SHS track team opens season at Sutton Tuesday

The Superior High School boys and girls track and field teams open the 2023 season at the Sutton Invitational at Sutton Tuesday.

The senior boys track team members are Aaron Allgood, Cristian Avalos, Chris Chavez, EJ Evslokk, Henry Griljava, Aiden Humphries, Luke Jameson, Dereck Kirchhoff, James Love, Tanner Theis and Riedar Vier.

Sophomore class members are Dylan Edwards, Thomas Mathis and Christian Osweiller.

Freshman class representatives are Kyler Boyles, Dayne Clark, Declan Miller and Lincoln Sander.

Senior class girls team members are Hailey Blecha, Ella Gardner, Brooklyn Grabast, Laci K...


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