Mankato City Council approves swimming pool repairs, paint

Mankato City Council approve repairs and painting for pool

The regular meeting of the Mankato City Council was held on May 2. Mayor Justin Schoonover was present. Councilmen present were Sam Becker, Kevin Ost, Rodney Payne, Lyle Dauner and George Hennion. Also present was City Attorney, Darrell E. Miller and Interim City Clerk, Sharon McCormick.

Visitors present were: Jerry Beecker; Darren Prince, KMEA; Wayne Gardner; Sheriff Don Jacobs; Carl Murray; Matt Badger, city employee; Eldon Dunstan; Jim Zadina, city employee; Don Koester; Abby Elkins; Rokesh Pie; Shelby Bohnert; Shelby Denard.

Sheriff Don Jacobs requested an increase in $5,000 in the amount...


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