2022 Voter registration number for state is down

Election filing deadline is March 1; Voters number down from 2020


February 23, 2022

Elections are not complicated, but then . . . they are not as simple as some people think.

      There are deadlines.

      For the primary election this spring, the first deadline has passed and that was for incumbents who wanted to seek re-election. The second deadline come Tuesday, March 1. That is the deadline for anyone (non-incumbent) wishing to file for an elected position.

There are other deadlines throughout the election season. For voters, the next deadline is April 22, when a person needs to be registered in order to vote.

      This voter registration part of the system often is an interesting part of the process.

The Nebraska Secretary of State just released voter registration number for the State of Nebraska. The figures for Feb. 1, 2022 have declined compared to the November 2020 numbers. The numbers show the following: (Figures are comparing November 2020 to February 2022)

Statewide: Registered voters declined from 1,267,099 to 1,237,798, a drop of 29,301 registered voters.

Nuckolls County: A decline of 89 fewer voters. From 3,224 to 3.135.

Clay County: A decline of 73 fewer voters. From 4,275 to 4,202.

Webster County: A decline of 29 fewer voters. From 2,289 to 2,260.

Adams County: A decline of 411 fewer voters. From 19,875 to 19,464.

The breakdown of political affiliation is: Republican: 47.9 percent; Democrat: 28.5 percent; Independent: 21.9 percent.

The Secretary of State office did not give reasons for the decline.


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