Jewell Christian Church celebrates 150 Years

The Jewell Christian Church was organized in February of 1873. The church will be celebrating its 150th anniversary on April 29 and 30. The church was started with a membership of 21. The starting members were: O. N. Gray, Rosina Gray, H. D. Shackleford, Elnora Shackleford, Samuel Githens, Parmelia Githens, Mary Rowe, Delcinia Palmer, Corinthia Alfrey, J. S. Schoonover, M. W. Schoonover, Sarah White, W. H. Snyder, Kate Snyder, Smith Hann, Sarah Hann, Caroline Winsor, Ella Abram, Mary Abram, Lydia Palmer and Clara Keeler.

Descendants of the Rowe and Hann family are still on the roll. The first...


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