Life is interesting, and politics is just as interesting. If you don’t just get sick and tired of all the national political events, they can be very entertaining.

The interesting thing that keeps most people’s attention is the American story for the 2024 presidential race. The Democrats and Joe Biden and the Republicans with Donald Trump.

The Democrats are not stupid. Consider how they (along with their friends in the national media sources) have arranged for Donald Trump to be charged with crimes just as the presidential race for 2024 is getting started. I know that it is not all just a “coincidence” that it is happening now.

Also it is no ‘coincidence” that news that both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had received $5,000,000 payments while Joe Biden was the vice-president from sources in the Ukraine. That little bit of news seems to have been lost in the national news over Mr. Trump’s situation.

A person can believe what they want about either person and their situations, but one thing seems to have become clearer in the first two years of Mr. Biden’s government. That is the fact the Deparment of Justice of the U. S. Government seems to have been steered into political action by the Democrats. Something never intended to be.

The Republicans had plenty of opportunities to do so with Hillary Clinton during the Obama time in office. Or with Bill Clinton while he was in office and others.

I don’t know what the charges against Mr. Trump will have to do with his presidential race, but I’m guessing it will bring him more support just because the government is not being equal in their attempts to maintain ‘law and order.’

I really think the Democrats have contributed to Mr. Trumps efforts more than they realize.


Over the last generation or so it seemed to me that more people are interested in some sort of “European” social system. They talk about “Free” health care, “Free” child care, “Free” retirement along with other costs they consider free.

I just read an interesting commentary written by Ellie Krasne-Cohen who had recently moved to France and her experiences with these “Free” social cost some people want.

She begins with the following statement: “An oft-repeated phrase among those favoring taxpayer-funded health care, day care, and pensions is that such programs are “free.” However, I recently moved to France, and paying my social charges and taxes proves these service are anything but free.”

The primary “Free” programs are funded by what is called “social charges” taken out of everyone’s paychecks. These social charges are not the taxes they also pay.

She goes on to give examples of “Free” services that many a person may never need, or if they do, that service may not be available where they live. Or, as with many a governmental service are not always operated in the best way.

She did not mention what salary she was being paid, however, her “social charge” amounted to $1,500 a month and her husband’s amount was the same.

What people called “Free” was anything but “Free” and hoped that Americans would see the differences and steer a course away from what the Europeans have.


One final item about national politics. A recent note from The Heritage Foundation: “It took our nation 215 years to reach $7 trillion in debt, but it took the Biden Administration only 27 months to add another $7 trillion.

I’ll concede both Republicans and Democrats contributed to those first $7 trillion, but the last $7 trillion are directly from the Democrats via Mr. Biden.


Talking about politics is probably easier and more fun than talking about water. However, talking about water may be more important in the long run.

I’ve been proud of Nebraska’s effort in handling water through its system of Natural Resource Districts (NRD). They try to give the responsibility to the people closest to the situation. And, it seems to work.

Many of us live in the Little Blue NRD area and we receive a newsletter from them ever so often. The water level of the aquafer has increased in importance in the last generation or two with the increase of irrigation practices.

The LBNRD started the practice of monitoring underground water level for some time and their Spring edition of their newsletter displays how the district stands.

A steady decline in the water levels from 1974 to 2023 shows that a large part of the district may soon be into what they call “groundwater allocations.”

What that means exactly they didn’t say, but you can be sure irrigation limits may be put into place and other water use may also be limited.

Annual rainfall amounts in the LBNRD vary from 24 inches to the west to 30 inches in the east. Rainfall totals less than that can mean water levels will decline more than a foot and could trigger “allocations.”

Pray for rain . . . .



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