Superior council holding firm on COVID closing of park facilities


For most Nebraskans, including those living in Superior, the COVID-19 pandemic rules imposed by the governor’s office and the various multi-county health districts were relaxed on June 1. However, the rules imposed earlier by the Superior City Council have not been relaxed.

The rules were reviewed and discussed last Wednesday evening when the mayor and members of the council met but no action was taken that would have changed the rules.

Summer ball programs are still on hold, the swimming pool will remain closed, the city campground and park playgrounds also continue to be closed.

Listening to the discussion, it appeared most members of the council thought it best to proceed cautiously and observe what was happening in the communities that were opening. It was reported Treg Vyzourek, Brodstone Memorial Hospital CEO, had said the hospital had made other arrangements and the Lincoln Park campground no longer needed to be reserved for the exclusive use medical personnel needing a place to isolate.

Expectations are that the council will review the rules at the bimonthly meetings.

Though the swimming pool is not expected to open this year, the council did approve a park board request to hire Bev Czirr and Tierney Janzen for a swimming pool maintenance project. They will be paid an hourly salary. Janzen spoke at the meeting and said if the weather cooperated and supplies were available, she expected the work could be completed during the month of June.

Earlier when it was thought the pool would open this year, the council had approved Bev Czirr as pool manager and Tierney Janzen as assistant manager with the understanding this would be Czirr’s last year as pool manager. It was expected next year Janzen would become the pool manager. She is also a Superior Public Schools music teacher and her husband is a member of the police department.

A request made by Midland Area on Aging to continue funding the senior citizens program at the current rate for the next fiscal year was approved.

Interlocal cooperative agreements were approved between the city and the Hardy fire departments along with the Superior rural fire department. Superior provides ambulance services for the departments and in addition Superior houses the equipment owned by the Superior Rural Fire Department.

The request from John Price Sr. for a curb cut on Second Street in front of the former Coca-Cola Bottling Company plant was approved.


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