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November 10, 2022

In a week, I’ll be in San Diego! It seems crazy to me this is really happening! I can’t believe we actually pulled it off. Jacob, here we come! Man, I miss that kid!

Robert called today. He is packing and getting ready to move to his new duty station. We moved a lot during his childhood, and he seems to have blocked that horror from his mind because he complained about how hard it was. I just laughed and said, “If you think moving out of your barracks is hard, wait until you have an entire house to pack.” Robert has been a bit of a pack rat, so I can only imagine how much he has stuffed in that tiny space. He will be bringing things home to put in storage, so I am sure I will find out shortly!

Alisha, the oldest and half-sister to Robert and Jacob, got married this past weekend. I wish we could’ve been there, but our vehicles all need one type of repair or another, and the budget wouldn’t allow for it. She has been posting the photos to Facebook, and it looks like she and Casey had a wonderful day.

The past couple of years, our relationship has been a bit rocky, to put it lightly. The reason, well, God only knows. It started when I had asked her not to bring any “extras” home last Christmas. Extras being her dog and her friend’s kids. We had just moved into the “Money Pit,” and it was a crazy mess. I didn’t want the pup to get into something that would hurt him. She had brought her friend’s son the year before, which caused all kinds of problems. So they decided not to come. She was angry since I had allowed Robert and Jacob’s girlfriends, along with Chris, to come over for the day. I don’t consider Chris to be extra. The girlfriends, maybe! LOL! Chris and Robert met in basic training, and because of the pandemic, and the cost of travel, he has shared the holidays with us for the last three years. He has become a part of the family.

Speaking of the holidays, they are sneaking up on us pretty fast! Thanksgiving is just two weeks, leaving only 47 days until Christmas. I hope you are all more prepared than I am. X’s and O’s.


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