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September 22, 2022

I got a letter from Jacob Friday, who has an ear infection and pneumonia. I hope he is all better now since I have not heard otherwise. Monday was the beginning of Swim Week for his company. All I can say is he better do well with this one. After all, we have spent the last six years preparing for it. LOL!

I woke up last Thursday with croup. I get it almost every year around this time. Hate it! I am feeling better, but mornings are still tough. And that horrible hack lingers around for what seems like an eternity.

Between that and getting ready for a garage sale, I haven’t accomplished much as far as painting the house goes. The goal is to have the front porch area painted and the front porch floor repaired before Halloween. I don’t want my little ghosts and goblins falling through as they panhandle their way across town.

One evening last week, I decided I wanted steak for dinner, so I went to the freezer to see the options. We have an old upright, and it tends to get frosty. The door had frozen shut, and I about fell on my backside trying to open it. The entire top shelf, where the steak is, was an ice cube. We had chicken, and I’m going to need an icepick to find that steak.

A while back, I mentioned how I had to stop eating gluten. Well, that’s not all. No dairy either, and avoid high fructose corn syrup and soy. Do you know how hard it is to find something to eat without any of those ingredients? Not to mention how expensive it is. I never thought I’d complain about losing weight, but darn it, I hate shopping for clothes.

Pray for rain, just not this weekend, and cooler temps; 70s would be perfect! I’d like to shut off the air conditioning and save a few pennies before turning the furnace on if you know what I mean. X’s & O’s.


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