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February 25, 2021

Even though there is still white stuff in the forecast, spring is on its way! I noticed a tulip pushing through the earth near my foundation and the tiniest buds on my lilac bushes. I enjoy watching nature come back to life. I can’t wait for the morning when I am awakened by a bunch of birds chirping.

I’m excited about the warmer weather. I hope with this new vaccine folks are getting we can get back to somewhat of the regularly scheduled programming. My hope is I can get back into the world to report and write. COVID season has been pretty hard for the newspaper biz!

Track season will be starting soon, and I can’t wait to get out and take some photos. Denise Mazour has been taking basketball photo’s this year, and I am thankful for her. I am hoping she will be at the track meets so we can catch up a bit. Jacob is looking forward to pole-vaulting, but I have mixed feelings about this. It is a cool sport, but at the same time a little dangerous, and we weren’t able to go to any camps this summer or last. I don’t know why he has to push the envelope. Oh wait, he’s my kid, that’s why! LOL! Dad said I jumped headfirst right into the fire, so why wouldn’t my son.

The Nelson pool will be open this year, and I’m looking forward to water aerobics and all the women who join me. I’m even excited about early spring pool cleaning. There is something about turning an icky mess into a body of clear sparkling water that gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Although this year, I won’t be doing as much of that work as I have in the past. I’m hoping it will be a pop-in and check on things type job. Jacob is hoping to be a guard, and I’m not sure he would do well with me as his boss. Several guards applying have helped me get the pool up and running in the past, so they know what needs to be done.

I have so many plans for the spring through fall; I don’t think I will accomplish them all. Numeral uno on my list is getting the yard at our other house on fourth street cleaned up and under control. My army boys will be home over spring break, so my hope is they will help me some. If I could get myself healthy and stay that way for more than a day or two, things would be better. I’m still waiting on an MRI to figure out what’s making me dizzy.

I went to the doctor for one thing, and they found 10 other things wrong with me. They did a nerve conduction test. I don’t recommend this test! The shocking part wasn’t terrible but being stabbed with a needle in the nerve is no fun! Anyway, it was to see why I had weakness in my right arm, and sure enough, it’s nerve damage. Likely cause by a bulged disk in my neck. That injury happened in 2009 or 2010, and that particular doctor didn’t see any need to do anything about it. So here I sit at 43, feeling pretty worthless. Anyway, thanks for joining my pity party! X’s & O’s.


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