Superior Garage Sale Week

For the community of Superior this is city-wide garage sale week. A number of sale locations are listed in the classified section of this week’s newspaper and several of those locations are multifamily sales.

We have attempted to arrange the sales by street, the late arrival of some ads may have thrown some out of order.

As usual we have been promoting the sale in various ways including the use of our website.

That website advertisement was responsible for an unexpected order this week.

The caller carefully read her ad to one of our staff members who copied each word. However, when the ad was written down, our employee, a longtime resident of Superior, didn’t recognize the address as one associated with Superior or any of the outlying areas. So she began to quiz the caller.

It wasn’t until then the caller realized she was talking to a newspaper in Superior, Nebraska. She had misread our address and thought she was placing an advertisement in a Superior, Wisconsin newspaper.

This isn’t the first time we have received advertising orders which should have been directed to a publication in another state.

But the most surprising address mistake was associated with a load of newsprint we purchased from a seller in Tennessee.

The load was billed to us at Superior, NE. The driver of the big rig got clear to New York state before calling his dispatcher for directions.

He told the dispatcher his GPS system was not giving him directions to Superior, New England.

Thankfully for trucker, the seller found a buyer near New York state and sent another load of paper to our plant in Nebraska.

Confusion over the post office’s use of two letter state abbreviations caused the Associate Press style setters to change the rule about state names. The AP used to publish a list of state abbreviations which called for the use of Neb. for Nebraska and Kan, for Kansas. When it comes to states we are now told to spell out the name.


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