Permission granted for wrap around benches, planters

Supporters of the Superior Community have an opportunity to join with the Superior 3000 Foundation in a project to improve and beautify the downtown business district.

Earlier this year the foundation joined with the family of the late Bill Hill to place wrap-around benches and planters at the Fourth and Central intersection. Both have added to the downtown community and now permission has been obtained from the Superior City Council to expand the project.

The foundation has received approval to place at least 21 additional wrap around the pole benches in downtown Superior. Each is a four-foot round bench powered coat with black paint to match the light poles that were earlier added to the downtown. The benches will feature a personalized plaque which may be engraved "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" and a person's name

There are also approved locations for additional planters.

The planters and benches have been designed and are being built by Superior Industries, a business located in the Kottmeyer Business Park.

For more information about the benches and planters contact the Superior 3000 Foundation which shares office space with the Superior Chamber of Commerce.

The foundation is a 501 (c)(3) corporation which means most donations are considered charitable gifts and will receive favorable federal income tax treatment.


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