L-N Raider Football suffers loss from D-1 Arapahoe, 40-70

If all a person looks at is the final score of a football game, it looks a lot like Arapahoe had an easy victory of the L-N Raiders last Friday night. However, that was not the whole story.

"The rest of the story" tells us quite a different scenario. The final score is the definitive item in any football game, but it is interesting to see how we got to that final score.

Let's see: • Arapahoe is a larger school (D-1). • L-N had 423 offensive yards, Arapahoe had 377; • L-N ran 57 plays, Arapahoe ran 54; • L-N had only two penalties for 15 yards while Arapahoe had 10 for 64 yards: • L-N scored th...


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