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Susan M. Rogers


Susan M. Rogers serves as the Nuckolls County assessor. She ran for this position when the former assessor announced her retirement in 2010. Rogers is serving her third term as county assessor.

Susan and her husband, Keith, were both born and raised in Nuckolls County. They have been married for 35 years and have four grown children and 12 grandchildren.

Susan was raised on a farm in southwest Nuckolls County. She enjoys hunting, fishing and time outdoors. She said, "The best time spent is with family!"

The county assessor's office is in charge equalizing the value of properties across Nuckolls County. Values are generally based on how similar properties are selling. Every year the accessor's office reviews a portion of the county to compare if their valuation of a certain class of property is equalized with sales that are reflective of said classes of property. This is done on a 6-year rotation cycle.

Assessors have state statutes and regulations they are required to follow when assessing properties. These are followed to remain in compliance with the laws of the State of Nebraska. The assessor's office also processes personal property schedules, completes and submits Homestead applications to the state, along with a host of various other duties and responsibilities.

The assessor''s office is usually the least "favorite" office of all in the county. Rogers hopes to change the image of the office by striving to have accurate records. She said, "This task will involve help from the taxpayers by providing us with accurate information. We can only be as fair in our assessment as the information we have. Our staff is courteous and friendly. After all, we are paid by the taxpayers. We need to be respectful and fair to everyone. We encourage people if they ever have questions, do not hesitate to stop by or contact our office."


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