Superior school board hires secondary principal


March 16, 2023

Members of the Superior Board of Education hired a secondary principal and several teachers, last Wednesday evening, as part of the March regular meeting.

Jennifer Cady was offered a contract to replace Bob Cook as middle school and secondary principal. Cady was one of 12 applicants who applied for the position. Luke Meyers and Peggy Meyer, both board members, joined administrative staff and teacher representation interviewing candidates over a two day period. Currently, Cady is an assistant principal at Kearney Public Schools. Prior to being an administrator, she was a band director. She has been actively employed in education since 2002.

Her one year, $110,000 contract begins August 1. Fringe benefits include health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance. The contract states the principal shall render at least 205 working days and agrees to work sufficient hours and days to satisfactorily complete the duties. The principal is required to live within the school district and to have a cell phone.

Supt. Kobza expects she will be able to step in and easily pick up with the ongoing curriculum development currently going on within the district.

The resignations of two elementary teachers was accepted. One from Katelin Long and the other from Kate Elting. Both currently reside in Hebron and have been offered positions at Thayer Central. Long has been a second grade instructor and Elting has taught third grade.

Elementary teaching contracts were extended to Tori Schoof and to Emma Fynbu. Schoof has been a longtime third grade substitute in Superior. Fynbu expects to received her bachelor of science degree in elementary education from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May.

In addition, contracts were extended to Audrey A. Parks for the secondary guidance counselor position next school year. She has taught upper level secondary language arts at the Deshler Public Schools since 2015.

"She feels called to be a guidance counselor," Supt. Kobza said. "She will finish an administrative degree in May and work on a degree in counseling as she works here."

Brent Thomas was also extended a contract as in agriculture education to work along side Seth Going. He was employed by the Superior district during the 2021-22 school year, then accepted a position closer to his roots and extended family.

In other business, the board approved February expenditures from the general fund of $590,529.16. They also approved the 2021-22 audit report.

The board unanimously approved a $1 per hour wage increase for hourly classified employees with a minium starting wage of $13.50. The district will pay a single health insurance policy for eligible 9-month employees. Previously, this group of employees, mostly paraprofessionals, cooks and bus drivers, were required to pay $80 each month toward a single health insurance policy if they opted to enroll in it.

Kansas Public Notices

Bob Cook, secondary principal, reported on spring sports participation. There are 12 out for boys golf, 13 boys and 15 girls out for junior high track and 19 boys and 20 girls for senior high track.

Jodi Fierstein, elementary principal, told about "Read Across America Week" activities which included dress up days, daily reading time, art projects and a Dr. Seuss movie based on a book and popcorn.

The Board members: Matt Sullivan, Luke Meyers, Matt Bargen and Peggy Meyer are currently purchasing coverage from the districts Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance family plan.

Supt. Kobza reviewed the front entrance construction project. Over spring break, personnel will move security cameras and buzzers to the west entrance which will become the main entrance during construction of the a new secondary front entrance. Work is scheduled to begin March 27. The west entrance will be used as the main entrance throughout the rest of the school year and most of the summer. It is expected the new front entrance will be ready for use when school starts in August.

Supt. Kobza also talked about legislative bills which could have an impact on the Superior district. Topics addressed were opportunity scholarships (LB 753) option enrollment of special needs students (LB 414), youth organizations meeting in school facilities (LB 805), school safety and metal health training, and school finance (Pillan Plan and constitutional amendment 3). "There is always a bunch and it is always entertaining," he said.

The regular meeting adjourned at 8:20 to go into executive session to discuss personnel. The meeting adjourned at 8:35

Fuller Reviews

Personal Finance Class

Sara Fuller, business instructor, reviewed the personal finance class required for graduation.

Jennifer Cady was offered a contract to replace Bob Cook as middle school and secondary principal. Cady was one of 12 applicants who

Topics covered in the class include careers: an interest survey and how to complete the paper work that comes with a new job; checking accounts - writing a check, tracking an account, paying bills electronically; budgeting - needs versus wants, cost of living (does it help or hinder to have a roommate), groceries; insurance - specifically vehicle insurance and health insurance; savings - based on long term and short term goals, planning for retirements and how compound interest contributes; credit and student loans - credit scores and reports; filing your taxes - W-2, tax brackets, 1040 form; alternatives to four year college. - military, work force, associate degree, apprenticeships and a gap year.


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