Decisions . . .

Just when does it get done ? ? ?

A lot of folks are making the decision to turn the furnace on at this time of year. With the temperatures dipping to the low 50s or 40s, or lower, I’ve heard a number of folks trying to decide if they should turn on a little more heat in their homes.

It seems the decision to turn on the heat was the most popular decisions.


More decisions . . .

Another observation on aging. You can add it to last week’s comment.

Going to the doctors as you get older is familiar to all of us who have reached that age. We are asked a whole lot of questions I never worried about before, but now the doctors or nurses are very interested in.

I remember one series of questions about how much alcohol I drink. I was given several options in answering the question and I marked the box that said “one or two drinks per day.” Except . . . I crossed out the word day, and wrote in 2 to 3 a week.

The doctor questioned me at length about drinking so much every day, until I told him how I answered the question. His answer sheet didn’t show where I changed the options I had to answer.

The whole experience reminded me of a quote I once read from Alex Levine:

“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat.”


And more decisions . . .

It is more than three years until the next presidential election for the United States. However, that hasn’t stopped people from talking about what decision former president Trump is going to make concerning another attempt to get elected as the next president.

I’ve heard more comments on TV than I’ve read in printed material, but some people are getting really concerned about the subject. Even though it is still three years away.

Last week I read a lengthy article in a newspaper and a lengthy article in a magazine about the subject.

The newspaper article seemed to suggest since he controls the Republican Party, if he wants to run nobody in the Republican Party would oppose him and the nomination would be his.

The magazine article went into a little more depth on the subject. It brought up a lot of factors some people look as a negative attribute that some voters would not approve of. It also went into a lot of positive attributes that would endure him to voters.

In several recent polls, he would defeat Joe Biden by a slim margin and would defeat Mrs. Harris by a larger margin. It seems few people who voted Republican last year would leave the Republican nominee while a substantial number who voted Democrat would have no problem in leaving the Democratic nominee.

However, both articles noted three years is a long way to go as many, many things can change before the election is held.

Right now it seemed the biggest problem Joe Biden is having is with his Afghanistan decisions; his open southern border decisions; his COVID-19 decisions; and to some effect, the influence the actions of his son, Hunter, has on the president’s integrity, honesty and actions during his vice-presidential years.

For me, I cannot get too excited about “election polls” three years before an election. So many things can and will most likely change before 2024. But then, they do give all of us something to talk about.

Both sources seemed to agree that if Mr. Trump wants to run for president again, he can achieve the Republican nomination without any problem. He would also probably win the general election if . . . . the election was being held today. Three years from now it is anyone question yet.


General Colin Powell died this week. It isn’t often I comment on the passing of people in positions of influence, but I can’t let this one slide.

Besides achieving the highest positions in the U. S. Army, he had also served the U. S. government as a civilian. And, he served both the Republicans and the Democrats.

What I’ll always remember him for was a statement he made while serving as Secretary of State. He was attending a meeting in Europe (England, I believe) and our friends in Europe were giving him a bad time, condemning the U. S. for attempts to ‘expand’ its influence and territory around the world.

Mr. Powell responded to the person making the accusation by saying something like the following:

“The U. S. has never used war to expand its borders or influence. The only land we request is the land it takes to bury our sons and daughters who have fought and died to keep you free.”

Those may not be the exact words, but they are close enough to assert the general intention of the U. S. since its founding in 1776.

At age 84, Mr. Powell deserves to rest having given most of his younger years to serve our country and keep it safe.



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