Esbon children are the future


November 19, 2020

Henry Walker collected donations for American Heart Association.

We've been told children are the future. It is true, as adults it's our responsibility to ensure we are teaching them to be good people. I've personally heard people talk about the upcoming generations with disdain in regards to their lack of love for their fellow man. Teach them to be humble, teach them to care. With a world in fast forward, we often ask ourselves, Am I giving my best to the blessing that is parenting? I know some families who sure are, their children are the proof!

This week I'm talking about a few of our children in Esbon. Specifically, Allison Underwood. The youngest child and only daughter of Ervin and Kristen Underwood. (grand-daughter to Dewey and Ruth Underwood.) This bright, lovable youth recently hit double digits! That's right she's 10! For her birthday she asked that in lieu of gifts, friends and family would donate to the Pet Connection, a pet adoption center. Pet Connection, located in Beloit is a no kill shelter housing and rehabilitating animals of all varieties from their area and featuring animals from other areas in an attempt to find their "furr-ever" home.

With Allison's birthday wish, the sanctuary received more than $150 in pet food. Allison participates in the Pets Project in 4-H, her family has four cats and two dogs. She enjoys animals and aspires to be a veterinarian when she's grown.

Then there's Henry Walker (Flavin). Henry was going door to door with his mom on a mission to collect money to support the American Heart Association. Having brushed with health issues himself, he wanted to help other children as much as possible. Henry has Non-Diabetic Reactive Hypoglycemia, a condition in which his body makes too much insulin and his diet is specific to fight low blood sugar.

Henry raised a total of $145. For an eight-year old, who's clearly a child himself to be so passionate to reach out to neighbors and people he's never met to help, that says a lot about Henry, Seth and Destiny Flavin and the community they live in.

Henry is an avid Lego builder. He wants to be a mechanic when he grows up.

Children like these, who put others first are a true testament to the youth in the community.

There are a lot of values that are forgotten when venturing into bigger cities, with the day to day shuffle it's hard to stop and recognize the assets lost. Family is the most important mission you'll ever have. Teaching our children to be strong, independent, sensitive adults doesn't have to be a thing of the past. It sure isn't in Esbon.

If you'd like to get involved or adopt, you can.

American Heart Association


The Pet Connection

1301 Asheville Rd. E

Beloit Kan. 67420


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The Highlanders Club has canceled their Nov. 19, meeting because of COVID-19.

Allison Underwood asked for donations for a pet adoption center for her birthday.


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