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February 18, 2021

Word travels fast in a small community, so it’s likely not news to many of you that my husband and I had COVID. The hubby tested positive on Feb. 2, and me on the 5th. The teenager’s test came back negative. He has been isolated in his room. We all had to wear masks when he was out in the house’s common areas. I think it may have been better had he tested positive because now he will have to quarantine longer, seeing how he has been exposed.

My symptoms were what I could only describe as severe hay fever and exhaustion. I’m not running a fever or having any difficulties breathing, but the headaches were and still are relentless. Simple tasks such as making supper or washing dishes are tiresome. I did notice a few times my eyesight was off. It was difficult to focus on anything, even with my reading glasses. Another odd symptom for me is everything tastes like salt. I’m not sure that has anything to do with COVID, but it sure is annoying.

My husband’s symptoms were that of a bad head cold. He ran a low-grade fever off and on for the duration of his quarantine. Just as he thought he was in the clear, he lost his sense of smell. He is still feeling worn out, but I can tell he is feeling better.

Nothing tastes right to me except sweets! So as you can imagine, I have gained weight. George, on the other hand, has lost weight. He hasn’t had much of an appetite, and I have been too tired to cook much. On the other hand, my son has been living on pizza rolls, Dr Pepper, and leftovers. We are thankful for the friends who have left little care packages on our porch for him. He brought his dishes out of his room last night, six plates, four bowls, seven glasses and most of our silverware. I had been wondering where all the dishes had gone but was too tired to care. LOL!

Other than being unusually tired with a horrible headache, the worst part of this has been cabin fever and boredom. I think we have watched every decent movie that is online and even a few of the bad ones. As bored as we have been, we haven’t had the energy to do much of anything. I am dreading having to clean and sanitize...again! X’s & O’s.


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