There are times when we have appointments on both sides of the noon lunch time and we try to catch lunch somewhere in between.

Last week was one such time with medical appointments in the a.m. and in the p.m. in Grand Island. As such we found a place to eat and we found out that school really was over for the summer.

We enjoyed our food and watching the people around us, but, the place had a very heavy population of “children,” school age children.

They were all OK with no major problems, but it was an active lunch hour. Somebody was going someplace all the time.

Kids were just being kids, and people our age are just not use to being around them as much.

Life is life . . . enjoy it as it comes.


Another “Memorial Day” has come and gone in this year, 2022. I continue to be amazed.

I can’t comment on how the cities operate, but here in rural America, I am more and more impressed every year.

First off, years ago when we traveled more than we do now, I was glad to see all the small town’s cemeteries decorated. Now, here in small town Nebraska, the cemeteries seem to just explode in color and decorations for the day.

Here in Lawrence, the community merges a number of themes together. Other than the decorations, the day starts with a Mass, continues on with the recognition of the veterans buried in the cemeteries and this year ended with a “Flag Burning” ceremony and evening lunch at the American Legion Hall.

A mixture of religion, patriotism and community can’t be beat.

I thank all those who had a hand in making Memorial Day 2022 another successful day in our history.


2016 seems a long, long time ago to me, however, I still read and hear about people who are mad at the fact Donald Trump defeated Mrs. Clinton in the presidential election that year.

For me, I couldn’t be more thankful.

I have often noted that it wasn’t that I thought Trump was the world’s best candidate that year. It was just that Mrs. Clinton was maybe the very worse candidate and a choice between the two was not hard to make.

There has been more money spent ‘after’ that election than any other election in history. (At least that’s my opinion.)

It didn’t start with the investigation of Trump for his “Russian” ties, but there were millions of dollars spent with the result being there were no such connection between Trump and Russia.

Another part of this whole mess is on-going now and the Washington Examiner has printed the following:

No. 1: FBI agents confirmed the Department of Justice handed them faulty allegations that originated from Clinton Campaign attorney Michael Sussmann.

No. 2: The New York Post reported a top FBI official “testified he is 100 percent confident” Sussmann hid his political ties with Hillary Clinton.

No. 3: And now we know Hillary Clinton allegedly personally approved the Russia Hoax leak to the media.

The summary was: “Everything we’ve learned so far from the very beginning ties back to Clinton’s Campaign and the massive lies they’ve spread about President Trump.”

Just think of how close we came to electing someone of Clinton’s character to be president of our United States. I don’t know about you, but I’ll continue to be grateful most every day that she was not elected.



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