38th Superior FireKraker run held virtually


Maleka Marshall designed a T-shirt for this this's FireKracker Run. T- shirt orders are now being taken at Superior Family Medical Center. Just because the race wasn't run, there is no reason you can't have the T-shirt.

Saturday should have been the 38th running of the Superior FireKracker Run but members of the Superior Jogging Club, the race sponsor, chose not to hold the race because of the health concerns it would have created.

In past years, the race has drawn hundreds of people to City Park. It wasn't unusual to have about 300 participants and probably that many or more watchers. Had any of those been COVID-19 spreaders, the air would have been full of the contagious virus.

But just because the race was not being run in its traditional form didn't mean loyal particpants spent the day in their easy chairs.

Posters around town and a social media website invited participation in a virtual race with a twist.

Participants were asked to pick their own course, record their times and at the conclusion post their times and pictures on the web site. A number of people posted pictures but few posted their times.

In addition to the 10K, the club has sponsored a one-mile run for the youngsters, a two-mile run and predict races.

Some of the website posts follow:

Rene Wilcox reported Just Me, Cake and a 10K at Smithville, Lake, Missouri.

Heather Marion posted several pictures and video with the following comments, 10K virtual run with a stellear support crew. Starter: Lauren Isaacson, Videographer, David Williams, Warm-up crew: Sawyer and Mason Isaacson, Cheer squad: Sawyer, Mason and Kim Williams, withrun music by Sawyer (God's Country).

Nicole (Rust) Miller reported she ran a10K and a girl we assume is her daughter ran two miles.

Amanda Schnakenberg reported "Another FireKracker run in the books."

Kendra Morris reported a running a 10K plus a little more.

Jocelyn Shroyer posted her before and after the 10K pictures.

Ideal Market and Mr. and Mrs. Troy Scott served donuts to the finishers who stopped by the Scott house, But Tony White was a little late and said "Apparently everyone else was smart enough to run before 5 p.m. Did anyone at least save me a donut?"

Tierney Casper, posted her smiling photo with a donut in hand and said, "10K done! Now it's donut time."

Molly and Thomas Rogers reported they kept the tradtion alive from Landsville, Pennsylvania.

Amanda Jackson ran the 10k in St. Cloud, Minnesota with a 13 year old youngster.

In the spirit of the run, Bruce and Sue Kaldahl went for a 15.09 mile bicycle ride.

Jennifer Simmelink posted a picture of the rural countryside she passed by on her 4.25 mile run.

Chris Flaata reported she ran two miles and her youngsters one mile.

Ann Reyelts reported a 5K bicycle ride.

Susan Ross went for 6.5 mile walk around Superior.

Matthew Gatlin covered 6.3 miles at an average pace of 10:12 minutes to the mile.

Natalie Kay Fust ran a 5K with her daughter, Jamey.

CJ VanWesten did 2.5 miles.

Jason Hamilton did 3.5 miles and commented it was hot.

Jenae Ryan walked down her driveway and back twice to reach the one mile mark and stopped to take a picture standing in front of her neighbor's corn field that was certainly more than knee high on the Fourth.

Emily Ray and son did a one mile walk to the pond where they went frog hunting.

Natalie Meyers reported a combination bike ride and run.

Marti Blecha said the virtual run was not the same but it was fun to see everyone's photos.

Jacki Siebecker pictured her family.

Chelsea Hamilton had her mother and sister join her for the conclusion picture and commented they represented Lincoln, Falls City and Superior.

Britni Clyde-Sanders and Bailey Kimerly went for a two mile walk in Superior.

Elly Dahl and Jan Dake pictured the Meyer clan participating in the virtual event.

Nichole Jackson joined the FireKracker run from Parker, Colorado.

Stacey Shroyer went for a one mile run in the country.

Natalie Myers reported going for a 1.25 mile run.

Megan McMeen and Haley Hansen Coffee completed a 10 K.

Karen Tinkham went for a 3.2 mile walk instead of the one mile predict she normally enters.

Candace Butler and dog covered 3.25 miles.

Tina Boyles completed a 10K as did Kristine Boyles.

Lisa Baxa went for a one mile walk in Cuba, Kansas.

Houston Becker ran two miles and biked 10 miles at Lovewell Lake.

Becky Scott, went for a 6.2 miles.

Missy Aksamit and Alisha Fangmeyer concluded their entry at City Park.

In their initial announcement, the organizers said "In an effort to maintain the 38th Annual FireKracker Run distinction, we are going to have a virtual run. There will be no organized gathering, no registration fee, no prizes and no T-shirts. We just ask that you grab a family member or friend for the Fourth and walk or run and then post your picture." But since that post was made there was at least one change.

Maleka Marshall designed a T-Shirt which spoofed the COVID-19 pandemic which has upset so many plans. In past years, Superior Publishing Company has printed hundreds of T-shirts which were then given out as the race registrations were received. This year the order was measured in dozens. Orders for additional shirts are now being taken as Superior Family Medical Center. For a price, the shirts are available to those who participated virtually and those who want to show their support for the participants.


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