-4; Logan 1-1, Krayton 1-1, Trevor 1-2; Kenesaw 4-13.

Fouls: L-N 20; Kenesaw 11

The boys will play Silver Lake Thursday at Shelton starting at 7:30 p.m.


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