Ways to help those who were affected by the March 29 fire

On March 29, a fire tore through some 10,500 acres of northern Jewell County. Thankfully, human lives and homes were spared and few livestock were lost. However, with the area being predominantly cow-calf ranching and dryland farming, there was extensive loss of pasture fence, hay and some equipment. There are several ways to donate and those most affected by the fire humbly appreciate assistance.

• Hay and fence supply donations should be dropped across the highway from 2920 Highway 128, Burr Oak. This is 7 miles north of Burr Oak or 2 miles south of the Kansas-Nebraska state line at the curve in the highway. For unloading assistance call Jarett Yelken at 402-746-0569.

• The Kansas Livestock Foundation will accept and distribute monetary donations. Here is a link to contribute online: http://www.kla.org/affiliates/kansas-livestock-foundation/donations For producers who could use some of those funds in this tough time, Here is a link to let them know: http://www.kla.org/resources/wildfire-relief-resources

Note: All Kansas livestock producers are eligible, you do not need to be a KLA member.

• A local monetary fund has been established. Donations may be sent to:

Jewell County Resource Council

c/o State Exchange Bank

107 S Commercial St.

Mankato, Kan. 66956

• There were 16 fire departments who assisted during the fire and several who continued to assist for several days. Truck damage, fuel costs and equipment wear and tear, in addition to the selfless acts of the volunteer firemen, all accentuate the importance of making donations to local fire departments. Fire department donations may be sent to:

The Guaranty State Bank & Trust

121 South Main Street

Burr Oak, Kan. 66936

• If you wish to get funds or items to a specific individual quickly, please send or deliver directly to them.


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