Photos from: School leaders attempt to calm COVID-19 panic

The Superior Public School parking lots are nearly empty this week. Students are once again working virtually from home because of COVID-10. A Coronavirus advisory hangs on the main entrance at the senior high. It reads:"(Closed except for some areas) COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Advisory. All school grounds and facilities are closed 24 hours per days, seven days a week to unauthorized persons until further notice. Unauthorized entry or use is considered trespass. Excepted for this notice are: (contractors, delivery truck drivers, staff and invited guests) , on the condition that you maintain a minimum of six feet of social distance from other individuals an the district has not cleaned any outside surfaces or equipment and makes no representations as to the cleanliness or safety of any surface or equipment. Access is enter at your own risk. The district reserves the right to close all property at any point in time. Please contact Marty Kobza at 402-87903257, extension 127, with questions or for additional information regarding this notice.

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