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August 3, 2023

I can’t believe it is August already. Where did summer go? I had so many plans. Oh wait, I know. I worked to make money that was then spent on chasing and feeding the chitlins. LOL! Maybe someday I can work to spend money on me! I really doubt that. I will always end up spending the majority on chasing my chitlins!

On the plus side, my garden is looking all right. My beans haven’t produced much, but that might be because a morning glory somehow got into the mix and is strangling them. I have a ton of tomatoes, but only two have turned so far. My cucumbers and zucchini are attempting to take over, and my tiny pepper plants are falling over with peppers. I may turn into a decent gardener yet!

A few weeks ago, I chipped a tooth – more like broke a tooth. It was my back molar, and it had been hurting for awhile. I just assumed I had a cavity, and kept putting the dentist off. Well, I was eating dinner one night and bit down. Ouch! The pain only lasted a second and then all of a sudden the tooth didn’t hurt anymore. A quarter of it was missing, but it didn’t hurt anymore. LOL! It was sharp, so I took a fingernail file to it. It’s all good now. Who needs a dentist anyway? I promise, I’ll make the appointment soon. Maybe!

My Mini Cooper is becoming quite the saga. So far George has replaced the temperature sensor, the thermostat, plugs and coils. The check engine light comes on if the oil is a quarter of a quart low and if the tire pressure is low, along with a whole mess of other non engine related things. Also, when the check engine light is on, it runs at half power! Most everything has been regular maintenance, but it has been a hassle and is really making me rethink ever buying another. I bought another computer. That’s the only way to describe the darn thing. A big red computer on wheels. It is super cute, and so fun to drive, when it’s running right!

I’m not ready for the pool to close. The good news is we might be able to keep it open right up until school starts. That would be nice for the littles. Once the pool closes, we will get back to the little house. I had hoped we would have accomplished something with it this summer, but it wasn’t in the cards. I just hope the roof holds on the money pit, until the little pit is sold. LOL!

Pray for rain, and the extinction of mosquitos! X’s & O’s.


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