Mankato City Council discuss lack of help to keep the pool open

The regular meeting of the Mankato City Council was called to order by the Mayor, Justin Schoonover on July 11. Councilmen present were Sam Becker, Kevin Ost, Rodney Payne, Lyle Dauner, and George Hennion. Also present was Darrell E. Miller, city attorney, and Sharon McCormick, city clerk.

Visitors present were: Matt Cluck; Rob and Sherri Partridge; Manual Luccro; Wayne Gardner; Sheriff Don Jacobs and Josh Eaton; William and Marianna Harris; Matt Badger and Marvin McCormick, city employees; Shelby Dennard; Stephanie Simmons; McKenzie Kohler; Kyra Lampe; and Don Koester.

Sheriff Jacobs requeste...


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