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Our newspapers are the legal newspapers for Jewell County, Kansas and Nuckolls County, Nebraska. In addition they circulate into adjoining counties. In some cases we serve as the official newspaper for entities located in adjoining counties. We have news stands throughout the circulation area. Subscriber copies are delivered via the U.S. Mail. and are available via the internet. Ours are the only newspapers published in those counties. Package advertising rates are available. We are locally owned and care about our circulation area because it is our home. We strive to deliver the best possible newspaper. We would like to have you among our regular readers.

Papers are printed in our central plant in Superior, Nebraska where we also do commercial and screen printing. We have a combination of equipment ranging from letterpress presses built before 1900 to modern full-color equipment. We have letterpress equipment made by Heidelberg, Chandler & Price, Goldy and Kluge. Offset press were made by Multilith, Goss, A.B. Dick, and Ryobi. Our downtown Superior printing and newspaper plant occupies 7 buildings. The screen printing department has shirt and cap presses. We have manual and semi-automated presses with screens to 9-foot in length. We also have offices in Nelson, Nebraska and Mankato, Kansas. Staff representatives live throughout the two counties.

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Our Family of Publications Includes:

Superior Express
Nuckolls County Locomotive Gazette
Jewell County Record

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