Services available for all children


March 28, 2024

Any child between birth and 18 years of age who qualifies by being tested is eligible to receive extra assistance. This includes children who are homeschool or go to school virtually.

A public meeting was held last Wednesday evening at the Superior Elementary School to discuss services available. However, no patrons attended the meeting.

If a student attends public school, they must meet certain criteria to be tested. Generally, testing is recommended by a staff member or their teacher who has a concern. Parents can also request testing.

“However, we cannot test any student if their parents do not want them tested. Parents are in control.” said Supt. John Whetzal.

If certain criteria are met via testing. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed which the school is legally bound to follow

Services provided by the school include emotional and behavioral disturbance intervention, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision and hearing assistance, speech therapy and counseling.

Those interested in more information may contact Supt. Whetzal at Superior Public Schools.


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