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December 16, 2021

I think I need a vacation. Today was like every other Monday, and it began with crawling out of bed, drinking coffee, and finishing up all I had started the week before to be emailed to The Express for publication. On Mondays, I pick up the mail for the paper and take it to the office in Superior. While in the office, I pick up the paychecks for Cheryl and me, go to the bank, the grocery store, and take care of other various errands.

Driving back into town today, instead of turning to Cheryl’s to drop off her check, I drove back home. Once I pulled up to my house, I realized I still had her check, so I then headed back towards her home. Upon pulling up to my house once more, I realized I needed to make a call, so I did while it was on my mind. No one answered, so I left a message in hopes someone would call me back with the information needed for a story I am attempting to write.

Once I left the message, I gathered all my stuff and loaded my arms down with the groceries. After setting things down, I then started to go through the mail. That’s is when things got weird, I couldn’t remember if I took Cheryl’s check to her! I remembered leaving to drop it off and getting home. I have no memory of actually driving up to her house and placing it in her box. I called her, and sure enough, I had left it. Cheryl said I need a break. I’m wondering if I don’t need a padded room. Maybe all the paint fumes are finally getting to me!

Speaking of paint fumes, things are moving right along at the pit. I’ve decided not to worry about it being perfect for now. A friend of mine stopped by to chat one evening, picked up a brush, and helped me paint the bathroom. As we were chatting and painting, I mentioned I felt like I was never going to finish the things that needed to be done by the time we were planning to move in. I also mentioned how I was unhappy with the way some things were turning out. She said to me, “It’s an old house, hun, it’s not meant to be perfect.” That hit deep, it is an old house, and I rather enjoy working on it when I’m not feeling rushed. So I have decided that the walls will get a coat of primer for now, and I can continue to make the house “My kinda Perfect” one room at a time and try to enjoy the ride.

So far, the dining room and foyer are complete, and I am almost finished with the parlor for now. We will be starting on the kitchen this week, it won’t be completed when we move in, but we will make due. We have a bathroom and a toilet seat as of this weekend. So no more teetering on the edge of the rim for me! It really is the little things, X’s & O’s.


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