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I’m about at my wit’s end with Bob, the kitten. This past weekend I could hear him but couldn’t find him. He sounded distressed, so I searched and found him in a middle drawer in the kitchen cabinet. I don’t know how he got in there because it was a trick getting him out. Then, as I was starting a load of laundry while my back was turned, he managed to get into the washer. He could probably use a bath, but I’m not sure he would have appreciated it. My house plants may never be the same. I was just getting good at keeping them alive until he came to live with us. He is always into things that he shouldn’t be. Dare I say; he is worse than a toddler!

The thunderstorm was a welcome sight Sunday. I sat on the front porch and just watched it roll through. I heard we got around an inch of rain. All I know is that it smelled good! I even had a couple of nightcrawlers take sanctuary on the back patio, I was surprised to see them, and I hope I got them back in the dirt soon enough. We must have thousands of them in the yard because they end up on the patio every time it rains. I wait until the rains stop, gather them, and toss them back onto the high ground.

My bird is back in the kitchen wall. Every year we say we will get that vent in the eve replaced before she makes it home, and she beats us to it every year. George said, “At least it’s not bats,” I replied, “Bats eat bugs and are quiet.” LOL! It won’t be long before I hear the babies chirping and carrying on. They don’t bother me. It’s just that it is not ideal to be raising sparrows inside of the kitchen wall. It is what it is.

I love this time of the year. Everything, including me, seems to be waking up, and it’s almost exhilarating. X’s & O’s.


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