Superior Elementary pupils raise $12,000 for Heart Fund

SES holds fund-raiser for the American Heart Association


April 15, 2021

The Superior Elementary school has ended their fund raiser which netted more than $12,000 the American Heart Association. Teachers volunteered to be Slimed by students who raised at least $100. Volunteers who were slimed were Doug Hoins, Jodi Fierstein, jacob Nannen, Taylor Scheele, Krista Scott, Sara Fuller. Rebecca Fullerton, Sonia West, Rachel Renz and Luke Chadwell.

SES holds fund-raiser for the American Heart Association

Superior Elementary School held their second annual fund-raiser for the American Heart Association. The school raised $600 for the organization last year.

Luke Chadwell said, "Last year we had our fund-raiser right before school was shut down. Our final day was the day school was cancelled.

This year the students were given the incentive to "Slime a teacher." For each $100 raised by a student, they earned the opportunity to 'slime a teacher'. Staff members who volunteered to be slimees were Doug Hoins, Jodi Fierstein, Jacob Annen, Taylor Scheele, Krisha Scott, Sara Fuller, Rebecca Fullerton, Luke Chadwell, Sonia West and Rachel Renz.

Pictures of the teachers were placed on posters a few weeks prior to fund-raising kick-off. These were placed on the walls inside the school.

The fund-raiser kicked off Monday, March 22 and concluded Thursday, April 1. The first day, students raised more than $1,000. When Chadwell reported the results to the students their competitive spirit kicked in. The students wanted to see just how much money they could raise. When the fund-raiser was over, more than $12,000 had been raised.

Of the 70 students who raised money, 50 earned the opportunity to 'slime a teacher' .

Emmett Gentry raised more than $1,200. He utilized his Team Emmett group on Facebook. The group came into being last year when Gentry was fighting endocarditis. He was facing his fourth open heart surgery. He was excited to raise money to help other children such as himself whose life includes cardiology appointments, echograms, EKG's and surgeries," according to his mother, Alicea Gentry.

Students who raised money will receive prizes from the American Heart Association.

The physical education department will receive $2,000 of equipment from U.S. Games. The money raised is for the Kids Heart Challenge which helps fund research in child issues.

Other notable fund-raisers were Gracin Hiatt, $500. Jack Ray and Ainsley Quinn raised between $400 and $500. Raising between $300 and $400 were Zeppelyn Webber, Blakely Chadwell and Levi Gunn. There were 14 students who raised between $200 and $300.


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