November 25, 2021

Nov. 22, 1963 . . . the death of President John Kennedy.

Seems we’ve had a bunch of funerals in Lawrence as of late. This past weekend and Monday two more women.

Most folks alive today probably don’t remember 1963 as they were not born yet. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it and the following ceremonies for the funeral. I guess it was only fitting for a man of his importance.

However, what I remember more vividly are the funerals of many people who did not come close to the circumstance of President Kennedy.

I think I’ll always remember the funeral of a cousin of mine sometime after President Kennedy’s death. Funeral services were held at the St. Stephen parish church for Arthur Hoelting and I’m not sure all the people who came were able to get into the church. There was a huge crowd wishing to pay their last respects to a simple, hardworking farmer unknown to the media or the larger world in general.

Over the years other funerals have equally impressed me. These last few days, the funeral of Marian Souchek and Betty Kucera were two more such occasions.

Many years ago the sister of former Sacred Heart Church pastor, Msgr. Becker, was called the “Guardian Angel” of Lawrence. Since then, a number of other women could well have been added to the list of “Guardian Angels” for Lawrence. Now, Marian and Betty are two more that can be added. They will never attain “History Book” status like President Kennedy, but they will be long remembered for so many things the former president will never be remember for.

For whatever it’s worth, that’s my feelings from the last few days.


Deer Hunting . . . (Part Two)

For Sale: 2021 Deer Permit, like new, clean, reasonable price, no guarantees.

At my age, I usually like to know where my foot is likely to go with each step. That bit of caution probably cost me a chance to fill that permit that’s for sale above.

Walking downhill in a pasture I looked down on the uneven ground to make sure I would not stumble. Looking up I saw a deer just rounding a grove of trees before I was able to get my sight of him.

I think if I wasn’t so worried about falling and was looking ahead all the time, I would have been able to at least have had the chance to fill that permit listed above.

Maybe it’s time to find other ways to fill the freezer for winter.


The national media . . . for the past several weeks, they seemed intent on keeping us informed on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Wisconsin.

I watched just a little of what was on TV, but some of what I saw reinforced my feeling that the national media tells us what they want us to know. (And that isn’t always the whole story.)

My first reaction to the whole story was: “What was a 17 year old boy doing out in the middle of the riot that was going on at the time?”

That’s a whole different conversation.

Since the riot going on at the time involved the killing of a man of color by the police, called a racial incident, I made an assumption that the people Rittenhouse killed were also men of color. I made an assumption that wasn’t true since all the national media seemed to be trying to convince everyone that Rittenhosue killed men of color and the action was a racist action.

I come to find out that all of the victims of the Rittenhouse killing were white. Nobody of color being involved.

I saw pictures of the people involved in the shooting and they were all white. However, I also saw what type of people they were. Each of them had police-criminal records from years gone by, and serious records they were.

Over these past years many a “Protest” has been turned into a “Riot.”

I have read reports there are some very rich people on the side of “Liberals” who pay people such as these people shot by Rittenhouse to incite people in the peaceful protests to cause riots that destroy so much.

The jury system we use in the U. S. is certainly not perfect. However, it has worked for more than 250 years in the U. S. and by and large does a good job to handle justice.

I was amazed as well by our current president and vice-president trying to condemn the outcome of this trial. They realized it was difficult to say unkind things about the trial since they liked the outcome of so many other trials not altogether different than this trial.

It is a sad state of affairs to have our current president, who is responsible for the government in the U. S., to first give a favorable remark to the outcome of the trail and later question the outcome.

I question the reasons so many people voted for our president in the last election. I fully understand that a lot of what he is doing now is not what he talked about during the campaign. However, a lot of what he is doing was talked about and most everything he has done or is trying to do, leaves a lot to be desired.


If you are not convinced that among the “Liberal” proposals for our society are many ideas not especially good, not only for Americans, but for anyone, consider the following:

A few years back an American Roman Catholic bishop expressed his feeling that it would not be long to see Bishops condemned in the media and made to look bad. It would not be much longer for a Bishop arrested and jailed. After that the shooting and death of a Bishop in the streets would follow.

It may all be coming true. The jailing of a Cardinal in Australia several years ago is one example. Now, in Finland (in Europe) we read the following:

“A Lutheran bishop and a member of Parliament have been arrested and charged by Finnish authorities with hate speech for quoting Biblical teachings on marriage and sexuality. The Rev. Juhana Pohjola, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland, and Paivi Rasanen, a Finnish member of parliament and medical doctor, were charged with “incitement to hatred against a group” for publishing and writing Male and Female He Created Them: Homosexual relationships challenge the Christian concept of humanity, which quotes Biblical teachings that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

The 2022 election are coming faster than most of us appreciate. I encourage you to appreciate the evil the ‘Liberal’ political view really is in that they sometimes take on problems that need correction but what they end up doing only makes situations worse.



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