Thrift store donates $40,000 to foundation

Nifty Thrifty donates $40,000 to BMH Foundation

Nifty Thrifty presented the Brodstone Memorial Hospital Foundation a $40,000 donation late last week. Nifty Thrifty saw a total of $79,992.51 in sales for the 2021 year. The foundation will use the donated funds to purchase and upgrade equipment throughout the hospital. Nifty Thrifty made a $55,000 donation last July during its 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Nifty Thrifty accepts donated items in good condition and sells them in their storefront. The annual funds raised by Nifty Thrifty are donated to the Brodstone Memorial Hospital Foundation. Since its doors opened in July of 1991, Nifty Thri...


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